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New Hedge Fund Education Offered by Joseph Healey


									New Hedge Fund Education Offered by Joseph Healey

Top hedge fund manager Joseph Healey launches new Youtube channel that helps educate those interested
in learning more about hedge funds.

Online PR News – 08-August-2013 – What are Hedge Funds?

Many do not understand what hedge funds are or how to leverage them to their financial benefit. In today’s
world, hedge funds are more simply thought of in terms of their investment structure rather than the
investment techniques they utilize. Hedge funds are privately owned and involve an investment manager who
is paid based on the performance of the hedge fund each year. The main goal of the hedge fund manager is
to provide a profit no matter what the market conditions may be. In up and down markets, the hedge fund
manager still needs to provide a positive return on investment.

Brief Hedge Fund History

With their reach and audience engagement, Youtube has proven to be the perfect fit for Joseph
Healey’s hedge fund education.

Hedge funds date back to the 1920s. For the average investor, they have a long and sometimes confusing
history. Financial Journalist Alfred W. Jones receives credit for coming up with the phrase “hedge fund.” Over
the years, hedge funds have gone through seasons of popularity. In light of the recent financial crisis, in
2008, the United States passed regulations regarding the handling of hedge funds.

In an effort to help educate those curious about hedge funds, Joseph Healey has began a new Youtube
channel that helps explain the history and dynamics of hedge funds. The first video is titled "Joseph Healey
Hedge Fund".

Youtube and Online Education

When it comes to online education, their are few equals to video. People really enjoy learning by watching.
Youtube receives over 1 billion unique users each month and over 6 billion hours of online video are viewed
each month. As you can see, many prefer watching videos over reading. With their reach and audience
engagement, Youtube has proven to be the perfect fit for Joseph Healey’s hedge fund education.

About Joseph Healey

Joseph P. Healey, Senior Managing Director, is a co-founder of, and Portfolio Manager at, HealthCor Group.
Prior to establishing HealthCor Group in May 2005, Mr. Healey acted as a Portfolio Manager for SAC Capital
from January 2000 until March 2005. Prior to joining SAC Capital Advisors, Mr. Healey was a healthcare

Portfolio Manager at Kingdon Capital Management from 1997 to 2000 and was employed as an Analyst and
Portfolio Manager at the Dreyfus Corporation from 1992 until 1997. Mr. Healey also served as a First
Lieutenant in the United States Army Medical Service Corp at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center from
1988 to 1992. Mr. Healey is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Mr. Healey graduated from Boston University in 1988 with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and received his
M.S. in Technology Management from the University of Maryland in 1993

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Joseph Healey Hedge Fund Education Series on Youtube
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