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					English for International
Business Communication 

         国际 商务 教研室 李金萍
Unit One
  Business Letter-writing

   Part One. Essentials of
   Business Letter-writing 
I. Functions of a business letter:
n  To ask for or to convey information

n  To make or to accept an offer

n  To deal with matters concerning    

  negotiation of business
n  To remind the recipient of the sender’s 

II. Essential qualities of business

Three C’s:
n Clearness :

n Conciseness:

       Brief and to the point
n Courtesy:

     Politeness and consideration
    Clearness :
n   Try to avoid the use of confused words
    ,such as “today, yesterday , recently ,
    bimonthly etc”。
n   Using widely accepted abbreviations only.
n   Keep your writing clear and completely
    readable by using good ,straightforward
    and simple English.
n    Cultural Awareness
 1) We confirm our offer dispatched yesterday.
 ³ We confirm our offer of 16th Jan.

 2) As requested in your recent letter we have
already sent the samples to you.
 ³ As requested in your letter PH-789 of 11
Feb, we sent you the samples by air parcel on
Feb. 18.
3) As to the steamers from Hong Kong to San
Francisco, we have bimonthly direct services.
       Twice a month or Once two month
 ³ We have two direct sailings every month
from Hong Kong to San Francisco. Or
 ³ We have one direct sailing from Hong Kong
to San Francisco every two month. 
    2. Conciseness (简要)
      Brief and to the point 
n  Writing short sentence rather than long 
n  A letter for one subject is a good rule.

n  A paragraph for each point is a good 
“One idea, One sentence” “One topic, One
  paragraph” “One subject, one message”
(1)We take liberty to approach you with
the request that you would be kind
enough to introduce to us some exporters
of cotton textiles in your city.
† Would you please introduce to us
some exporters of cotton textiles in your
(2) We would like to know whether you
would allow us to extend the time of
shipment for twenty days, and if you
would be so kind as to allow us to do so,
kindly give us your reply by cable
without delay.
 † Please reply by cable immediately if
you will allow us to delay the shipment
until April 24th. 
    3. Courtesy (礼貌)
    Politeness and consideration
n   Business includes “you” and “I”,
    but “you” comes before “I”.
n   Promptness & Punctuality
n   ☺应注意问题:
  (1) You ought to tell us the truth immediately.
† Perhaps you could tell us the truth immed.
(2) Apparently you have already forgotten what I
wrote you two weeks ago.
 † As mentioned in our Jan. 15th letter to you …
(3) It was unwise of you to have done that.
 † We would say that it was unwise of you to
have done that.
 † It seems to us that it was unwise …
 (4) We cannot comply with your request.
 † We are afraid that we cannot comply
with your request.
 † It’s a matter of regret that we are unable
to comply with your request.
(5) We are disgusted with your manner of
doing business.
 † We are not completely satisfied with
your manner of doing business.
(6) We must refuse your order.
 † We regret that we are unable to
accept your order.
(7) We want you to assist us.
 † Your assistance would be highly
2. 多使用表示高兴、感谢、遗憾等词
† We have the pleasure of doing sth.
† We are pleased to do sth.
† It shall be appreciated if ….
† We appreciate your doing sth
† We are grateful to learn that…
† It’s a matter of regret that
† We are sorry to do so…
   3. 多使用虚拟语气和被动语态。
(1)We wish you would let us have your reply.
 (2) Perhaps you would like to have a look at the
  actual goods.
 (3) You made a careless mistake.
  † A careless mistake was made.
(4) You didn’t enclose the check with your order.
 † The check wasn’t enclosed with your order.
4. 多“You”- attitude, 少“We”-
n   1) We allow 2%         n   You earn 2%
    discount for cash          discount when you
    payment.                   pay cash.

n   (2) We won’t be        n   We will send you
    able to send you the       the brochure next
    brochure this              month.
    5. 但要注意不可过分谦卑,少用
    “beg/ permit”等词。 
(1)We beg to acknowledge receipt of your
  letter dated….
 † We acknowledge receipt of your letter
(2) Please permit us to submit you the following
  offer for your kind consideration.
 † We submit you the following offer for your
Dear Li Jin Ping 
Happy Chinese New Year. I wish you happiness, success 
and prosperity in 2010. 
Please keep  me posted about your progress. 
I am taking up my new position as Pro-Vice-Chancellor 
of Business and Law at Newcastle University on March 
My new email is: 
Best wishes 
    Part Two
     Layout of Business Letters

n I. 英文信函的格式
 (1)The blocked style     平头式J
 (2)The semi- indented style   混合式
n II. 信内行名和地址有无标点

(1)The open style of punctuation  
(2)Closed punctuation      加标点法
    III. 英文信函的主要组成部分
    Seven principle parts:
n   the letter-head; 
n   the date; 
n   the inside name and address; 
n   the salutation;
n    the message; 
n   the complimentary close; 
n   the writer’s signature and official position.
 (1) the letter-head
   了解发信人地址,便于复信时参考; 便
(2)the date
† day, month, year. (英国)
   8 March, 2007; 8th March 2007.
† month, day, year. (美国)
   March 8 , 2007 ; March 8th, 2007
☺ Note: 年一定要写全; 最好不要这样表
示日期:8/3/07; 3/8/2007
(3) Inside name and address

³ 收信人的写法
n  对公司一无所知,信函写给公司;

n  如果知道公司内的主管部门,以官衔写

n  知道具体负责人,信函直接写给个人,

³ 英文地址的写法

a) name of house
b) number of house and name of street
c) name of city or town
d) country or state and it’s post-code
e) name of country
  Foreign Trade School
 Shandong Economics University
 7366 Er-huan Dong Road
 Shandong Province 250014
 P. R. China
³ 收信人的敬称

n 男士: Mr.  Esq.   or    
n 女士: Mrs.  Miss  Ms  or   Mmes

   Mr. Smith         Jane Smith, Esq.
   Messrs.   J. Harvey Co. Ltd
    (4) The Salutation (称谓) 
n   男士:Sir,Dear Sir, Dear Sirs, Gentlemen (
n   女士:    Dear Madam 
n   不知情: Dear Madam or Sir
n   私人:    Dear Mr.××     Dear Mrs. ××
n   E-mail: Hi, Apple   Hello, apple 
(5) The message
(6) The complimentary Close
     salutation                        close

n   Dear Sir/ Sirs   "        n   Yours faithfully /truly
n   Dear Madam    "           n   Yours faithfully /truly 
n   Gentlemen       "         n   Yours truly
n   Dear Mr./Mrs.  "          n   Yours sincerely 
n   Sir                  "    n   Yours respectfully 
n   Dear Mr. Li      "        n   With Best Regards
n   Hi                  "     n   All the best
n   Hello              "      n   Good Luck
     (7) the signature 
n    一般应先打印出公司的名称,然后由负责人手签
n e.g.

  For ABC CO. LTD       Per Pro ABC CO. LTD
   abc                        abc
  manager: Thomas Adson  manager: LIUHAI
n for/p.p 表示签字人是代表公司或负责人签名,而
         The Letter Head
The Date
The Inside name and address
The salutation
The message
The complimentary close
The signature
        The Letter Head
                                         The Date
The Inside name and address
The salutation
     The message
                    The complimentary close
                            The signature  E
Dear Li Jin-ping

Happy new Year--good fortune and health during the 
Year of the Golden Pig.

I hope that all goes well in Shandong Institute of 
Economics and that  your research has been successful.

I expect to be in Jinan in  early June (I am doing some 
joint research with colleagues at Shandong University), 
and I would very much enjoy meeting you for lunch or 

Best wishes
Professor Stephen Nicholas
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Business & Law)
Professor of International Business
The University of Newcastle
Callaghan  NSW  2308

Tel:  61 2 49217979
Fax:  61 2 49217977
                         The Letter-head
Our Ref:
Your Ref: 
                                                           the date
The inside name and address
The salutation
                Subject: (Re: )
The message
                                     The complimentary close
                                              the signature
Identification Marks
              The Letter-head j
   Our Ref:  k
  Your Ref:

  The date  l
  The inside name and address m
  Attention:  n For the attention of … 
  The salutation  o
  Subject: (Re: ) p

   The message 
                              - to be continued -
                                                  The date 
The recipient

The message  q

The complimentary close  r
Per Pro/For s 
the signature (11)

Identification Marks  (12)

Encl:  (13)

 P.S.  (14)
n   1、Letter: 非常正式(formal), 保密性好
    (confidential),传递速度慢; 用词讲究:不
    能用缩写,如I’m , You’re , don’t ,etc;    
n   2、Fax: less formal ; 传递速度快;在传
    词用语方面介于letter 与 e-mail 之间。
n   3、E-mail: 非正式(informal ); 保密性差
  Company logo , name and address in large print
                                                                Page 1 of 1

                                                           March 3, 2010
Dear Sir or Madam:

Best regards
n   From:
n   To:
n   Date:
n   Subject:
n   Attached:

Hi, apple

All the best


The University of Sydney                            stamp
 NSW 2006  
                          SHANDONG ECONOMIC UNIVERSITY
                          7366 ER-HUAN DONG ROAD
                          JINAN,  SHANDONG PROVINCE
                          CHINA,  250014
J 应 注意事项 :
1、特别 事项 可以是邮 路或信函性质 :
  † Per s/s “ Empress of Canada”
  † Via Siberia for Europe
  † Via Air Mail
  † Express
  † Parcel post
  † Printed matter
  † Sample post
  † Samples of no commercial value
2、如系私人信件,需收信人亲 启,可在左下
角或发 信人地址下注明:
    Private/ Personal / Confidential 
3、如系公司转 交的私人信件,则 收信人名
(care of…)
   e.g.   Mr. Charles Wood
           c/o China National Imp& Exp Co.
4、 托人带 信
  收信人在前,带 信人在后,不用地址。
     Mr. Charles Wood 
     Kindness of Mr. J.W. Smith
     Per kindness of Mr. J.W. Smith
     By kindness of Mr. J.W. Smith
     Through the courtesy of Mr. 
   Appreciate & Thank 
1. 都是感激、感谢 之意,appreciate 更礼貌一
We thank you for your letter of Nov. 10th.
We appreciate your letter of Nov.10th.
2. Thank 多放于句首,用于一般现 在时 中,
   很少用于将来时态 中。
3. Appreciate 多用于将来时态 中,多用虚拟
   语 气。
1. We shall appreciate your writing us 
2. We shall appreciate it if you can send us 
your quotations immed.
3. It should be highly appreciated it you 
can let us have your specific enquires 
4. Your assistance is highly appreciated.
Unit Two

Business Relations
  Specimen Letter-2(1)
1.With reference to =  Referring to 
2. 建立业务 关系
 † establish business relations with sb.
 †  enter into trade relations with sb.
 †  start trade relations with sb.
(3) 经营 范围
† line
e.g. Textiles are our line.
      Chemicals are out of our line.
† fall within the scope of one’s business 
   e.g.  Textiles fall within the scope of 
one’s business activities .
 †  deal in
   e.g.   We deal in textiles.
 †  handle
   e.g.   We handle textiles.
  † In compliance with your request,
  † In accordance with your request,
  † As requested,
  † According to your request,
(5) 产 品宣传 材料
  †  catalogue/ brochure
  †  pamphlet ,   
               a (full) range of pamphlets
  †  leaflet     
               a (full/complete) set of leaflets
  †  sample       a range of samples
(6) 供你方参考
  † For your reference
  † for your consideration
  † for your information
  † for your selection 
    Specimen Letter-2(2)
n  1. 获 知对 方名称与地址的6种表达方法
n 2、货 物的各种表达方法

     Commodity         consignment
     Goods                products
     Shipment            materials
     Cargo                 merchandise
     Freight               item / article
Specimen Letter-2(3)
n   This is to introduce ourselves as…
n   We are introducing ourselves as….
n   We write to introduce ourselves as…
n   Please be informed that we are…
2.With a view to  = in the hope of ..
    With a view to establishing business
relations with you , we are sending you our
catalogues and samples.
 J In view of = owing to / due to 
   In view of the friendly cooperation between
us , we shall grant you a discount of 5%.
3、Quantity(单 ) 数量
  (1) Three hundred tons is a large quantity.
  (2) Please try to increase the quantity.
   Quantities (复) 大量
(1) Quantities of oilseed are coming in.
(2) They are in the market for oilseed in large
(3) They buy these goods in quantities.
Avail oneself of  =
             take advantage of …
 (1) Please avail yourselves of this
favorable offer and send us your order
 (2) We give you the first chance and
hope you will take advantage of this
exceptional offer.
III. Translate the following sentences ..
1. Your letter of Sept. 2nd has been received. We
    are glad to inform you that the articles you
    required fall within the scope of our business
2. The Bank of China in your city (has) informed us
    that your are importers of textiles. We specialize
    in the export of textiles and wish to enter into
    trade relations with you (your corporation).
3.As requested, we are sending you a range of
swatches. We hope that they will arrive in time
and be found to your satisfaction.

4. We have received your letter of Sept. 4th
informing us that your are interested in our
canned meat goods and consider placing a trial
order with us.
5.In compliance with your request, we enclose
a range of pamphlets together with our price
list(s) for your consideration. If any of the
items listed meets your interest, please inform
us of your specific requirements, quotations
will be sent upon receipt of your enquiry.
6.Your firm had been introduced to us by your
Embassy in China as a buyer of Chinese canned
goods. We specialize in this line and wish to
establish trade relations with you on the basis of
equality and mutual benefit.

7. To give you a general idea of the products we
handle, we enclose a complete set of leaflets
showing specifications and means of packing.
8. The goods will be tested and inspected
by Shanghai Commodity Inspection Bureau
prior to shipment, who will provide the
necessary certificates regarding the quality
and quantity of the shipment.
March 28th, 2007

Messrs Denman &Sons
45 Cannon Street
London, E.C.4

Dear Sirs

Through the courtesy of Mr. A.G. Topworth of Swanson &
Bros. of Hamburg, we are given to understand that you are
one of the leading importers of Chinaware. We wish to
inform you that we specialize in the export of Chinaware
and shall be pleased to enter into business relations with
you in this line.
To give you a general idea of our products ,we are
sending you a range of leaflets for your reference.
Illustrated catalogue and price-list will be air-mailed
upon receipt of your specific enquires.

In the meantime, we shall appreciate it very much if
you will furnish us with the name of your bank prior
to the conclusion of an initial transaction between us.

We look forward to receiving your first enquiry.

Yours sincerely

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