7 Place to Check Before You Rent

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					7 Places to Inspect Before You Rent

Many looking for rental homes in Las Vegas
might not know exactly what to inspect before
they sign a contract. They’re allowed a walk
through the property, but it’s easy to get so
caught up in the fact that water is running that
they forget to check if there’s a backup
somewhere along the sewer line.

Or it’s easy to love the aesthetics of the place to
not notice that several of the windows don’t
open like they should. To avoid missing the
important details, it’s important to walk into your options for rental homes in Las Vegas with open eyes
and a list of things to check.

The following are some important items to add to that list you bring in. Write them down, teach them to
those going with you, and divvy up the work.

The Deadly Seven

                                         First, check out those drains to see if there is a backup
                                         somewhere down the line. This may take more than just turning
                                         on a single sink.

                                         Run the washer, the sinks, and the tub all at the same time. As
                                         this represents a more realistic way you would use the water in
                                         your home it won’t be a problem.

                                         More importantly, since it represents the common workload the
                                         drains will have to deal with, it will show you if there is a
                                         collapsed pipe or other obstruction in your drainage system.
                                         Check for that problem before you sign an agreement for a Las
Vegas rental home.

You’ll be grateful you did in the long run. Second, taste the water.

Pour some from the sink into a glass and give it a good swig. The water can taste different depending on
what part of the city you live in.

Make sure it’s at least usable. You wouldn’t want to settle into a place with bad tasting water.

Third, make sure all the toilets flush and flush well. Test them all for usability and power.
Fourth, open every window in the house. Don’t miss this easy step
as you never know when you’ll want to thrust open a window for
pleasure or safety.

Fifth, test both the heater and air conditioner. The air conditioner is
a no brainer.

With summer temperatures approaching 110 every year, you need
this commodity to survive. And although winter may not initially
seem cold to you, you will adjust to it and long for the heater.

Sixth, take a look at the electric panel. Is it clean?

Is it well labeled? Does it look like it’s been tampered with in any

You want it to look solid and clean. Anything else indicates that outside influences are able to penetrate
the casing—which could cause potential problems with your electricity in the future.

Seventh and finally, look under the carpet and on the ceilings for mold. Mold can tear a structure apart a
bit at a time, as well as get you sick.

Look for it, avoid it. These seven items will help you assess the livability of your home.

Water, sewage, windows, controlled air, electricity, and a clean environment are musts for picking a
suitable place to live out of the Las Vegas rental homes you explore. Add more items to the list that are
important to you and your individual needs.

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Description: Before you rent, make sure to check the apartment and especially these 7 things.