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The Trut h About Curses
In my line of work I help free people from a lot of curses. This is
something I really enjoy doing as curses are so restrictive, people
usually feel much lighter and happier when they are free of them.

Curses are a funny thing. For some people the very mention of the word
 can bring up so much terror . It can really activate or encourage a
victim mentality. Discovering that you have been cursed can bring up
feelings of injustice. You may feel like the world is against you. You may
not understand why and feel powerless or very angry. It can all feel very
confusing, and confusion can be scary. My intention with this post is to
help you understand the energy of curses so that hopefully if you are
afraid of them you can let of go of that fear.

There are a couple of different kinds of curses. The first kind is an
ancestral curse. This means that one of your ancestors was cursed and
that this curse was unresolved and has been passed through the genes
to you.

The second kind of curse is one you have attracted yourself either in
this life or another.

What a lot of people tend to struggle with is the concept of free will in
relation to curses.

You can be cursed for a number of reasons. The first is because you
fear it. When we fear something we give it our power. When we lose our
power, we lose our free will, or so it seems. Think if this reality as a
really cool computer game and your higher self as the person playing the computer. Your higher self outside of the
game isn’t scared by the curse or by the game characters casting it. In fact it is probably enjoying the adventure of
finding a way to be free of it. The trick in this case is to trust in your own power, refuse to belief in the power of the
curse. This enable you to be impervious to curses.

*Curses can only hurt you if you believe they can, either consciously or subconsciously.*

The second reason people end up cursed is because some part of them believes they have done something that
deserves punishment. This may not be something that the person consciously believes, but in their subconscious
they will more than likely be holding some sort of guilt. It will either be their own emotion or their ancestors. Forgive
yourself fully and the curse should lift.

Another reason why people take on curses is because the curse serves them in some way. It maybe that the person
has a fear of being responsible for their life, or perhaps a fear of success. Being cursed is a great excuse not
to succeed. When the underling issue is dealt with, the curse will clear.

If you think you are cursed and can’t seem to find a way to resolve it go see a professional. Anyone, if they know
how, can remove curses. Theta Healers can do it in a session and will look at all the reasons you have taken the
curse on. If someone says they are the only person who can remove a curse, they are deluding themselves and
are not working with the highest energy. In this case find someone else to help you.

If anyone has any questions about curses I welcome you to post a comment:)

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