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The UFO Phenomenon: The Government as a
 Suspect that maybe needs crossing off our

                                     Paul Budding.

My position is that the government is a suspect! But I am not as certain as Richard Dolan
is of their guilt. When the individual sees something exotic/unfamiliar/extraordinary...
then what they do is the following... they stick a cultural label on it. However the
problem with this (from a truth perspective) is that they know absolutely nothing about
the exotic/unfamiliar/extraordinary. Close encounters only tell us that something exotic
is happening. Close-encounters do not tell us what is happening. I am convinced of an
exotic explanation (because I have been exposed to the literature). But despite my
awareness of government secrecy it is difficult to implicate them in this because it would
require collaboration by the intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon. Indeed, some of
the documents released by governments on this (under freedom of information Acts)
are perhaps, about as far as governments can go. On the other hand some whistle-
blowers (or disinformation agents, or attention-seekers) have come forward to claim
that the ETH is the true explanation. Hence, even though I am not accusing the U.S.
government of a cover-up... I still think that we need access to Top-Secret Files.
Otherwise how can we know the truth? You see, there is a UFO Phenomenon and there
is an exotic explanation. In order to clear the government’s name (so-to-speak) we need
to have access to the data. Hence, having given this topic an extraordinary amount of
consideration I have come to the conclusion that the disclosure project may be going
down a false path but the only way that we can know whether it’s a true/false path is...
by studying the data that is being denied to us by the U.S. government. Hence, I am
supportive of the disclosure projects desire to get at the Above Top Secret files. If we got
to see those files then either the government would be found guilty of a cover-up or it
would be found to be as bewildered as the man and woman in the street. If it’s the
former then Ufology is politicized. If it’s the latter then Ufology is de-politicized. If it’s
the former then read up on Dolan! If it’s the latter then read up on Vallee!
This is very interesting:

When considering the U.S secret human craft theory as a possible explanation
concerning the best UFO sightings... we need to remember that some UFO activity
appears to mess with the U.S. and their allies... and even disable their nukes. Hence this
rules out the secret U.S. human craft theory in those cases. Of course as Nick Pope says
some UFO’s have been “secret prototype aircraft and drones” (personal
correspondence). Pope also agrees that this isn’t the best explanation for all sightings. I
add here that it’s not the best explanation when we consider pre 1900s cases! Jacques
Vallee says in his co-authored book, Wonders in the Sky, that the same kind of sightings
have gone on for centuries. (Vallee and Aubeck, 2010). Clearly then part of the UFO
phenomenon needs an exotic explanation. I worry though, that if this is not about ET
then there’s an awful lot of red faces in Ufology because Dolan et al put so much time
and energy into making the UFO phenomenon one of government cover-up. (See
above). I predict that in 30 years that the UFO community will possess a new default
position... the grey’s will no longer be considered as biological aliens but as AI's.
(Because the UFO community will never regard humans as more advanced than the
intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon). The UFO community is at its weakest when it
tries to interpret the exotic.

If someone says “if it’s not ET then what the hell is it?” It’s a problem of interpretation.
We automatically select cultural interpretations from a menu. So whatever I say would
be a cultural interpretation. But we should be aware of that. Nevertheless, just because
it’s cultural doesn’t mean to say that is definitely completely wrong. And therefore we
need to see the government’s top secret material so that we can cross them off the list
of suspects concerning collaboration with other intelligences.

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