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									Trademark attorneys get detail information and best recommendations about how to follow
trademark services in respect of trademark logo, trademark design, how to file trademark
application, how to classify trademark classes and lots more under trademark act 1999 in
India under the authentic services.
It is necessary for the owner of the property or the creator of the business to enjoy some biased rights under the
sovereign power. Property or a business can be involved with risks in the market against fake identity and also of
the maltreatment of the product and services. For this a recognized sign or symbol must be given as a trademark to
assure a particular identification of the business or a product which will be different from another. A trademark
can be for a business organization, an individual or any officially permitted identity.

What is a trademark?
An idiosyncratic symbol registered for identification of a certain product or a business association provided by an
authority is called trademark. The trademark logo gives an authority to the owner of the product or a business to
make a separate identity of it which no one can copy or make a fake identity. Earlier, history says that trademark
came to use during the times of famous artists or sculptors. They were known to sculpt or paint their own name to
signify their authority. This procedure came to be known as patent or trademark in this developed days.
How to register for a trademark ?
When a business is started or a product is manufactured, a specific name or a symbol is provided to it before it
comes within the reach of the common people. The name or the logo given is always different from any other
business or products. This permission is given under the Trade Marks Act,1999 by the authority in charge and is
known as the trademark for the product. To get a trademark, by a trademark attorney, the form of authorization
and a soft copy of the decided logo is required. The application should contain all the information and the list of the
services and products which requires the trademark attorneys.

Various Classes of Trademarks Provided:
Trademarks are provided according to the class of the products. Products and services are arranged into different
classes according to the activities they are involved into and subdivision of their uses. Rented objects like rental of
telephones are distinguished under similar classes. Product or services involving information or advices are
classified into one group. The term for each trademark is up to 10 years. The duration of its registration does not
depend on which class it belongs to.

How to protect trademarks?
trademark classes can face serious vulnerability. While choosing a logo for a trademark, the owner must keep in
mind to make it unique, the name should be colourful and unique. If images are used to give a particular identity, it
should be made catchy and it should secretly describe the goodwill of the products and services. Apart from
normal trademark registration, Federal and state registration must be done. It provides a few advantages to the
owner which includes showing a statement which aware the people to show as if they do not know where the exact
symbol exists.

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