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									Waterwoods EC
Waterwoods EC is a brand new Executive
 Condominium located at Punggol Field
 Walk, Singapore. It is conveniently
 located near the Coral Edge LRT station,
 which offers resident convenient and
 easy access to Punggol Central and
Waterwoods offer a wide selection of
 residential units, from 2 bedroom units to
 5 bedroom units. Waterwoods EC is also
 the first EC in Singapore to offer
 mansionette units, which are duplex
 units (2 storeys) with 5 bedrooms.
Punggol Town is currently undergoing a
 full-scale makeover as a waterfront town,
 and new shopping malls, highways,
 residential units are being constructed,
 together with a beautiful waterfront
 development with restaurants and water
As such, Waterwoods EC will benefit from
 the progress of Punggol Town, and
 residents can expect a more vibrant
 neighbourhood with exciting scenic
 routes and activities.
The potential appreciation is also high, as
 the price of Waterwoods is very
 attractive at only SGD$700psf.
 Waterwoods EC is an ideal development
 for own stay, as well as an excellent
Waterwoods EC Eligibility
Waterwoods is an Executive
  Condominium, which means that only
  applicants who fulfil the Housing and
  Development Board’s (HDB) family
  nucleus criteria can qualify to buy a EC
  unit. There is the husband/wife scheme ,
  fiancé/fiancée scheme, parent/child
  scheme, orphan scheme, and the joint
  singles scheme.
Applicants must also be over 21 years of
 age, and do not currently own any
 private property. If they have recently
 sold any private property, they have to
 wait 30 month before being eligible to
 buy a EC unit.
There is Central Provident Fund (CPF)
  grant for buyers of EC units. First time
  applicants can enjoy up to SGD$30,000
  in CPF grant, which can be used to pay
  for the EC unit.
For a full list of eligibility criteria, do visit
  the HDB website for details.
Waterwoods EC Floorplan
Waterwoods EC offers a wide selection of
  unit size to fit all family sizes and needs.
  Unit sizes range from 800sqft (square-
  feet) for a 2 bedroom unit, to 1,700sqft
  for a 5 bedroom unit. Waterwoods is also
  the first EC to offer maisonette units,
  which are spacious duplex units with 5
Full Waterwoods EC Floorplan are
 available for viewing and download at
Waterwoods EC Price
Waterwoods EC is expected to launch at
  around SGD$700psf - SGD$800psf (per-
  square-feet). The confirmed prices will be
  released to the public 2 days before the
  actual sales launch.
Waterwoods EC Contact
Waterwoods EC will be releasing for sales
  soon! Collection of interest and e-
  application has already begun!
For full Waterwood EC Price, Floor Plan,
  and details, do visit

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