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Wednesday 28th February 2007
Item Opening Remarks 4:15 – 4:19 Jacqui Makselon welcomed everyone to Tanglin, and gave a brief overview of the Tanglin history. Commented on the valuable sharing of ideas and information within the library network group. Information re the Reading Plus magazine Yvonne had a great time – despite the lack of sleep ! Gave an overview of areas covered by the conference – Literacy in relation to ESL Role of the Library Talked about a PYP co-coordinator making the perennially discussed and debated comment that it would be great if library network meetings and conferences were also attended by some of the management team to ensure that everyone was speaking with one voice within an organization. Also spoke about an ICT initiative that was underway in some schools where ICT staff supported teachers in the classroom, and with smaller groups with the librarian to promote information literacy. Yvonne kindly distributed some notes from the event. Katie talked about a range of discounts available to members of SILC Asia (as consortium deals) such as Britannica Online. Katie also introduced us to the SILC Asia wiki where she will be developing country specific pages that all members can contribute to. Elaine started with a quick overview of the upcoming IB conference. She tabled the idea that as the IB presentations were so wide and varied it may be useful as a group if we could try to ensure all areas were covered and share information later. This is very valid as there are a lot of topics to cover. However, it would have been too difficult and time consuming for everyone to make a snap decision immediately. As a group we may be able to share information when everyone has a clear idea about which topics they will follow. Elaine went on to show a series of photographs from her recent visits to Frankfurt International School, Athens International School, Athens High School and The German School, Athens. Lots of interesting ideas and information on things from mini size magazine section, small sofas etc, in a

Report on Vienna Conference Yvonne Barrett 4:19 - 4:26

SILC –Asia. Resources for sharing Katie Day 4:27 – 4:36

Report on European IB School Library Visit Elaine Fong 4:37 – 4:47

primary area to self checkout, from colour coded Dewey being used in one of the libraries to a library using a card catalogue. Report on Professional visit to Bangkok Katie Day, Elaine Fong, Barbara Philip 4:48 – 5:02 Showed a range of photos of WOW (good & bad!) factors of the 4 libraries visited – Bangkok Patana, Shrewsbury, International School Bangkok and New International School of Thailand. Commented on the fantastic level of willingness to share information from all the librarians concerned. Information on library programmes such as Mother/Daughter bookclubs and taking students on a teen advisory book buying committee to choose & buy books & then talk about the books to their peers. Came back brimming with new ideas – please contact Barb, Katie & Elaine for further information. They can probably even tell you some good places in Chatuchuk market for library supplies ! Yvonne presented some information about possible visiting authors the Australian School were considering, especially for International School Library day (week of 22nd Oct 2007). Possible that if other schools were interested some costs could be shared. Contact Yvonne for a list

Authors for Secondary School Yvonne Barrett 5:02 - 5:07

Prison visit update Barbara Philip 5:08 - 5:09

Unfortunately the prison officer concerned has been transferred so this is no longer possible

Professional Development - Barb outlined the current situation for Teacher Librarians in LAS PD Skills & Support that proof is required of keeping up to date –a points system. Staff Points are awarded for PD. It is therefore imperative to Barbara Philip ensure that appropriate PD is gained throughout the year. 5:09 – 5:15 Please contact Barb for details. PD for support staff – Barb presented information re online courses from Capra Ryan. They are willing to set up an online “taster” course at a cost of AU$200 per participant. This would require some mentoring and support from the group, perhaps with candidates studying at various sites over the length of the course. A variety of courses are offered leading to a diploma qualification. Please contact Barb for details.

Formalising interlibrary loans Katie Day 5:16 - 5:20

Katie put forward the idea that in times of visiting authors etc it may be possible to borrow books from each other within the library network, especially given the shortage sometimes encountered in Singapore. Generally well accepted by the group. Katie requests that the group think about this and it be tabled on the agenda during the next meeting. Tim gave the group the opportunity to see a Playaway resource – small MP3 players loaded with an audiobook. He said that Playaway tend to have more classics whereas Titlewave could probably provide a wider range of titles at approximately the same price (approx US$35). Tim also outlined a service on Titlewise whereby you can upload MARC records and Titlewise will analyse the information, making recommendations on gaps in collection. If you order from Titlewise it will also indicate whether you already have the titles. Rob raised the valid point re US versus UK ISBN numbers. As Titlewave initially looks at ISBN, then title, it may not be able to indicate if you definitely have something if it cannot match the ISBN. Tim also talked about Alliance Plus, a subscription service for downloading catalogue records.

New resources – Playaway & titlewave Tim Ramsey 5:20 – 5:30

New positions: Who’s moving where after Term 3? Positions vacant. Tim Ramsey, Jackie Stevens et al. 5:30 - 5:35

 Tim is moving to a position with Follett in June – so watch out for his cheese & wine parties to tempt all group members to purchase through Follett.  Liz Watt recently joined Tanglin from Queensland as Infant T-L  Desley Pendergast recently joined Etonhouse from Queensland as T-L  Elaine Fong is joining the German European School as PYP T-L in Aug 2007  Yvonne is leaving the Australian School and will be moving to Portugal (please form an orderly queue for holiday bookings). She will announce this on OZTL  Rob is leaving Tanglin at the end of the academic year  Jackie Stevens indicated to anyone interested that Chatsworth currently have a T-L position available (and thanked all for their responses to her PD survey)

Providing our own PD – hosting a mini-conference. (arrange a separate committee) Katie Day – Barb Philip 5:36 – 5:46

Katie & Barb talked about the possibility of mini-conferences within the network given that there is so much expertise abounding amongst the members. This would allow sharing of personal expertise – and would count for pints for PD folders – both as a presenter and taking part. General interest expressed from the members Katie will send an email re this subject to follow up more formally

Next meeting time & place. UWC will host the next meeting. Farewell 5:47 – 5:50 Provisional date of May 8th 2007 Ending with tour of the Infant Library