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You Do Know- Becky Walsh
Some of you may have clicked on to this and are asking yourself the question “Who is Becky Walsh?” For those of
you that don’t know Becky Walsh, she is a intuitive life coach, a spiritual teacher, she had her own intuitive guidance
radio show in London for a number of years, she does a intuitive stand up comedy show, and she is now a
published author with Hay House.

I met Becky about six years ago in London. I was lost, I had left Australia with a broken heart and after a year of
being in London all I had managed to do was get it even more broken. My time in the UK was starting to run out,
thanks to visa regulations, and I had no clue about what I wanted to do with my life. I only knew I wasn’t ready to go

Becky was working at the College Of Psychic Studies. I immediately felt drawn to her because of her philosophy.
She wasn’t like a psychic that tells you your future. She insisted that we create it ourselves and the decisions we
make are changing it all the time. So instead of telling me what my future was she told me what my soul really had in
mind for me and let me know the obstacles that were in the way of me having clarity.

She said that there was no one set career for me that I was born to be a teacher, writer, business owner, healer, and
motivational speaker. Funnily enough I am almost all of these things today. She encouraged me to keep travelling
and to seek out intense experiences which is what my soul was craving. Thanks to her guidance I ended up
travelling the world as a flight attendant for three years. She told me exactly what I was feeling on a really deep
level. I felt like she connected to me completely and at the time when I was so lonely, there was no greater gift that
someone could give me.

She also encouraged me to develop my intuitive abilities, so I signed up to her psychic development class. It was a
lot of fun. Becky really cared about making each class interesting and different. Instead of doing the same thing over
and over the activities would vary. One week we would all bring in a flower and do intuitive readings for each other
based on which flower we had chosen. Another week we would draw pictures with crayons and then do readings
based on the pictures. I am very grateful for her guidance in those early days of my development (I am also grateful
for the class because it is where I met my husband). She is a marvelous teacher and for those of you who would
like to learn from her, she has written a book called Advanced Psychic Development.

Becky is now a published author with Hay House. Her latest book is called “You Do Know”. It is a book designed
to help people develop their own intuition, but also it is about knowing the difference between fear based intuition
and heart centered intuition. Humans have both types of intuition and it is easy to get the two confused. The intuitive
information we receive through our solar plexus and lower chakras can cause us to have gut reactions to people or
places. These reactions can actually be based on fear programs that are in our subconscious. This is because
these chakras are designed to keep us safe, they are designed to protect us. But by protecting us they may just be
blocking our ability to grow.

We may have a gut reaction towards someone and make the judgment that they are a bad person. The judgement
separates us from them and is designed to keep us safe. But often the thing that we are judging, is something we
have not accepted about ourselves. So if we were to disregard that initial reaction and try to connect to that person
with a open heart, we may just learn something that will allow us to start accepting ourselves more fully.

I agree with Becky’s theory because this is something I have noticed also through the personal development
courses I have done. If there is someone in the class that I have a strong gut reaction to, they are normally the one
who is going to help me to grow the most (when I finally stop avoiding them). I call this kind of reaction “being
triggered”, because that is what the person is doing, triggering the issues you have with yourself.

The other kind of intuition we receive is though the heart chakra and other higher chakras. this kind of intuition guides
us towards expansion, towards having a stronger connection to ourselves and others. It helps us to understand that
we are part of a whole and are one with everything.

So how does one tell the difference between the two types of intuition?

Read Becky Walsh’s book “You Do Know” and f ind out .

“You Do Know” also has a chapter designed to help you find your life purpose so if your feeling lost like I was six
years ago, you might just want to read it.

If you would like t o hear Becky Walsh speak she will be at t he Hay House I Can Do It Fest ival in Oct ober.

Becky no longer t eaches psychic development , she does however t each a number of ot her empowering
workshops and courses. For t hese or a int uit ive appoint ment visit her websit e.

Description: Review of Hayhouse Author Becky Walsh's new book "You Do Know"