Resolving the problem of Interpretation in the NDE and Ufology by paulbudds


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									 Resolving the problem of Interpretation in the NDE and Ufology

                                    Paul Budding

Experience = reality. Hence the NDE is a real experience. If you say experience =
reality then it’s hypocritical to make exceptions. The example of the NDE is a
brilliant one because those who experience it say that it’s at least as real as everyday
life… if not more real. Hence if the experience continued on then it would be
undeniable. Hence even the debunkers who say that they don't believe in it would
do so if they experienced it. Indeed every debunker who has experienced the NDE
has converted. Why? Because experience = reality.

Basically the debunker is biased but there is something that can totally destroy that
bias. That 'something' = their own experience. It’s precisely because of debunkers
converting in their thousands that I believe in the NDE. It’s not because of the
Christians and Muslims and the already spiritually minded.

I do not know what is happening in the NDE though.... i.e, all I know is that the
person is still experiencing. But I cannot say where they are!!! Similarly in UFO
close encounters I can say that the witness sees something unfamiliar and then they
slap a cultural label on it. (in previous centuries gods, demons, in 20th century and
now they are labeled biological ET and in 30 years they will be called AI's). But all
of those are cultural interpretations. All that we know is that something exotic is
seen. (it isn't a balloon or a plane or a landed flock of birds). So what can we do
with this? Can we say that we should only judge these strange experiences by their
effects? i.e., we cannot know the thing or reality in itself? That's tempting.
Interpretations are probably naïve. But the most interesting effect of these novel
experiences are that they keep our minds open. And what are our minds opening
up too? Our minds open up to the interesting cultural interpretations that we think
are also silly. The experiences are real. The interpretations are probably light years

So beings who hadn’t gone beyond their own biology were seen throughout the
mid to late 20th century just as we too had not gone beyond biology but were
journeying out to space and set to land on the moon. True, these experiences had
been experienced before the 1900s but now we labelled them ET’s and UFO’s…
so in a sense it was a new phenomenon. In another sense it was a continuation. So
ET’s and UFO’s are Mirror Archetypes. But note that the UFO Phenomenon is
real. It’s just that we can only project onto it to make sense of it. We cannot know
the thing in itself. In previous centuries we would not refer to ET’s and UFO’s.
They would be Gods and Demons. In future they’ll be Super AI’s. But we should
always say ‘Archetype’ after this. So at present they are ET Archetypes. They have
been archetypal gods. This is useful because Jung said that the archetype in itself is
unknown. And the literal nature of these experiences are unknown. Due to
thousands of eye-witness testimony of close encounters we must admit that the
UFO phenomenon is real. But we cannot say what its literal interpretation is.
Hence we refer to Mirror Archetypes.

Similarly we must say that the NDE is real based on thousands of experiencers
accounts of it. But the NDE as ‘after’-life is an interpretation. It may just be
MIND. The body is vanquished and we are left with mind. Maybe. So even
referring to ‘AFTER’ equates to a cultural interpretation of the NDE. Hence the
‘After-Life’ is referred to here as the ‘Archetypal After-life’.

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