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					 On the Move
              Ron                              Kathy
              Claypool,                        Katusha,
              Metamar-                         Valin
              kets                            The San
              The San                         Jose techni-
              Francisco                       cal-based
              provider                        provider for
              of real-                        the energy,
time analytics for online       technology, life sciences,
advertising named Ron           natural resources and
Claypool vice president of      transportation industries
client services. Recently,      appointed Kathy Katusha
he was vice president of        vice president of human
demand management at            resources. She is certified
the Rubicon Project.            as a senior professional
                                in human resources, a
              Sue Fellows,      professional behavioral
              Apttus            analyst and a professional
                                value analyst.
               The San
               cloud-based                     Janikke
               software                        Klem,
               provider ap-                    Technol-
               pointed Sue                     ogy Credit
Fellows vice president of                      Union
global customer excel-                        The San Jose
lence. She is former vice                     financial
president of client success                   institution
at Oracle.                      named Janikke Klem vice
                                president of community
              David             relations. Previously, she
              Hertog,           served as director of
              Metamar-          alumni engagement and
              kets              director of development at
               The San          San Jose State University.
               provider of                     Matt Lampi,
               real-time                       Meals on
analytics for online adver-                    Wheels of
tising named David Hertog                      the Salinas
vice president of market-                      Valley
ing. Previously, he served                     The nonprof-
at Google.                                     it organiza-
                                               tion that
              Laurie            provides food for seniors
              Hironaka,         named Matt Lampi to
              Topix             its board of directors.
               The Palo         Currently, he is client care
               Alto news        specialist at Alvarez Tech-
               community        nology Group.
               on the Web
               appointed                       Joshua
Laurie Hironaka to vice                        Reynolds,
president of sales. Before                     Hill+
joining Topix, she worked                      Knowlton
at The Economist.                              Strategies
                                              The New
              Don Joos,                       York-based
              ShoreTel                        communica-
             The Sunny-         tions consultancy ap-
             vale provider      pointed Joshua Reynolds
             of unified         chief executive of sister
             communica-         company Blanc & Otus
             tions tools        in San Francisco. He is
             named Don          former executive vice
Joos president and chief        president and co-lead of
executive. He is former         Hill+Knowlton Strategies’
vice president at Avaya.        global technology prac-

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