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Solar Thermal for hot water & space heating support

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•   Introducing concept of solar heating
•   Solar resource
•   What does a solar hot water system look like?
•   How does it work?
•   Moving beyond solar hot water – space heating support
•   What can you expect from a solar hot water system?
•   Example of a system in operation
•   Effect of tilt & orientation
•   Is your house suitable?
•   Types of solar collector
•   System costs
•   Grants Call 01452 772030 / Free Survey
                 Solar Resource
How much sunshine energy is there?: Average total solar
   irradiation at 30o incline facing due south – kWh/m2

     900 kWh

         1000 kWh

           1100 kWh

          1200 kWh
 1300 kWh Call 01452 772030 / Free Survey
How would a Solar Hot Water system fit into your house?

Solar Collector

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            Sun beats down on        How does it work?
              solar collector
                                                      Solar system reduces
                                                        Boiler work load
                                                          For hot water
                                                         By approx 50%

                               Heat transferred to
                               hot water cylinder

                                                Hot water
Hot water                                         From
 to taps                                         boiler

                                                     Cold flow return

      Cooled water returned
           to collector Call 01452 772030 / Free Survey
           Moving Beyond Solar Hot Water:
               Space Heating Support

                                    Solar Collector

                                                                      Space Heating Circuit:
                                                                       Under Floor Heating

                           Biomass Boiler             Thermal Store

 Solar Combi-system: solar heating system that provides both hot water and
space heating support from a common array of solar thermal collectors, usually
                linked to an auxilliary non-solar heat source.
What can you expect from a solar hot
          water system?
• Provides up to 60% of domestic hot water
  supply in UK conditions
• Space heating support in well insulated
  buildings with low temperature underfloor
• Many different types to suit most applications
  and sites
• Target temperatures range from 25o
  (swimming pool) – 60o + for domestic hot
• Annual average system efficiency: 30 – 50% Call 01452 772030 / Free Survey
                Is your house suitable?
•   Active solar technology now Permitted Development
•   South facing roof: between 135o and 225o Good
•   Between 90o and 270o is ok, but not brilliant
•   Available roof space: approx 4-5m2 for typical family
    sized system
•   Minimal roof shading (particularly in summer)
•   Flat or pitched roof
•   Regular hot water demand – particularly in evening
    (solar heats during daytime)
•   If listed, planning permission required

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    See the effect of the angle & orientation of solar collectors upon annual output:
  How would solar collectors perform on your roof? The ideal location for solar collectors is
the centre of the red shaded area. By locating the position of your roof on the chart, you can
 ascertain how close you are to the optimum position. The black lines delineate percentage
  losses from the optimum position of due south at an angle of between 20 and 50 degrees.

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Types of solar collector: Flat Plate

    Main advantage: can be roof integrated Call 01452 772030 / Free Survey
                   Evacuated Tubes

Main advantage: higher efficiency – more effective on cloudy
 days and in winter when sun is at lower angle in the sky.
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                   System Costs:
               Typically £4,500 - £6000

An example:
• 4 x Evacuated Tube
  collectors (24 tubes)
• 300 litres hot water
• Fully installed
• Approximately £6 - 7K

  Costs dependent upon: size of system (related to size of house
              and number of occupants) and type
     of system (pressurised or vented) and roof accessibility Call 01452 772030 / Free Survey
                   Grants for Solar
• There is currently no government grant for solar
  water heating.
• The Low Carbon Buildings Programme was
  closed in May 2010
• It is proposed that solar water heating will soon
  be supported under the Renewable Heat
  Incentive (RHI)
• For more information about the RHI, visit our
  news page on the website. Call 01452 772030 / Free Survey
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