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Oakwood Blvd-Insp Report.cwk by l09kkko


									Inspection One
           Professional Home Inspections
                    Since 1992

This Inspection Report Was Prepared Exclusively For:

                 Mr & Mrs Homebuyer

                6100 Split Oak Blvd
            Colorado Springs, CO 80920

                   October 31, 2009
                       3:00 pm

              Real Estate Professional

             InspectionOne   *   (719) 499-4124
        General Information

Inspection Address:         6100 Split Oak Blvd
                            Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Date of Inspection:         10 - 31 - 2009                 Client or representative present:   Yes

Year Built:                 1996                           Occupancy:                  Occupied
Estimated Sq. Ft.:          2,104                          Additional Structures:      None
Bedrooms:                   3                              Visible Modifications:      None
Bathrooms:                  2                              Foundation:                 Basement
Levels:                     2                              Building Type:              Single Family

Weather:                    Clear                          Temperature:                60 Deg F.
Terrain:                    Gentle Slope                   Area Type:                  Suburban
House Faces:                East

Important Locations:

       Main Water Shut off Valve          In the basement next to the water heater
       Main Electrical Panel              In the garage
       Electrical Sub Panel (s)           None
       Smoke Detectors                    YES
       Carbon Monoxide Detectors          YES
       GFCI Protected Outlets             In the bathrooms, garage, outside, and kitchen
       Gas Meter or Propane Tank          On the north side of the house
       Main Sewer Clean Out               In the basement

Interpreting the inspection report

When reading the inspection report, the top section lists the items that were inspected directly followed by any
adverse conditions found. If there are no comments, there were no adverse conditions found. The summary will
describe the recommended corrective action. Annotated photos provide visual documentation of conditions at
the time of the inspection and of any adverse conditions that can be photographed.

This confidential report is furnished for the use of the client only. It is not intended to be relied upon for any
purpose by any other party not named on the report and Inspection Agreement.

Thank you for utilizing InspectionOne, Inc. We appreciate your confidence. Should any questions
arise, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or explanations.

                                      InspectionOne    *       (719) 499-4124

Foundation Type:                 Wall & Beam                         Beams:                 Steel
Primary Material:                Wood Frame                          Posts / Piers:         Steel
Floor Support System:            TJI Floor Joists                    Sub-Floor Material:    OSB
Exterior Walls:                  Wood Frame                          Interior Walls:        Wood Frame
Roof Structure:                  Trusses                             Roof Sheathing:        OSB

Most of the structural components are inaccessible / concealed because they are located below grade or behind finished surfaces.
The inspection of the structural components is limited to those areas that are visible and to identifying indications of movement,
deterioration or damaged components. This inspection is not a structural analysis or engineering evaluation.

If any evidence of movement is discovered at the concrete foundation, interior walls or ceiling, the area should be monitored for
any further movement. If corrective action is needed, consult a qualified engineer to determine the proper repair.


There was no evidence of any foundation movement.

                                            InspectionOne        *       (719) 499-4124

Water Source:           Public                                       Service Piping:               Copper
Interior Piping:        Copper                                       Service Size:                 3/4”
Hose Bibb Type:         Frost Free                                   Number of Hose Bibbs:         2

Sewer Type:             Public                                       Sewer Service Piping:         Plastic
Vent Piping:            Plastic                                      Interior Drain Piping:        Plastic

Fuel Type:              Natural Gas                                  Fuel Piping:                  Black Iron
Fuel Piping Size:       1”                                           Appliance Connectors:         Flexible

Water Heater Type: Natural Gas                                       Water Heater Size:            50 gallon
Estimate Age (yrs): 3                                                Design Life (yrs):            8 - 14

Combustion air source(s): Open Basement

All plumbing fixtures are operated at least twice during the course of the inspection. If is possible that leakage inside a concealed
area may not become visible until the fixture is used for an extended period of time. Most plumbing is located in concealed areas.
Stains and evidence of past leakage are not considered an adverse condition, only current, active leaks are noted in the report.
Stains and discoloration's are not water damage, only cosmetic conditions. Minor adjustments are considered normal maintenance.


                                            InspectionOne        *       (719) 499-4124
             Heating & Cooling

Primary System Type:               Forced Air                       Fuel:        Natural Gas
Estimated Age (yrs):               13                               Design Life: 20-25
Distribution:                      Ducted

Secondary System Type: None                                         Fuel:        N/A
Estimated Age (yrs):   N/A                                          Design Life: N/A
Distribution:          N/A

Cooling System:                    None                             Distribution: N/A
Estimated Age (yrs):               N/A                              Design Life: N/A
Condensate Drain:                  N/A

Thermostat Location:               Hallway                          Thermostat Type:      Programable
Humidifier Type:                   Spray                            Combustion air:       Open Basement

The inspection of a furnace heat exchanger is very limited. Unless the burner assembly or blower are removed, only a small
percentage of the heat exchanger is visible. Disassembly is beyond the scope of a home inspection. If the furnace is within the
statistical life span, or if there is evidence that maintenance has been neglected, it is recommended to have a qualified HVAC
technician perform a tear down inspection to insure there are no cracks or other defects in the heat exchanger.

If the outside temperature was below 60 deg F. at the time of the inspection, the air conditioning system could not be and was
not tested. If tested, the delta T will be noted.


(1)     The furnace filter and blower were dirty.

Note:            The humidifier was new in 2008

                                               InspectionOne    *      (719) 499-4124

Service Type:                    Underground                          Service Cable:        Aluminum
Service Amperage:                100                                  Service Voltage:      240

Main Electrical Panel                                                 Location:                 Garage
       Circuits:      11 - 120v  2 - 240v                             Grounding:                Rod & Water Line
       Wire Type, 120v Circuits: Copper                               Wire Type, 240v Circuits: Aluminum

Electrical Sub-Panel                                                  Location:                      N/A
        Circuits:    0 - 120v             0 - 240v                    Grounding:                     Main Panel

120v Electrical Outlets:         Three-Prong                          240v Dryer Outlet:             Three-Prong
GFCI Protected Circuits:         Yes                                  AFCI Protected Circuits:       No

Smoke Detectors Present: Yes                                          CO Detectors Present:          Yes

Most of the electrical system components are located in concealed areas. All fixtures are operated using normal controls. If a fixture
does not function, no actions are taken to determine the cause. It may not have been possible to check the operation of all GFCI
protected outlets. It is recommended to verify the proper operation of all GFCI outlets on a regular basis.


                                             InspectionOne        *       (719) 499-4124

Appliances present / operated during the inspection:

Garage Door Operator(s)
Garbage Disposal
Built in Microwave
Range Hood Vent

Only those appliances that transfer will be inspected. The inspection of appliances is very limited due to the short duration of a
typical home inspection. Daily use is the only way to determine if the appliances are fully functional under all circumstances. No
specialized testing will be done, microwave seals are not tested, and the self-cleaning functions cannot be verified. Clothes
washers and dryers are not tested. The remaining life of appliances is entirely dependent upon past usage and cannot be
determined during a home inspection.


                                           InspectionOne       *     (719) 499-4124

Countertops:            Laminate                                   Tub / Shower Enclosures:     Ceramic Tile
Fire Door:              Metal Clad                                 Garage Door(s):              Hardboard
Window Type:            Sliding / Single Hung                      Window Frames:               Vinyl
Window Glass:           Dual Pane                                  Cabinets:                    Wood

Flooring:               Carpet, Vinyl
Egress Doors:           Metal Clad, Sliding Glass
Interior Doors:         Six Panel Hollow Core

Interior items are not inspected for cosmetic flaws. Only broken, inoperable, and missing items will be noted. Normal wear to
flooring, doors and walls will not be noted. Only accessible windows will be operated. Minor adjustments are considered normal


(1)     Failed thermal seals were noted at the southeast window in the living room. ( upper section )
(2)     Two of the three windows above the entry / garage have hail damaged glazing strips. See photos.

                                           InspectionOne       *      (719) 499-4124

Siding:                  Hardboard, Synthetic Stone                        Trim:                    Wood
Soffits:                 Hardboard                                         Facia:                   Hardboard
Decking:                 Wood                                              Deck Structure:          Wood
Deck Railings:           Wood                                              Front Porch:             Concrete / Covered
Patio Areas:             None                                              Other Railings:          None

The exterior areas are not inspected for cosmetic flaws. Peeling or faded paint, missing caulking, loose trim, small cracks in stucco
and other minor issues are considered normal maintenance items. Some exterior areas may be concealed by shrubs, fencing, or
other items.


(1)     Fungus growth (rot) was noted at the triple joist on the south (stair) side of the deck. See photos.

Note: The exterior and trim will need painting soon.

                                             InspectionOne        *     (719) 499-4124
       Insulation & Ventilation

Attic Insulation:                Rockwool
Basement Insulation:             Fiberglass
Crawl space Insulation:          None, no crawl space

Attic Ventilation:               Roof & Soffit Vents
Basement Ventilation:            Windows
Crawl space Ventilation:         N/A

Crawl space Vapor Barrier: N/A

Attic Access:                    Garage
Crawl space Access:              N/A

Bathroom Ventilation:            Vent Fans & Windows

Clothes Dryer Vent:              Ducted to the outside

Insulation values and ventilation areas are not calculated. The basement, crawl space and attic areas are inspected for any moisture
issues. If there are no comments, then no moisture issues were present.


                                            InspectionOne        *     (719) 499-4124
         Fireplaces & Flues

Number of Fireplaces:        1
Gas Log:                     Yes
Blower                       No
Fireplace Type:              Prefabricated
Fireplace Doors:             Glass / Sealed
Firebrick Type:              Prefabricated

Wood stove:                  No
Thermal Barrier:             N/A

Fireplace Flue:              Metal / Direct Vent
Furnace Flue :               Metal
Water Heater Flue:           Metal

The interior of the flue piping is not visible. Most flues are located in concealed areas. it is recommended to clean
wood burning appliance flues on an annual basis.


(1)    The fireplace shut off during operation and testing.

                                       InspectionOne     *     (719) 499-4124
                Roof & Attic

Primary Roof Material:                     Asphalt Shingles
Estimated Roof Pitch:                      6:12
Primary Style:                             Gable
Estimated Age:                             13
Design Life:                               20-25

Attic Structure:                           Trusses
Sheathing Material:                        OSB
Flashings:                                 Galvanized
Skylights:                                 No
Chimney Wash:                              Metal

Method of Inspection:                      Walked on Surface

The inspection of the roof surface is limited to those areas that are safe to walk on without risk to the inspector and without risk of
damage to the roof surface. Tile roof surfaces are not walked on. If the roof must be inspected from the eaves or ground level, it will
be so stated.


(1)     Hail damage was noted on the roof. See photos.

                                              InspectionOne        *      (719) 499-4124
              Site & Drainage

Driveway:                 Concrete                                     Street Sidewalks:      Concrete
On-Site Walks:            Concrete                                     Retaining Walls:       None
Fencing:                  Wood                                         Gates:                 Wood
Outbuildings:             None

Gutter Material:          Galvanized
Downspouts:               Galvanized
Extensions:               Tilt Outs

Window Wells:             Wood
Covers:                   None

Sump Pit Location: None
Sump Pump:         N/A

If snow is present, the site and drainage inspection will be limited to the areas that are visible. Regrading , unless there is evidence
of water penetration into the living space, is considered normal maintenance. All downspouts should be extended well away from
the house at all times.


(1)     The corner section of the entry walkway has settled and trip hazards are present.

                                              InspectionOne        *       (719) 499-4124
           Misc Information

The following energy conservation measures are recommended as upgrades only. Not required actions.

       Insulate the water heater
       Lower the temperature of the water heater
       Install thermal window coverings

The following items / systems are within or exceed the statistical age range for failure.
It is recommended to budget for replacement accordingly.

       Fencing & Gates

The following items are normal recurring, routine maintenance procedures that are common to most buildings.
Most often performed by the home owner or trained service personnel.

       Item                                                   Occurrence

       Clean and Service the furnace                          Annually
       Replace Furnace Filters                                Monthly during heating season
       Flush the water heater                                 Annually
       Caulk / re-grout bath tiles                            As needed
       Lubricate / adjust windows and doors                   As needed
       Service the gas log fireplace                          Annually
       Clean the gutters                                      As needed
       Regrade to improve drainage                            As needed

                                       InspectionOne      *      (719) 499-4124
           Inspection Summary

The following corrective action is recommended. Normal maintenance is not included. All work should be performed by
qualified personnel. Licensed contractors may be required by local authorities for specific items. Gas piping, Electrical, etc.

Heating & Cooling

1.      Clean and service the furnace, replace the filter


2.      Replace the glass at the window with the failed thermal seal. (marked, upper, southeast living room)


3.      Replace the hail damaged glazing at the windows above the entry / garage area.
4.      Replace all deck components that have fungus growth (rot) present.

Fireplace & Flues

5.      Service the fireplace. Restore normal operation

Roof & Attic

6.      Strip and replace the roof.

Site & Drainage

7.      Eliminate the trip hazards at the entry walkway.

                                            InspectionOne       *     (719) 499-4124
         Inspection Photos

Fungus growth (rot) was present at the deck             Hail strikes were noted on the roof surface.

Damaged glazing strips were noted at the                Trip hazards were noted at the corner section of the
windows above the entry / garage.                       entry walkway.

                                    InspectionOne   *       (719) 499-4124
                              Client Copy - Home Inspection Agreement
                                                               Please Read Carefully

In consideration of the fee being paid for this inspection, and services being rendered, InspectionOne and the client named below agree to the

Definitions. When used in this agreement, the words “we” and “us” refer to InspectionOne and its employees. The terms “I”, “you” and “your”
refer to the Client named at the end of this agreement.

Assignment. This agreement is a personal agreement between you and us. No person other than you has a right to rely on the contents of
this Agreement or our report for any reason whatsoever. The attached inspection report is the sole property of the Client named below and may
not be transferred to any other party without the permission of the client. Permission to release the report may be given by the client initialing
where indicated at the end of this agreement. InspectionOne may use any or all digital images for promotional or other uses.

Scope of the Inspection.              This inspection is intended to assist you in evaluating the overall condition of the building. It is based
entirely on our observations of the visible and apparent condition of the building and its visible components on the date of the inspection. Latent
or concealed defects may become apparent over time. We make no representations regarding latent or concealed conditions. Care has been
taken in performance of this inspection, but we have not disassembled equipment, moved furniture or opened wall coverings. The inspection
report is not technical in nature or scope and is not fully exhaustive. There is no implication that every component was inspected or that every
possible defect was discovered. There is no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied.

This inspection and report meet or exceed the standards set by the American Society of Home Inspectors. If the property contains a number of
like-type items, such as windows, doors and electrical outlets, a representative sample of each may be inspected.

The roof may have been inspected only from the ground if damage to the roof surface may occur and / or risk to the inspector that may result if
the inspector walks on the roof. Also, a leak can begin at any time. Unless there has been recent and heavy precipitation, it is impossible to
detect a leak. Small leaks can go undetected unless it is actually raining at the time of the inspection. Cold conditions can also affect the
inspectors ability to detect a leak. If the moisture on the roof is frozen, a leak may go undetected. If the roof was inspected from the ground, it is
advised to have a qualified roofing technician verify the roof condition.

Snow Cover. If the roof and grounds are snow covered at the time of the inspection, those components that are covered or inaccessible will
be identified and will not be included in the inspection report. If the Client so desires, the inspector will return to the property when the snow has
melted to inspect those components. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to notify and schedule the re-inspection with us when the snow has
melted. Although every effort will be made, we assume no liability for re-inspection prior to any contractual deadlines.

Estimates of Remaining life may be contained in the inspection report. These are estimates based on statistical comparisons and actual
conditions may alter the remaining life. The actual life span can vary considerably from those estimates. We assume no responsibility for the
estimated life spans that may be given.

There may be cracks or bulges in walls that are noted in the inspection report. Time is a critical element in determining if a crack or bulge has any
significance. It is impossible to determine if a crack or bulge is significant during the course of a single inspection. It is necessary to determine
if movement is still occurring. The attached inspection report is limited to a description of the condition of the walls observed during the
inspection. In many cases, a crack or bulge should be monitored for an extended period of time, a year or more. If movement is detected, the
advice of a licensed professional engineer should be obtained. This inspection is not a structural evaluation.

Colorado Law. This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted according to the laws of the State of Colorado, regardless of where any
arbitration proceedings or litigation may take place.

Exclusions and Limitations of Liability.

                                                  InspectionOne          *      (719) 499-4124
Exclusions. The scope of this inspection does not extend to pest inspections, swimming pools, wells, water conditioning equipment, septic
systems, underground fuel tanks, security systems, state of the art equipment, such as solar energy systems, flora, fauna or any landscaping
items, and piers. We do not test for or comment on water quality, mold, air quality or other environmental issues. Any and all inaccessible and
concealed items are excluded.

Hazardous Materials.          There are numerous hazardous materials that may be present in buildings. These include radon, UFFI, asbestos
and lead paint. We have not conducted inspections for these materials as a part of this report. Inspections for these materials may be obtained
at additional cost to you from InspectionOne or other companies.

Limitation of Liability.   Under any and all circumstances, our maximum liability is limited to treble (three times) the amount of the inspection

Opportunity to Re-Inspect. We will not assume any liability for repair, replacement or other corrective action unless we are notified in
advance and given reasonable opportunity to reinspect the property. It may be necessary to reinspect the property more than once to determine
responsibility for corrective action. You may be asked to obtain multiple (up to three) estimates for repairs in order to determine if we are
responsible for the cost of correction. Under all circumstances, it is the sole responsibility of the client to obtain these estimates.

Warranties. If the property is being sold with a Homeowner Warranty, all claims for corrective action must be first filed against the warranty
and not InspectionOne.

Property Disclosure and Pre-Closing Walk-Through. To protect yourself, it is recommended that you obtain a signed property
disclosure statement from the seller of the property. It is also recommended that you conduct a pre-closing walk-through of the property.
Changes may have occurred between the time of the inspection and closing. If a problem is discovered during the pre-closing walk through,
notify the seller immediately and forward a copy of the pre-closing walk through form to InspectionOne. Failure to obtain a signed disclosure
statement and to conduct a pre-closing walk -through may relieve InspectionOne of any and all liability. It is strongly recommended to check the
permit status for all work or improvements performed by the current and past property owners. Obtain copies of completed permits for all work
requiring permits. (Basement Finish, furnace replacement, water heater replacement, remodel, etc.)

Post Inspection Procedures and Services. We remain available for telephone and on-site consultation, without charge, for as long as
you own the building. Scheduling for on-site visits must be flexible. Although every effort will be made to accommodate you, scheduling conflicts
and delays may occur depending upon the season. If any controversy or claim related to this contract or our inspection arises, it must be filed
within a reasonable time after discovery of the problem, and in no event later than one (1) year from the date of the inspection, and shall at our
option, shall be settled by arbitration or the local court system. In any case, in any arbitration or legal action in which we are found to be without
fault, you agree to reimburse us for any attorney’s fees incurred in our defense of the proceeding.

The undersigned client acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement, inspection report, and pre-closing walk through form.


                                                  InspectionOne          *      (719) 499-4124
InspectionOne   *   (719) 499-4124
InspectionOne   *   (719) 499-4124

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