Aquaponics The Revolutionary Gardening Technique

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					Aquaponics The Revolutionary
    Gardening Technique
An aquaponics garden may be one of the
 most cost effective, aesthetically pleasing
 projects you can do to create a strong,
 healthy lifestyle for your family.
This innovative type of garden combines
 aquaculture, the farming of aquatic
 animals, and hydroponics, the growing of
 vegetation in nutrient rich liquid without
It may sound complicated, but it really is
 very simple. Home based aquaponics is a
 controlled system where the aquatic
 animals (usually fish such as tilapia) are
 tank grown, their waste water is then
 pumped over grow beds that generally
 consist of pots or beds of gravel
 containing plants.
Once established the gravel beds develop
 colonies of good bacteria which turn the
 waste water into plant food. The plants
 filter and clean the waste water, which is
 then returned to the tanks.
You harvest the fish and vegetation as
 desired, providing fresh, nutrient rich
 food for your family.
One of the best features about
 aquaponics is that you decide the scale
 that is best for your needs. Ranging in
 size from table-top units, up to full-
 fledged greenhouse systems, you can
 pick and choose the type and size of
 system that is best for you.
Many aquaponic systems are designed to
 comfortably fit on an apartment balcony.
 Others require a dedicated space such as
 a garage, basement or spare room.
The beauty of the system is that you can
 start small if you choose, then add more
 as your experience and confidence
Depending on where you live some of the
 warm water and cold water fish suitable
 to your system might be bass, perch,
 trout, shrimp, yabbies or crayfish. One of
 the most popular fish is tilapia.
Tilapia is a mild tasting, white fleshed
 fish that is a great source of protein and
 Omega3. Simply steamed with fresh
 vegetables and herbs this fish makes a
 delicious, quick and heart-healthy meal.
You'll find as you begin harvesting fresh
 greens such as various kinds of lettuce
 and spinach, or specialty herbs like
 chives, basil and watercress, you may
 want to expand your menus to try out
 new different recipes.
Plants that yield fruit, like tomatoes and
 peppers are perfect for aquaponic
 systems so you can plan full meals from
 the the fish and vegetables you are
 growing at home.
With an aquaponics garden you'll spend
 less time and money at the grocery store
 and have more time to enjoy other areas
 of your life. A few of the other benefits

Low-maintenance, low-cost systems are
 simple to set-up, and there is plenty of
 variety in the systems. You'll easily find
 the best system to meet your needs
No pesticides or fertilizers in your food.
 The system organically fertilizes the
 plants. You have peace of mind knowing
 exactly the quality of the food your
 family is eating. And all of it tastes so
 good too.
This is a low-maintenance garden
 system. You have the pleasure of daily
 harvesting of fresh, nutrient dense, tasty
 food, yet you are not required to dig
 rows of dirt, pull weeds or deal with most
 garden variety pests such as aphids and
Your family is more self-reliant, less
 affected by fluctuations in food prices or
 shortages of your favorite foods due to
 weather or other forces beyond your
 control. With minor adjustments you can
 be growing food year-round in most
You have a smaller carbon footprint. By
 growing a portion of your own food at
 home you contribute to a cleaner
 environment by eliminating
 transportation factors that apply to foods
 shipped to your local grocery store from
 other states and countries around the
Aquaponics provides an opportunity for
 income. Produce grown in an Aquaponic
 system is naturally organic and many
 aquaponic entrepreneurs sell their
 surplus fish and produce to local
 restaurants and at farmer's markets.
Ecologically efficient. Since the water is
 constantly recirculated the system only
 requires a small percentage of the water
 required for a standard garden
As the interest in Aquaponics has grown,
 many companies all over the world have
 developed efficient, low-cost systems
 designed specifically for home based
You'll find a huge variety of systems that
 are simple to set-up as well as plenty of
 information to help you get started with
 this fascinating enterprise.
You can start right now researching the
 best resources to get the system that fits
 your specific needs. We recommend a
 basic guide. Right here at we have
 evaluated a number of programs created
 specifically for beginners who are ready
 to discover more about Aquaponics and
 set up their own systems.
Read more aquaponics plans here:

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Description: An aquaponics garden may be one of the most cost effective, aesthetically pleasing projects you can do to create a strong, healthy lifestyle for your family.