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									Add Instant Charm with a Dakota Coffee Table
A coffee table greatly enhances convenience in any space and this forms an elegant addition in
the living room. Having been made from the finest woods, a Dakota table reflects unmatched
beauty and this can be handcrafted to add character. Mango wood is a common choice for this
table owing to its charming look and soft feel which makes it real easy to work with. Shopping
for your Dakota table


A coffee table can serve various purposes and how you plan to use it will greatly influence the
design you go for. If you need a surface where you can serve afternoon tea or coffee, you will
need a coffee table that is easy to clean and you should avoid unsealed wood. You can also get
some extra storage space when going for a table with in-built shelving or one with a lower base.


You will need to purchase a table that is proportional to your living area and one that matches
other surrounding furnishings. For a classic look and enhanced functionality, pick a Dakota table
that will run up to two-thirds of your sofa. The height should be the same level as the sofa. You
should also allow for some space between the table and other close furnishings for ease of


There will be various shapes to choose from including square, rectangular, circular or even oval,
and it will be up to you to follow your taste. If you have kids in the house, you can opt for a
rounded table with some gentle edges. The designs you go for should relate to existing
furnishing, and you can have the table stained to match your decor. You can easily get styling
tips and ideas online.

Decorating the coffee table for a more stunning appeal

Naturally, a Dakota table is very gorgeous, but you can make it the centerpiece of your living
room by decorating it. You can add beauty as well as color by introducing organic elements like
flowers and succulents. For a classy look, you can display your favorite collections like artifacts,
China or Paris silverware, vases and valuable books among others. All this will also express your
character in the living room.

There is so much that you can do to make this elegant piece of furniture stand out where you can
even bring out sophistication by choosing accessories with different heights. Placing some
scented candles on the table can create a relaxing and soothing environment where you can have
some easy time after work. Caring for a Dakota table will be pretty easy since this will just
require regular wiping coupled with occasional waxing.

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