2 Great Christmas Special Offers

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					    2 Great Christmas Special Offers
                                                                    great christmas giFt
                                                                   FOr a budding swimmer
                                                                         1 x Zoggs Seal Team Sinker, 1 x Super Soaker,
                                                                   1 x Zoggs Little Ripper goggles (various colours available),
                                                                           1 x towel and 3 x FREE Junior Swim Passes
                                                                               all in a Zoggs Swimming Rucksack

                                                                              All for only £19.99

BOOK AND PAY FOR                                                                               Christmas Special Package
                                                                                                       available from

 A BIRTHDAY PARTY                                                                                  our shop at reception
                                                                                                     while stocks last

      and receive 25% OFF
 Offer available frOm 20/12/08 until 04/01/09

 For further details contact: Teviotdale Leisure Centre, Mansfield Road, Hawick
 t: 01450 374440 e: teviotdale@bslt.org.uk w: www.bslt.org.uk
 Borders Sport and Leisure Trust Registered Charity No. SCO34227
    Christmas 2008
POOl timetable                                                                        at teviotdale leisure centre
                                                                                            Mon 22nd Dec 08 - Sun 4th Jan 09
                 mOnday 22nd december                       saturday 27th december                     wednesday 31st december,
                 Lane Swimming   8.15am-9.15am              Lane Swimming    9.00am-10.00am            new year’s eve
                 Aquafit         9.15am-10.00am             Public Swimming  10.00am-4.00pm            Lane Swimming    8.15am-10.00am
                 Public Swimming 10.00am-5.00pm             Flume Session    1.00pm-1.45pm             Aquafit          9.15am-10.00am
                 Flume Session   11.30pm-12noon             Flume Session    2.30pm-3.15pm             50s Plus         10.00am-11.00am
                 Flume Session   1.30pm-2.15pm              Gym Open         9.00am-4.00pm             Public Swimming  11.00am-2.00pm
                 Lane Swimming   5.00pm-7.00pm                                                         Flume Session    11.30am-12noon
                 Public Swimming 7.00pm-8.00pm              sunday 28th december                       Flume Session    1.30pm-2.00pm
                 Ladies Only     8.00pm-9.00pm              Lane Swimming    9.00am-10.00am            Gym Open         8.15am-2.00pm
                 Gym Open        8.15am-9.30pm              Public Swimming  10.00am-4.00pm
                                                            Flume Session    11.00am-11.45am           thursday 1st January, new year’s day
                 tuesday 23rd december                      Flume Session    1.00pm-1.45pm             clOsed
                 Lane Swimming    7.15am-10.00am            Gym Open         9.00am-4.00pm
                 Ladies Only      10.00am-11.00am                                                      friday 2nd January, Public hOliday
                 Public Swimming  11.00am-7.00pm            mOnday 29th december                       clOsed
                 Flume Session    11.30am-12noon            Lane Swimming   8.15am-9.15am
                 Flume Session    1.30pm-2.15pm             Aquafit         9.15am-10.00am             saturday 3rd January
                 Aquafit          7.00pm-8.00pm             Public Swimming 10.00am-5.00pm             Lane Swimming    9.00am-11.00am
                 Lane Swiming     8.00pm-9.00pm             Flume Session   11.30pm-12noon             Public Swimming  10.00am-4.00pm
                 Gym Open         7.15am-9.30pm             Flume Session   1.30pm-2.15pm              Flume Session    1.00pm-1.45pm
                                                            Lane Swimming   5.00pm-7.00pm              Flume Session    2.30pm-3.15pm
                 wednesday 24th december                    Public Swimming 7.00pm-8.00pm              Gym Open         9.00am-4.00pm
                 Lane Swimming   8.15am-10.00am             Ladies Only     8.00pm-9.00pm
                 Aquafit         9.15am-10.00am             Gym Open        8.15am-9.30pm              sunday 4th January
                 50s Plus        10.00am-11.00am                                                       Lane Swimming    9.00am-11.00am
                 Public Swimming 11.00am-2.00pm             tuesday 30th december                      Public Swimming  10.00am-4.00pm
                 Flume Session   11.30am-12noon             Lane Swimming    7.15am-10.00am            Flume Session    11.00am-11.45am
                 Flume Session   1.30pm-2.00pm              Ladies Only      10.00am-11.00am           Flume Session    1.00pm-1.45pm
                 Gym Open        8.15am-2.00pm              Public Swimming  11.00am-7.00pm            Gym Open         9.00am-4.00pm
                                                            Flume Session    11.30am-12noon
                 thursday 25th december,                    Flume Session    1.30pm-2.15pm            Call the centre for more details.
                 christmas day                              Aquafit          7.00pm-8.00pm
                 clOsed                                     Lane Swiming     8.00pm-9.00pm            Tel: 01450 374440
                                                            Gym Open         7.15am-9.30pm
                 friday 26th december, bOxing day                                                     www.bslt.org.uk

                 imPOrtant nOtices:        nO swimming lessons from sunday 21st december 2008 until monday 5th January 2009.
                                           classes are as normal depending on opening times.