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									Final Verison of WinRAR 5.0 F is Here and Ready to Download

The latest WinRAR release features a new and advanced archive format which makes archiving
more secure, more efficient and faster than ever before.

Berlin, Germany, September 03, 2013 --( win.rar GmbH and RARLAB are pleased to
announce the long-awaited final release of WinRAR 5.0. The world's leading compression software is
now even more advanced and has implemented a variety of innovations further boosting the performance
of WinRAR. The new RAR5 archive format includes many improvements of existing features of
WinRAR and creates RAR5 files with a higher compression ratio and significant speed gain relative to
the competition.

There is new archive format. When using WinRAR 5.0, you'll not only have the existing RAR and ZIP
compression options but also the new RAR5 archive format. An assortment of advanced algorithms has
been implemented in addition to further optimization for use with modern software and hardware
configurations. In summary, there is no better option for file compression than RAR5.

“It's never been more important to feel confident your sensitive data is safe from unwanted access and
tampering,” says Öncül Kaya, managing director of win.rar GmbH.

WinRAR has always set the standard for quick and easy encryption and that's not going to seize anytime
soon. With WinRAR 5.0, the RAR algorithm has been upgraded to include 256-bit AES encryption -
further ensuring that the user's data is fully protected. With RAR encryption, data is safe and sound.

RAR archives have always provided a higher compression ratio than the competition. WinRAR 5.0 can
now create larger dictionaries of up to 1 GB in the 64-bit version of WinRAR which leads to an even
higher compression ratio than in previous versions.

Decompression speed has also been increased due to the introduction of a number of advanced algorithms
optimizing the process. The increased of speed derives primarily from the use of multithreaded
decompression on multi-core systems.

Further Additions to WinRAR 5.0:
Based on the demand of many users the limitation of maximum archived file path length in RAR archive
is changed from 260 to 2048 characters.

Another major improvement is the new recovery record function which is based upon the Reed-Solomon
error correction codes making archive recovery stronger and more efficient. In test scenarios with a 1 GB
archive, WinRAR was able to fix 9 times more damages relative to the previous version.

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The file identification within RAR archives has been additionally enhanced by using BLAKE2sp hash as
a file checksum. With BLAKE2 inclusion, one may definitively detect whether files are different or the
same. While using CRC32, two different files may share the same value. This is not the case with

More information on the improvements of WinRAR 5.0 can be found here:

Another tip: for all Windows-64-bit users, it is highly recommended to install the WinRAR 64-bit
version. It is faster and offers the best available integration. WinRAR's compression speed in Windows
Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and on any multi-core-system has been increased considerably.

WinRAR 5.0 32-bit can be downloaded at:
WinRAR 5.0 64-bit can be downloaded at:

WinRAR is available in more than 40 different languages and is compatible with Windows
XP/Vista/Windows 7 and Windows 8. The command line version of WinRAR is also available for Linux,
FreeBSD and MAC OS X.

About WinRAR:
WinRAR is the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows version of the RAR Archiver, the powerful archiver and
archive manager. RAR files can, in most cases, compress content up to 30 percent more effectively than
ZIP files. The most notable functions of WinRAR include very powerful document and multimedia file
compression, file encryption, processing of other archive formats, programmable self-extracting (SFX)
archives, damaged archive repair and Unicode support.

About win.rar GmbH:
win.rar GmbH has been the official distributor of WinRAR and RARLAB products since February 2002
and handles all support, marketing and sales functions related to WinRAR & win.rar GmbH
is registered in Germany and is represented worldwide by local partners in more than 70 countries on six
continents. win.rar's declared objective is to provide first-class quality support and to optimize its
software to meet customer's requirements in accordance with their valued feedback. For more information
about WinRAR and win.rar GmbH please visit our website at

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