Tender No.


GM/W/SC/159/CE/RV/HIRE Date: 10.07.2006.


Name of Work


Hiring of TOYOTA QUALIS Two Nos or Similar for Principal Chief Engineer’s Office/S.C.Railway/SC


Approximate Value


Rs. 4,08,000/-


Date & Time of Closing Tender


Date 21.08.2006 at 15.00 hrs.


Date & Time of Opening of Tender


Date 21.08.2006 at 15.30 hrs.


Issued to: 1.


Money Receipt No. Date:


SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY SCHEDULE Name of work: South Central Railway – Hiring of 2 Nos of TOYOTA QUALIS or Similar (Non-AC) Vehicle for transporting Officers/Supervisors/Staff of Principal Chief Engineer’s Office for inspection and other miscellaneous works of South Central Railway for a period of One year (i.e. Twelve months) from the date of hiring. SCHEDULE ‘A’ (NS items) Qty. in fig. And Description words Operation of TOYOTA QUALIS or Equalent vehicle (Non-AC) on monthly basis with all Vehicle, Driver, fuel, consumables, repairs, Two maintenance, etc., by the contractor/supplier including regular Vehicles/month maintenance taxes etc., complete to run to any place over South Central Railway with maximum distance of 1800 kms per vehicle per month.

Item No

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Vehicle Month

Special terms and conditions for NS-1 1. The vehicle should be for the exclusive use of Railway. It should be parked in Railway premises. One set of keys should be available in drivers room. 2. Driver should be provided with mobile communication so as to contact him whenever required. In case of any emergency Railway reserves the right to use the vehicle by their own authorized driver in case the contractor’s driver does not turn up for duty. 3. No escalation/de-escalation for increase/decrease in the price of fuel will be admissible. 4. The driver should be made available on all days including holidays in a month. Maximum of 2 days off will be given in a month for rest/maintenance/repairs with prior approval of Engineer-in charge. However, if vehicle is taken for further maintenance/repairs for long duration i.e., more than 4 hours the contractor will provide alternate vehicle for Railway use. 5. All maintenance, fuel, driver’s salary, batta overtime etc., will be on contractor’s/ supplier account. Only monthly hire charges will be paid. 6. The driver and vehicle should be normally available for 12 to 16 hours per day. Normally the vehicle shall be made available between 6.00 AM to 10.00 PM. However the timings can be revised by Engineer-in-charge as per requirement. Certain days the hours of utilization may go up or certain days it may be less. No separate payment will be made for extra hours. 7. The driver shall report in Principal Chief Engineer’s Office or at nominated place at nominated time as per instructions of Engineer-in charge. Kilometers will be counted from Rail Nilayam in the morning/evening. A log book to be maintained by the driver wherein the daily morning and evening reading may be noted and got initialed by authorized Railway Officials/Supervisor/Staff. 8. Maximum 4 nights/days, the vehicle may go out of station involving outstation night stay. No separate payment for such stay will be given. 9. Vehicle should in excellent working conditions with decent interiors and good external look and not more than 5 years old on the date of opening of the tender.


10. 11. 12.

All taxes, insurance certificate (Pollution control etc.,) statutory provisions etc., as per local/state laws are to be followed including timely renewals and complied by the contractor. No separate payment will be made for this. In case of accidents/mishap etc., the full responsibility and all consequences there of will lie with the contractor only. No compensation will be paid by the Railways. The 1800 kms. Distance shall be for one calendar month. The payment for a month less than complete month shall be on prorata basis considering 30 days in a month. No extra payment/less payment will be made for days more or less in a month. However there can be extra running of kms in a particular month which will be adjusted in the coming months i.e. total of 1800x12X2=43200 kms i.e. the celling limit for the period of the contract.

for Principal Chief Engineer for and on behalf of the President of India Signature of tenderer

5 SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT 01. General Conditions of contract of South Central Railway are applicable to this contract. These conditions of contract shall read in conjunction with General Conditions of Contract of South Central Railway, where the provisions of these conditions are at variance with General Conditions of Contract these special conditions of Contract shall prevail. SECURITY DEPOSIT: Security Deposit to be deposited by contractor at the rate of 5% of the contract value. The rate of recovery should be at the rate of 10% of the bill amount till the full security deposit is recovered. Security Deposit will be recovered only from the running bills of the contract and on other mode of collecting SD such as SD in the form of instruments like BG, FD etc. shall be accepted towards Security Deposit. Security Deposit shall be returned to the contractor after the physical completion of the work as certified by the Competent Authority. The Competent Authority shall normally be the authority who is competent to sign the contract. If this Competent Authority is of the rank lower than JA Grade, then a JA Grade Officer (concerned with the work) should issue the certificate. The certificate, inter alia, should mention that the work has been completed in all respects and that all the contractual obligations have been fulfilled by the contractors and that there is no due from the contractor to Railways against the contract concerned. Before releasing the SD, an unconditional and unequivocal no claim certificate from the contractor concerned should be obtained. No interest will be payable upon the Earnest Money and Security Deposit or amounts payable to the Contractor under the Contract. Performance Guarantee (a) The successful bidder should give a Performance Guarantee in the form of an irrevocable bank guarantee amounting to 5% of the contract value. (b) The Performance Guarantee should be furnished by the successful contractor after the letter of acceptance has been issued, but before signing of the agreement and should be valid up to expiry of the maintenance period. The agreement should normally be signed within 15(fifteen) days after the issue of LOA and Performance Guarantee should also be submitted within this time limit. (c) Performance Guarantee shall be released after satisfactory completion of the work and maintenance period is over. The procedure for releasing should be same as for Security Deposit. (d) Whenever the contracts are rescinded, the security deposit should be forfeited and the Performance Guarantee shall be encashed and the balance work should be got done separately.



6 (e) The balance shall be got done independently without risk and cost of the original Contractor. (f) The original Contractor shall be debarred from participating in the tender for executing the balance work. If the failed contractor is a JV or a partnership firm, then every member/partner of such a firm would be debarred from participating in the tender for the balance work either in his/her individual capacity or as a partner of any other JV/Partnership firm. 04. DEDUCTION OF INCOME TAX AT SOURCE: In terms of new section 194-c inserted by the finance act 1972, in the income Tax Act 1961 the Railway shall at the time of arranging payments to the contractor and/or sub-contractor (in the case of sub-contractor only when the Railway is responsible for payment of consideration to him under the contract,) for carrying out any work (including supply of labour for carrying out any work) under the contract be entitled to deduct income tax at Source on income comprised in the sum of such payments. The deduction towards income tax to be made at source from the payments due to non-residents shall continue to be governed by section 195 of the Income Tax Act 1961.No Income Tax will be deducted by the Railway on payments made for supply of materials where such value of supply portion is distinction and ascertainable such as timber, tiles, bricks, ballast including Track/Ballast etc. The dedication towards income tax to be made at Source from the payment due to non-residents shall continue to be governed by section 195 of income tax 1961. 05. It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to keep in a safe custody any Railway material, Plant or equipment issued for the work. The contractor shall at his own expense provide suitable temporary shed/sheds for this purpose on the Railway Land made available by the Railway free of rent and shall remove the shed/sheds when no longer required in terms of Clause 30 of General Conditions of Contract. 06. PERIOD OF COMPLETION: The Railway Expects that a resourceful and experienced contractor should be able to complete the work in all respects in 12 months from the date of letter of acceptance of the tender. 07 “It is HEREBY AGREED that it shall be the duty of the contractor to keep himself informed of all corrections, the amendments of the said General Conditions of Contract made up to the date of execution of these presents and no objection shall be taken by the contractor on the ground that he was not aware of such amendments and corrections of the said General Conditions of Contract or to any of them. 08 In the event of any reduction in the quantity to be executed for any reasons what so ever, the contractor shall not be entitled to any compensation but shall be paid only for the actual amount of work done.


09 The Railway administration has full powers to terminate the contract at any time without giving any notice, if the contract fails to comply the requirements. 10 If required the Railway administration made extend the agreement period after completion of the agreement period till the fresh contractor selected at the same rates, terms and no enhancement of Rates will be allowed.


for Principal Chief Engineer

8 REGULATIONS FOR TENDERS AND CONTRACTS FOR THE GUIDANCE OF CONTRACTORS FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING WORKS MEANING OF TERMS DEFINITIONS: 1. In these Regulations for Tender and Contracts the following terms shall have the meanings assigned hereunder except where the context otherwise requires. a) Railways : Shall mean the President of the Republic of India or the Administrative Officer of the South Central Railway or of the successor Railway authorizing to invite Tenders and enter into Contract for works on his behalf. Shall mean the Officer in Administrative charge of whole of South Central railway and shall mean and include the General Manager of Successor Railway. Shall mean the Officer-incharge of the Engineering Department of the South Central railway and shall also include the Chief Engineer (Construction) the Engineering-in-charge, Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer and shall mean and include the Chief Engineer, Chief Engineer(Construction), Engineer-in-charge and Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer of the Successor Railway. Shall mean the Deputy Chief Engineer, Deputy Chief Engineer(Construction) of the South Central Railway or of the Successor Railway. Shall mean the Administrative office-in-charge of a Division of South Central Railway for the time being. Shall mean of officer-in-charge of a Division or District of South Central Railway. Shall mean the person the firm or Company who tenders for the works with a view to execute the work on contract with the Rilway and shall include their representative, successors and permitted assignees.


General Manager



Principal Chief Engineer



Dy.Chief Engineer



Division Rly. Manager








9 h) Limited Tenders : Shall mean tenders invited from all or some Contractors on the approved list of contractors with the Railway. Shall mean tenders invited in open and public meaner and with adequate notice. Shall mean the works contemplated in the drawings and schedules set-forth in the tender forms and description of contract and required to be executed according to specifications. Shall mean the specification for materials & works, South Central Railway, issued under the authority of the Principal Chief Engineer of as amplified added to or superseded by special specifications, if any appended to the tender forms. South Central Railway shall mean the Schedule of Rates issued under the authority of the Chief Engineer from time to time. Shall mean the drawings, plans and tracings or print thereof annexed to the tender forms.


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for Principal Chief Engineer

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