Press Release - Asia CIO Week 2013 18th – 19th NOVEMBER 2013

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					           Asia CIO Week 2013 18th – 19th NOVEMBER 2013
For information contact: Ms. Vina Thakur

Telephone: (+91) 9699492267


Conference Date : 18th – 19th NOVEMBER 2013
Venue : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Organizer : Olygen

Olygen will be co-locating Asia CIO Week which is scheduled to be held on 18th and 19th November
2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in concurrence with Big Data World Show. The conference will be
attributed with a 2-day full plenary session conference which will showcase the exhibition area with Big
Data World Show 2013.

The 2-day Asia CIO week will be promoted as a huge platform for discussing of highly advanced
technologies and latest focus in IT sectors. The major exposure will be on Role changes from
Technological to Business Advisor, Global IT Transformation, Influencing Cloud Computing for better
profit enhancement, Shifting focus from Cost cutting to profit maximization.

Asia CIO Week will exhibit chief industry speakers dedicated to high quality sharing of authentic business
approaches and profit developmental models. We are privileged to announce that we will be having
Dato’ Arif Siddiqui and the CIO of the year 2012 Award winner from Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia,
Mohd Shahruddin; the CIO of UMW Group as well as Steven Rosen; the IT director of YTL
Communication in our list of panel speakers.

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