Preparing Your Lawn for a Garden Party

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					Preparing Your Lawn for a
          Your Lawn for a
      Garden Party
You have an upcoming event
and you want to celebrate it in
your house, but whether or not
you use your garden you will still
need to clean and decorate it
because it will be one of the first
things that people will see or
look for when they arrive.
First and foremost, take out the
trash and clean the surroundings
before putting decorations

         When you are done with it, reward yourself
         with some rest while thinking about the
         theme you would want to design your
         garden with, of course this has also to
         coincide with the event
If you're garden look a bit like this, then
we start decorating by greening up the
area a bit, seeing grass, plants, shrubs
and trees makes your garden look lively
Now we proceed to picking out your
There is a wide variety of garden
decorations to choose from, and as always it
would depend on the event and time...
Lighting is perhaps one of the best
decoration you can bring in a garden
because of it's ability to bring any
mood with the right setting. There are
tons of options here with lights, but the
only drawback is that you can only
appreaciate it at night
Statues and Figurines
It's great because it can fit in
any occasion and you can use
it without having to worry about
electricity and such. There are
also a variety to choose from
and different sizes to fit your
garden area.
Garden Fountains
 Who doesn't love fountains? It can be
 used in almost any occasion because of
 the certain calmness it brings in an area,
 and can still be incorporated in your
 garden even after events and parties as
 a permanent addition to your lawn.
Floral Displays
Seasonal flowers can give a big
impact on an event, apart from
that, they are inexpensive and are
readily available. You also get to
enjoy planting and taking care of
it. This may come in forms of
tiered displays or hanging flowers
or simply potted ones.
The most important thing you must remember is that your
design must go according to what you want, it must be a
representation of who you are, an extension of yourself,
that way you and your guests will really be able to enjoy it.

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