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blogger directories list


									Submit blog to blog directories and increase the traffic

This post explains how to increase your blog traffic by submitting your blog to
different kinds of blog directories which rates,provide statistics about your blog
and provide free traffic and maximum exposure to your blog.
Submitting your blog to these directories is a very good thing to do particularly if
your blog is very new one with low traffic.
These blog directories have high pageranks than your blog(since your blog is a
new one with pagerank Zero).So, if someone searches for a particular
keyword,there is more possibility for the blog directory to appear in the results
than yours.So,by adding your blog to these directories,the visitors enters these
directories containing your articles(when they click the article,they enter your site)
and also your blog posts will be indexed little faster.So,submitting your blog to
these directories will gain you more traffic.
(If your blog is a new one,then put a visitors tracker button in your blog,sothat
you will see how many visitors are coming from these directories,from search
engines,visitors geolocation,etc).

Here are a few popular visitor tracker websites:

So,let me come to the main topic...
Before submitting your blog to these blog directories,my personal suggestion is
to create a new email address for this purpose so,your personal emails can't
flooded with the emails from the blog directories administrators,etc.)Creating an
email is free lol....creat one.

Many of these directories asks you to register before submitting blogs.
There are so many hundreds of blog directories,here is the list of very good
popular directories which will send you maximum traffic.


Technorati:Technorati is the largest blog(weblog) directory currently tracking
more than 112.8 million blogs.Join technorati and verify your authorship,then you
will be provided with detailed statistics regarding your blog,how many blogs are
linking to your blog,(they call it 'authority').It is one of the best blog directory and
will send tons of triffic if your blog is regularly updated.
Topblogarea:This is another big blog directory which rates and rank the blogs
interms of Unique visitors your blog gets.They start the counting from Zero every
week, so that even newly submitted blog can have the chance to rank higher in
the list. is another source of weblogs which also rank the blogs
according to the unique hits they get.Nice blog resource,bring you lots of traffic to
your blog.

Blogtoplist:Same here,they rank according to the unique hits you get.But,there is
a little change, they will give you to place a voting button in your blog.If any visitor
votes for your site from your blog,that is equal to 100 unique hits,but there is only
one chance per visitor(one IP address) a day.
Fuelmyblog:This is a cool weblog resource which is different from the ones we
discussed so far.You can vote to other blogs and others vote to you.They will
keep the top six blogs(voted the most) on the homepage.You can join their
forums, read other blogs content,joining in the compitetions and win prizes,etc.

MyBloggingarea:This is a very good weblog directory which ranks the blogs
accoring to the unique visitors they get,brought me so much traffic to my celebrity
blog than all the other blog directories.I recommend this.
BlogCatalog:It is another good blogging resource,you can promote your blog
here for FREE,find other blogs related to yours,etc.They have a special formula
to rank the blogs,the more visitors,hits,comments,neighbourhood you get the
more your rank will be.Another recommended one.You can join their
forums,discussion board,groups,etc with other bloggers and share your thoughts.

BloggingFusion:It is a new one and not a very big one(around 950 blogs) at this
time.But,it is a good one and doing pretty well.You can increase your blog
exposure, worth a link to it.
Bloghop:You can find blogs related to your blog topic here.Have a nice tracking
button and currently having more than 29,000 blogs.

Blogarama:Cool weblog directory currently having more than 69,000 blogs.It will
list the blogs in terms of the score your blog have.The score depends on so
many things like incoming traffic,outgoing traffic,user ratings,etc. and if you send
more traffic to they,they will list your blog in the top 100 blogs.
Topbloglists:Another blog directory which will rank your blog according to the
unique hits your blog will get.

Myblogdirectory:This doesn't list blogs interms of any visitors,etc. All blogs are
listed randomly so,every blog get the same exposure.If you sent more traffic from
your blog to them,your blog will be choosen as a BLOG OF THE DAY which will
be placed on the homepage and your blog will recieve the whole traffic their site
gets on that day. blog resouce which rank accorking to the votes and unique
hits your blog get.

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