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POS System

Effective management of your point of sale can have serious implications on how
your business waves its way through the tides of time. While the present
technological advancements have created an abundance of features and
functionality in the POS systems available in the market, with functionality comes
additional cost. Hence a high end point of sale management system can cost you a
pretty penny and this might be a little too pretty for a small scale business which
usually runs on conserved finances. In a circumstance when extravagance is not on
cards, a POS System that provides the maximum functionality at the minimum
price is highly desirable.

The salient features that define an ideal point of sale system for a small scale
business are as follows:

    It should be as cost effective as it can be.
    It should be easy to use such that training personnel to use it does not pose
      any additional costs.
    It should be intuitive.
    It should be adaptive and easily upgradeable.
    The installation and setup procedure of the software must be easy and
    It should have software portability so that no special system setup is required
      for using the POS software.

Cash register is a handy piece of software that finds use in many small time kiosks.
Although it is primarily a DOS based system, it works fine on other common
operating systems like UNIX and the Windows as well. It is a complete and free
piece of software that does not rely or depend on any third party or complementary
hardware or software. It is extremely easy to setup and install and can be
downloaded from the internet. Files suitable to the system architecture of the
machine can be used.

The IOs intuitive POS system is an amazing piece of software that you can use
from your Apple phone. If you are using an iPhone, then you can download this
seamless product complete with cloud connect and intuitive prediction that helps
you track your sales and measure the progress.

Posterita is a web based derivative of any traditional software for POS
management which does not need the installation of any additional or dedicated
hardware to set up your point of sale system. It is a multi store or single store
franchises to use which all you need to do is register online and get yourself an
account for the same. In case if you wish to utilize their payment system, only do
would you be required to make a nominal payment. Otherwise, the facility is
absolutely free.

Lemon POS is a fantabulous soft ware which gets way less attention than it
deserves. It is am open source product and needs a shallow learning curve. This
POS system targets micro and size small businesses. It is SQL drive and requires
role based permission. It also offers employee tracking by having user action
logger enabled. It can be also customized to sell proprietary products and for sales
analysis. This is really a lot to ask for from an easy to acquire open source stuff.

The effective management of a POS system is very important especially for a small
scale business. The bigger players in the market have all the resources that are
necessary for the management of a POS system but for a small scale enterprise the
things are different.

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