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					                                    NICL-AO Current Affairs
                                                  Practice Test
   1. Six majestic hill forts of Rajasthan have been recently added to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Which of the
      following do not belong to list?
      A) Chittorgarh            B) Kumbhalgarh        C) Jhalawar          D) Bala Kila Fort     E) None

   2. Where is the 2016 Olympics scheduled to be held?
      A) Sydney             B) Montreal             C) Rio de Janeiro            D) Mexico City        E) None

   3. Who is current PM of Australia?
      A) Julia Gillard       B) Kevin Rudd              C) John Howard            D) Andrew Fisher     E) None

   4. Who is the Vice Chairman of National Disaster Management Authority?
      A) Dr. Manmohan Sing           B) Sri M. Shashidhar Reddy
      C) Sri J.K.Sinha               D) Sri T. Nandakumar                 E) None

   5. Who is the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha?
      A) Ms. Meena Kumari B)Mr. Karia Munda             C)Ms.Sushma Swaraj       D)Mr. P.J.Kurien      E) None

   6. TRIPS and TRIMS are the terms associated with?
      A) IMF                 B) WTO                  C)World Bank                D) WEF                E) None

   7. The rate of interest charged by RBI for lending money to various commercial banks by rediscounting of the bills
      in India is called?
      A) CRR                  B) SLR                  C) Bank Rate         D) Interest Rate        E) None

   8. The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting was held on July 20, 2013 in?
      A) Mexico City         B) Moscow              C) Los Cabos          D) Saint Petersburg     E) None

   9. Kudankulam is located in?
      A) Kerala              B) Karnataka               C) Tamil Nadu            D) Andhra Pradesh     E) None

   10. The exchange of commodities between two countries is called?
       A) Balance of Trade B) Volume of Trade     C) Bilateral Agreement D)Multilateral Agreement                E)None

   11. Interest rates on which of the following deposits schemes is fixed by RBI?
       A) Fixed Deposits       B) SB deposits           C) RD Deposits           D) All 1,2 & 3        E) None

   12. Which of the following awards is given for excellence in the field of sports?
       A) Saraswathi Samman                    B) Kalidas Samman                  C) Shram Vir Award
          Kalinga Prize                        E) Dhyanchand Award

   13. ‘The Fall of Sparrow’ is written by?
       A) Jim Corbett            B) Salim Ali           C) Sathyajith Ray        D)Kuswanth Sing       E) None

   14. ‘National Science Day’ is celebrated on?
       A) Jan-12                B) Feb-28               C) Aug-29                D) Jan-9              E) None

Prepared by V.B.M.CHAITANYA T
   15. Who was appointed as the new chairman of LIC in June-2013?
       A) V.K Sharma         B) T.S Vijayan         C) S.K Roy                  D) Ashok Roy           E) None

   16. Insurance provided by banks is commonly known as?
       A) Micro Finance       B) Investment Banking C) Merchant Banking         D) Bancassurance       E) None

   17. Apollo Tyres would acquire Cooper Tier & Rubber Co. in a cash transaction valued at Rs.14,500 crore. Cooper
       Tier is Based On?
       A) UK                 B) France             C) USA                  D) Italy                E) None

   18. Capital Requrement for establishing a New Private Bank in India is?
       A) 300cr               B) 400cr                C) 500cr                  D)200cr                E) None

   19. Which country hosted the 39th G8 Summit on June17-18, 2013?
       A) USA                 B) Germany            C) UK                       D) Italy               E) France

   20. What is the interest rate on Provident Fund(PF) deposits for 2012-13?
       A) 8.25%                 B) 8.5%                C)9.00%                  D)9.25%                E) None

   21. Which of the following terms is not used in Economics?
       A) Balance of Trade B)Break Even                C)Fiscal Deficit         D)Kyoto Protocol       E) None

   22. The Finance Minister had set up a committee for giving clear definition to FDI & FII. Who is the Chairman of this
       A) Anand Sinha         B) C.Ranga Rajan       C) Y.V. Reddy             D) Aravind Mayaram E) Vijay Kelkar

   23. Who was elected the 9th president of the ADB ?
       A) Yukia Amano         B) Shinzo Abe           C) Akihito                D) Takehiko Nakao      E) None

   24. Note issue Department of RBI should always possess the minimum gold stock worth Rs……….?
       A) 85cr               B) 115cr                C) 200cr               D) 125cr                   E) None

   25. Which of the following countries became the 28th member of the European Union (EU) on july1,2013
       A) Albania              B) Kosovo              C) Macedonia          D) Croatia              E) Bosnia

        1       D            2           C            3            B            4          B           5           B
        6       B            7           C            8            B            9          C          10           C
       11       E           12           E           13            B           14          B          15           C
       16       D           17           C           18            C           19          C          20           B
       21       D           22           D           23            D           24          B          25           D

Prepared by V.B.M.CHAITANYA T

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