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Never Underest imat e The Power Of Your Words
The words we use are all have so much power. They literally have the power to create and change the world
around us. They can do this in a loving or destructive way depending on which words we use on a regular basis.
This is because of the law of cause and effect. Every action has a reaction. Every thought or word creates a certain
resonance that causes a reaction in our environment.

So how much power are we talking about?

Dr Emoto is a man who has studied the effect of words, music and prayer on water. He has conducted these studies
by looking at water as it freez es under a microscope. Originally he found that clean water produced beautiful
crystals when froz en, but polluted water did not. He then tried a number of other experiments; He played music
around the water before freez ing it he stored water in jars with different words pasted on the them such as ‘love’ or
‘hate’, he said or thought different things around the water and he also had different water samples blessed.

What he discovered was that when loving or caring things were said, thought, pasted on the side of the container,
conveyed in music or prayer, then the water would form the most beautiful crystals. When negative words were
projected on to the water in some way, the froz en water would just look messy and chaotic.

Its pretty amaz ing to think if words have the power to change the quality of water, imagine what we could all do for
this earth and for ourselves if we put our minds to it. Think about the words you use in your daily life. Are they uplifting
or are they holding you back? What words do you use when you are talking about other people? Remember our
blood is 90% water. How are you affecting other people with your words?

If you start to be aware of the words you use, and make a conscious effort to use more uplifting ones, you will be
amaz ed at the changes that start to occur in not only your own life but also in the lives of those around you.
If you wish to see more of the beautiful water crystals by Dr Emoto check out his books


Description: Are you aware of how powerful your words are? Look at Dr Emoto's work, you may be surprised.