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									The Kitchen Wench
         August 2013
The Story of the Kitchen Wench

You’ve seen her in movies, on
television, in plays, in books, in
songs, painting, and in basically
any form of media that has
entertained the Tudor Era in
some form or fashion.
                   Who Is She?
The young and vibrant kitchen wench will stop at nothing to
look pretty in her work place.

                           Kitchen Wenches were  alluring, 
                           friendly, and sassy. Embody their 
                           essence by falling into their garments.

                           She’s up before everyone else in the 
                           household, tending to the details of 
                           the kitchen. 

                           The kitchen wench knows that her 
                           role is essential in order to keep the 
                           house running smoothly and 
                    Classic Chemise
The classic chemise is a great base item that can be used to
compliment many Tudor era inspired costumes.

 • The ideal classic chemise will be made 
   of 100% cotton muslin. 

 • Make sure that your chemise comes 
   with a drawstring neckline and has very 
   full and long sleeves.

 • Most chemises should be “one size fits 

 • We’re no longer in the Tudor era so be 
   sure to confirm that your chemise is 
   machine washable, for your own sake. 
Gathered Peasant Skirt
   Comfy, cozy, cute, and humble.

            • A comfortable and affordable gathered 
              peasant skirt is of soft cotton. It should 
              resemble the weave of linen but sans 
              the cost of linen

            • Double set of lace holes in the back of 
              the waistband allow for adjusting the fit

            • A great peasant skirt will have an extra-
              high waistband  rather than elastic so 
              that you can keep your chemise tucked 
              in all day and never look disheveled
                  Twill Bodice
With the magic that the Twill Bodice delivers there is no
corset needed!

                           • Twill bodice’s look great in Hunter Green, 
                             Rouge, and Admiral. Really nice ones 
                             come completely reversible to Jewel 

                           • The two lengths of steel boning alongside 
                             the grommets, add strength to the bodice 
                             which helps to lift the bosom.

                           • Always be sure to order a bodice based 
                             on your natural waist size. So be sure to 
                             measure yourself before making a 

                           • A quality twill bodice will be machine 
                             washable, however should be hung to dry
                   Ring Belt
Whether you are a captain or a pirate, a kitchen wench
or an innkeeper. The ring belt was an item that nearly
everyone used during the Tudor era.

                        • Carry pouches, favors, mugs, and 
                          whatnots with the use of a ring belt

                        • Serves the need for both fashion and 

                        • A really nice ring belt will be handmade 
                          and dyed in order to give it those 
                          authentic details that we all like to have 
                          in our outfits
                         In Closing
With all of these pieces combined you will be able to portray a beautiful kitchen
wench of the Tudor period. What’s great about having these pieces is that some are
interchangeable and can be used to create further outfits as you grow your
collection of Tudor era clothing!
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