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Preparing for a Storm in San Diego


It's important to make sure you prepare for possible storms in order to ensure that you protect your home as well as those important to you from the damaging effects of a storm.

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									Preparing for a Storm in San Diego
When you have purchases a home in San Diego using a VA home loan, you may become very
familiar with the water. Being so close to gorgeous beaches, you may become familiar with the
ocean and enjoy the time that you are able to spend on the well-manicured beaches that San
Diego proudly displays.

Water Damage to your VA Purchased Home

Although the beach can be a great way to spend a relaxing day away from your VA home loan
house, you should also realize that living by the cost has some
danger associated with it. There are a lot of people that struggle
understanding just how detrimental a tropical storm could be to
their San Diego home, and those who have purchased their
homes using a VA home loan need to beware of that danger.

When you live in San Diego, you should be prepared to deal
with water damage in San Diego. Water damage can occur in
many different settings, but being prepared for a tropical storm
or a flash flood will ensure that you are going to avoid as much
water damage as you can.

Talking to friends and family that have lived in the area may
provide you with some insight as to what you should and should
not do during these times. Do not be afraid to start preparing
early to ensure your water damage in San Diego does not become extensive.

Preparing for the Storm

Getting emergency equipment early on will ensure that you are as prepared as possible when the
water comes in. You should take the time that you need to purchase enough sandbags to build a
wall around your home that reaches at least three to four feet.

Before you start laying sandbags, you will want to lay down a tarp or a thick plastic covering.
When you use a tarp or a plastic covering, you can be sure that any water that seeps through the
sand bags will be repelled from your home by the plastic covering that you have laid down.

After you have your sandbags in place, you can then focus on your windows and try to fortify
and cover your windows. Tropical storms that bring surges of water often bring strong winds
that can break through your windows as well.
Boarding up your windows is a great way to keep yourself safe and keep your home safe. When
evacuations have been ordered, you should make sure that you are out of your home but that you
leave your home as protected as you can while still getting out quickly.

                                            Having a plan and having all of the proper
                                            equipment in your home will ensure that you are
                                            able to get your protective layers in place as quickly
                                            as you can. If you feel that you need a consultation
                                            from a specialist, you can consult with a
                                            professional as the materials you need.

                                             Discussing your options and finding the materials
                                             that work best for your home is a great way to
ensure that you are going to be prepared, should a storm come. Take the time that you need to
develop a plan that is unique to your home and will ensure that you are able to avoid water
damage to the best of your ability.

Photo Credit: TheUsher, boogy_man

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