Parish Pump for Sept 2013 by davoakey


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E        very year we take the long trip to Cornwall, land of my youth, home of
         my fathers and mothers (I have a lot) which has gone from being a pasty
         infested backwater to Cotswolds on Sea. Instead of being grounded with
carb loaded, greasy indigestion, weighed down by gristle and lard we now sully
forth into the waves buoyantly aided by gluten free chick pea patties and organic
rocket. And where once was coffee made from seaweed dregs, we are now served
freshly ground fair trade espresso, straight from the coffee plantations of,
I tend to get a bit confused, as I bump into more people I know down there,
than I sometimes do up here. It’s a kind of a home from home from home.
This year, highlights included wriggling up to the edge of the crumbly, heather
infused cliff edge with my daughter, lying on our tummies and watching the seals
play (I’ve since seen the footage of the next bit of cliff crumbling away so might
not be doing that again). This was followed by Ludo moaning he had repetitive
strain injury from digging in the sand all day (see also keeping a straight face
when eating stepfathers’ beef casserole, flavoured with so much chilli even he
couldn’t eat it).
When my sister and I were little and we went on holiday, my poor mother and
father had no in car dvd players, iPads, CDs or other electronic au pairs to keep
us quiet. Even the radio didn’t work. We would sit, mournfully in the back seat,
bottoms aching, singing tonelessly from our hymn books. I quite honestly don’t
know how my parents coped with seven hours of ‘Lord of the Dance’
occasionally stifled by pushing a plastic cheese sandwich through our opened
mouths, thus earning a few minutes respite whilst we tried to swallow.
The worst trip I remember was driving to France with my sister’s head strapped
onto my lap. She had eaten too many cherries and was violently ill, and every so
often would turn her head to purple sick into the bowl that was wedged between
my feet. Oh happy days!
I, however, spend my journeys saluting magpies, mooing at cow lorries or hitting
my passenger whenever I see a mini or a yellow car in our new fun roadtime
game called Mini bash. The children taught it me and fervently wish they hadn’t.
They are silent throughout the journey, as if deep in prayer, playing on whatever
gadget still has some power, occasionally yelping when I shriek ‘yellow mini bash
bash moooooo’ or shrugging when I say ‘You’ll have spinal curvature and bad
eyesight if you don’t sit up straight’. I love the summer holidays, and wish they
could go on forever. When the nights start to encroach just that little bit earlier, I
feel so sad that summer is soon to be over for another year.
(Thanks to Chrissie Tinson for her photo of St Christopher’s mosaic)

Dear friends
I heard a story recently, and I cannot vouch for its truth. It was of a woman who
told her husband of a dream she had had in which he gave her a pearl necklace
for Valentine’s Day!! ‘What do you think it means?’ she asked. ‘You’ll know
tonight’ he assured her. That evening he came home with a parcel which she
opened excitedly, to find a book entitled ‘The meaning of dreams’!
We use the word ‘dream’' in at least two senses. In the first place it is used of the
things that we see in our sleep, which sometimes vanish with the dawn, and
sometimes remain vividly in our consciousness. They have been a source of
fascination down the centuries, and the attempt to discover whether they reveal
secrets about the future, or about what is going on in our subconscious has been
the subject of psychiatrist's theories and a host of ‘do it yourself’ interpretations.
It is an area that needs to be ventured on with caution, as there are countless
cranks in the field.
At the same time, the biblical record speaks of those to whom God has spoken
in dreams.
The most familiar are probably the stories of the Joseph in the Old Testament
with his coat of many colours and the Joseph in the Christmas story who was
betrothed to Mary.
But the other use of the word ‘dream’ is to describe the seeing of what is possible
in a situation that is unjust or wrong. It was in this sense that Martin Luther King
gave his stirring address at the Lincoln Memorial ‘I have a dream that one day
this nation will rise up and live out the true nature of its creed....I have a dream
that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be
judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character’.
It is my hope prayer, as we move into the autumn period, that we will begin to
dream of what might be possible in our lives and communities, and in our
country as a whole. I dream of people breaking free of the paralysing cynicism
that so often dominates our contemporary culture, so that once again we may
acknowledge the wonder of God’s presence shedding a liberating light on the
human condition; that we get our priorities right so that money is seen as a
means of blessing not just providing for ourselves; that we challenge evil with
good, that we respond to hurt with forgiveness and hate with love.
Abraham Lincoln once said ‘I can see how it might be possible for a man to look
down upon the earth and be an atheist, but I cannot conceive how a man could
look up into the heavens and say there is no God.’
How encouraging it will be if we can all learn to look up to the heavens and learn
to dream of what might be possible in our world here on earth.
Harry Macinnes

1st September Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity
10.30am   Holwell              Benefice Communion Service      Rev MacInnes/Rev
4.00pm    Bradwell Village   Church@4                          Rev Ross/ Spence/
          Hall                                                 MacInnes
6.00pm B Poggs               Benefice Evensong                 Rev Spence
8th September Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity
9.00am     Alvescot          Holy Communion                    Rev Lloyd
9.00am     Broadwell         Holy Communion                    Rev MacInnes
9.00am     Westwell          Holy Communion                    Rev McGrath
10.30am    Filkins           Parish Communion                  Rev Lloyd
10.30am    Shilton           Parish Communion/Children’s       Rev McGrath/Rev
                             Church                            Spence
11.00am    Little Faringdon  Family Communion and              Rev MacInnes
6.00pm     BBourton          Evensong                          Rev Spence
6.00pm     Kencot            Evensong                          Rev MacInnes
15th September Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity
9.00am     Black Bourton     Holy Communion                    Rev McGrath
10.30am    Holwell           Harvest Festival                  Rev McGrath
10.30am    Kelmscott         Family Communion                  Rev MacInnes
10.30am    Langford          Harvest Festival/Family Service   Rev Spence
6.00pm     BPoggs            Evensong                          Mr Jeremy Lane
6.00pm     Westwell          Harvest Festival/Evensong         Rev Spence
22nd September Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity
9.00am     Kencot            Holy Communion                    Rev Kettle
9.00am     Shilton           Holy Communion                    Rev MacInnes
10.30am    Alvescot          Parish Communion                  Rev MacInnes
10.30am    Broadwell         Matins                            Rev Lloyd
10.30am    Filkins           Harvest Festival/Family Service   Rev Spence
11.00am    Lt Faringdon      Matins                            Rev Kettle
6.00pm     Holwell           Evensong                          Rev Spence
6.00pm     Langford          Evensong                          Rev MacInnes
29th September Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity
9.00am     Langford          Holy Communion                    Rev Johnson
10.30am    Shilton           Parish Communion                  Rev Johnson
10.30am    Alvescot          Family Service                    Rev Spence
6.00pm     Kencot            Harvest Festival                  Rev Spence
6th October Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity
11.30am    Broadwell           Harvest Festival                Rev MacInnes
11.30am    Shilton             Harvest Festival                Rev Spence
4.00pm     Bradwell Hall       Church@4                        Rev Ross/ Spence

Wed 11th Sept   10.00am    Black Bourton/Holy Communion          Rev MacInnes
Wed 25th Sept   10.00am    Black Bourton/Holy Communion          Rev Johnson
COTSWOLD HOME (Residents Only)
Wed 11th Sept        11.30am        Holy Communion               Rev MacInnes
Wed 25th Sept        11.30am        Matins                       Rev Spence
1st September (Green) Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity
Jeremiah 2.4-13       Psalm 81.1, 10-16    Hebrews 13.1-8, 15-16      Luke 14.1, 7-14
8th September (Green) Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity
Jeremiah 18.1-11     Psalm 139.1-5, 12-18 Philemon 1-21               Luke 14.25-33
15th September (Green) Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity
Jeremiah 4.11-12, 22- Psalm 14           1 Timothy 1.12-17            Luke 15.1-10
22nd September (Green) Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity
Jeremiah 8.18 - 9.1  Psalm 79.1-9         1 Timothy 2.1-7             Luke 16.1-13
29th September (Green) Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity
Jeremiah 32.1-3a, 6-15 Psalm 91.1-6, 14-16 1 Timothy 6.6-19           Luke 16.19-31
6th October (Green) Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity
Lamentations 1.1-6     Psalm 137              2 Timothy 1.1-14        Luke 17.5-10
Living Faithfully
The Bishop of Oxford, John Pritchard, has written a very practical book on
Christian discipleship: ‘Living Faithfully, Following Christ in Everyday Life’.
This autumn we are exploring some of the issues he raises in his book:
       September 24th                        Facing God
       October 8th                           Facing Myself
       October 22nd                          Facing the World (1)
       November 5th                          Facing the World (2)
       November 19th                         Facing Others
       December 3rd                          Facing the Future
Our meetings are on Tuesday afternoons, from 2.30pm to 4.00pm, at 11 Oakey
Close, Alvescot. (Please note the slightly later times, for more details call 01993
846169. You are welcome to any or all of them: I look forward to seeing you!
Liz Johnson

I enjoy all the seasons but I do particularly like early
autumn when there are blackberries to pick, the
fields are briefly golden with stubble before they are
ploughed, and there is a freshness in the air which is
often lacking in the humidity of summer days. I
especially enjoy Harvest Festival at the end of
September; the smell after the Chapel is decorated
with chrysanthemums and vegetables and bread. Above all of course it’s a
wonderful opportunity to thank God for His provision, and the farmers for all
their hard work. We’ve got half an allotment and even that small patch needs so
much effort to produce anything, yet even with all our work unless God causes it
all to grow then we are wasting our time. So I thank God for the harvest and for
His faithfulness to us for another year.
September 1st                 Informal
September 8th                 Vili Tava
September 15th                Bob Hazell
September 22nd                Richard Bloomfield
September 29th                David Earl                 HARVEST FESTIVAL
All of our services are at 6.00pm and visitors would be very welcome particularly
to our Harvest Festival on the 29th and at the sale of produce the following day.
Our first Soup Day of the season will be on Wednesday 2 nd October at the usual
time of 12- 1.30pm. I can’t believe it’s that time of year again!
Elizabeth Harfield

O        ur next meeting will be on Wednesday 4th September at 3.00pm. We will
         be meeting at the home of Mrs Shiela Moona in Lechlade. Transport is
         available. All are welcome.

T      here will a service at 3.00pm every Sunday in the Methodist Church.
       Barbara Edwards


T     he Benefice website contains the most up to date information on services,
      contact details and news and events across our ‘12 Churches’. It also has
      forms for baptisms and weddings, and information on memorials in our
church yards as well as links to other useful sites.

The 15 villages that make up the 11 parishes in the Shill &
Broadshire Benefice are lively places. Every month there are
dozens of events organized by the many local organizations that
flourish here.
We are pleased to report on every event that has happened, and
to publicise all those that are to come.
We try to incorporate all the many contributions we receive, but
please accept that we can not always advertise your particular
event in the way you would like.
But please do keep sending us all your Village News.

                 St Peter’s

Over the last few months I have been working with the Parish Council and other
organisations in the village to produce a welcome pack which we aim to give to
newcomers as they move into the village. The pack comprises a folder with
sheets giving all sorts of local information, ranging from village hall activities to
refuse collections, and the idea is to keep it regularly updated. If you are aware of
people moving in, if you would like to add some information to the pack, or if
you would like a copy for yourself, please let me know. Thank you.
Liz Johnson 01993 846169
We will be holding a Quiz on Saturday 5th October at 7.30pm in the Village Hall
in aid of Village Hall Funds. Tickets £8.00 (including supper) on 01993 842135
Terry Morris
This is on Saturday 7th September, for more details ring Wendy on 01993 841459
This term the children in Class 2 were set a challenge by
Reverend Johnson. Reverend Johnson visited the Class
and told them the Parable of the Talents. She then gave
the class £10.00 and challenged them to put their money to work to raise money
towards the development of St Peter’s Church. The children organised a

sponsored run and spent their £10.00 on ice-lollies to encourage everyone to
complete the course. They made a sponsor form and wrote letters to parents
explaining the scheme. On a very hot day all the children completed the course
on the Village Playing Field and raised an incredible total of £500! Reverend
Johnson joined the final assembly of the school year at which the children
proudly presented her with the money raised. At the Harvest Festival Service at t
Peter’s Church in October, the results of everyone’s efforts in the Talents
Scheme will be celebrated.
This year, the Year 2 children enjoyed a wonderful morning on The Ridgeway,
walking up to Wayland’s Smithy and then travelled to The Court Hill Centre
where they stayed the night. This was enormously exciting for the children and a
wonderful opportunity to celebrate the friendships that they have forged during
their time at St Peter’s. This is what the children said about the visit:
‘First we went to White Horse Hill. It was a scorching hot day so we all had to
have suncream on and wear our hats. We walked along The Ridgeway to
Wayland’s Smithy. On the way we hid in the ditches and jumped out at the
teachers and scared them. It was really funny! When we got to Wayland’s Smithy,
we went under the rocks, into the dungeon. Some people put coins in the cracks
in the rocks to get a new horseshoe from the blacksmith for their horse. We were
really hungry so we had some crumpets and fruit bread for tea. It was delicious!
We sang songs around the campfire. We watched the sun go down and then we
had hot chocolate. Then we went inside and got our pyjamas on and Mrs King
read us a bedtime story. In the morning we all got up very early, except for Jamie!
We all had a brilliant time and we were really sad to leave. We wanted to stay for
a week!’
On a glorious summer’s evening many of our families came together for the
annual family barbecue. This year we celebrated the contribution that Mrs Savage
had made to the school as Chair of Governors over the past 14 years and
presented her with a gift. It was a lovely evening with wonderful food and a great
atmosphere. Many thanks to everyone who contributed and supported this event
and to ‘Simon Says Magic’ who provided wonderful entertainment for the
Sam King
A Car Boot Sale will be held in Gassons Field, Alvescot on Saturday 21 st
September 10.00am - 3.00pm by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Johnson. If you
book a pitch and pay in advance it will be £10.00, otherwise if you come on the
day it will be £15.00, proceeds to Cancer Research. Refreshments will be
available. If you are interested please contact Terry Morris on 01993 842135 or
me on 01993 844124
Doreen Hart

I am holding Coffee Morning with a Bring and Buy Sale and Book Swap table
(just bring any good books and swap for others). The date is Saturday 5th
October from 10.00 am to 12 noon at Walnut Cottage, Lower End, Alvescot -
01993 843593 in aid of St Peter’s Church Restoration Fund. All welcome.
Janet Gervers

               BLACK BOURTON
                 St Mary’s
Our next meeting will be in St Mary’s Church on Wednesday 25 th September at
7.30pm. We will be pleased to see you.
Calling all cyclists, walkers and horse riders. Saturday 14 th September is the day
you could raise money for our lovely St Mary’s Church and the Oxfordhsire
Historic Churches Trust by visiting Churches in this area. If you are interested
please contact me for a sponsor form or if you would like to sit at the Church for
a while and welcome the visitors it would be greatly appreciated. Call me on
01993 844124 for more details.
Gassons Field, Alvescot on Saturday 21st September 10.00am - 3.00pm by kind
permission of Mr and Mrs Johnson. If you book a pitch and pay in advance it
will be £10.00, otherwise if you come on the day it will be £15.00, proceeds to
Cancer Research. Refreshments will be available. If you are interested please
contact Terry Morris on 01993 842135 or me on 01993 844124
Doreen Hart

                 St Peter & St Paul’s
August 25th, September 1st        June Goodenough
September 8th, 15th, 22nd         Kristina Wordie
September 29th                    Robina Lockyer

(at time of writing still don’t know whether it will be Sept 29 th or Oct 6th)
Following on from my idea in last month’s Pump, I have found where the
Foodbank is in Witney. It is in the Elim Chapel, West End , Witney. They have a
website You can find out what they need there.
I intend to decorate the pulpit with tinned foods, and hope that others will do the
same. And will take anything to Witney the next day. They do hope to have a
foodbank in Carterton by Christmas, as there is a real need for this here too. I
have heard that the Langford school also does this sort of thing.
Hope everyone has remembered--------book your place at Village Harvest Lunch,
October 6th. Need to do this by September 15th, so numbers will be known.
Should be the usual cheerful get-together, so don't forget !
June Goodenough

          no news this month

             St Peter’s

‘of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine’
Well, aren’t we the lucky ones? For it’s our own gin joint at the Village Hall, and
she is the great Nikki Livermore, ex -Filkins resident and doyen of the
shimmering trade. Yes folks, she’s back, the Bestest Belly Dancer in the West
returns to Filkins for one night only. And not just Nikki herself to quiver for our
delight, but with drumming by John Sleiman, her Middle Eastern percussionist.
There is an authentic Moroccan supper, and a chance to join in. All for £12.00
plus a pay bar to wash the evening nicely along.Put the date in your diaries now...
Saturday, 21st September.Get your tickets (£12.00) from Cotswold Woollen
Weavers, Filkins Village Shop or Filkins Post Office.
Julia Neame

Filkins Theatre will again be presenting an original Christmas Show on 28 th, 29th
and 30th November in Filkins Village Hall. Auditions / general get together for all
those interested in taking part, on or off stage, will be held at the Hall on Sunday
15th September, time to be confirmed (ring meon 01367 860129 for details). We
are particularly keen to hear from people who can help with the sound and/or
music for the show. Experience helpful but enthusiasm more important, if you’ve
not been involved before it’s great fun, give it a try !
Alan Heath
Are you setting up home? Or else going away to college? Or running a
local community group? If so, Filkins Village Hall Committee has 45
place settings of crockery to give away free to good homes. Each setting consists
of a two sizes of plate, a bowl, a cup and a saucer (sorry, no cutlery).
Available individually or in sets of six. Please contact the Hall Secretary Charlie
Payne on 01367 860529 or email
Covering the villages of Filkins, Broughton Poggs, Langford, Little Faringdon,
Kencot and Broadwell (All telephone codes 01367)
Tuesdays                                       Thursdays
3rdSept         Mrs G Cox          860250      5th Sept      Mr W Cox          860250
10th Sept       Mr J Langer        860700      12th Sept     Mr C Morley       860777
17th Sept       Mr B Swales        860394      19th Sept     Mrs K Morley      860777
24th Sept       Mrs J Geake        860534       26th Sept    Mr J Langer       860700*
* Denotes change.
Charges: Surgery Runs: Carterton, Lechlade and Burford - £2.50, Fairford and
Witney - £5.50 Hospital Runs: Cirencester and Swindon - £9.00, Cheltenham and
Oxford - £11.00 (plus parking charge if paid)
Patients should notify the nominated driver at least 24 hours in advance of their
appointment. The Surgery Service only covers appointments up to 4.00 pm on
Tuesdays and Thursdays. All users of the service must be able to make their way
to and from the car unaided. For hospital runs please contact me on 01367
860319. Otherwise contact Mrs Anne Dossett-Davies 01367
Tony Woodford
Children attending this summer’s Holiday Club enjoyed a variety of topics,
including fun at the seaside, with camping and barbecues, a pirate tea party,
popcorn and PJ party, a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory week with chocolate
facials, and a treasure hunt for that all-important golden ticket, various local

outings and a week of sports to finish off the holidays. Sessions were extremely
well attended; do start planning ahead if you are interested in childcare for
October half-term.
We welcome 15 new children to
nursery this term. Our new method
of planning for ‘right here, right
now’ is proving to be a great
success, allowing us to be
completely flexible and develop the
children’s daily interests This term,
French will take place on
Wednesday mornings weekly,
Saltbox music will be Tuesday
afternoon, and Tatty Bumpkin yoga
will be Thursday afternoon, the
latter two being fortnightly. We are
also looking forward to starting our Forest School sessions this term.
Half-term: Monday 28th October-Friday 1st November. Holiday Club will run as
normal for this week.
Louise Jenkins
Telephone: 01367 860620 Opening hours
Day           Morning                 Afternoon
Monday        9.00am to 12.30pm        1.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday       8.30am to 12.30pm        Closed
Wednesday     Closed                   Closed
Thursday      9.00am to 12.30pm        Closed
Friday        Closed                   1.30pm to 4.30pm

Monday                         3.00-6.00pm
Tuesday                        3.00-6.00pm
Wednesday                      3.00-6.00pm
Thursday                       3.00-6.00pm
Friday                         3.00-6.00pm
Saturday                       3.00-6.00pm
Sunday                         3.00-5.00pm

                   St Mary’s
                   September brings us two important Services, on the 1st of the
                   month the Rector will be here to celebrate the Benefice
                   Communion at 10.30am and we hope you may get this copy of
the ‘Pump’ in time to join us. It is always a pleasure for our small community to
welcome friends from the far flung outer reaches of the Benefice so, if you can’t
come then, why not come to our Harvest Festival on September 15th at 10.30
which will be taken by the Rev Dr Alister McGrath?
As people return from their holidays, the thoughts of some are turning towards
the Ride and Stride and Pedal, on Saturday 14th, Team Holwell will be taking to
the tarmac and at least one member has even been on a training sprint.More
participants to help raise money for the Oxfordshire Churches’ Preservation
Trust most welcome!
Corinna Rock

                      St George’s

Church Brass and Flowers Millie Mitchell
Our weekly craft fairs and exhibition finish on the 25 th
September so if you’ve not yet called in, please do so! The
hall is open every Wednesday from 12 noon until 5.00pm
and parking and entry are free. The exhibition provides a
factual account of the history of the hall, revealing the story
behind this beautiful Grade II listed Arts & Crafts building.
The craft fair provides an opportunity to purchase beautiful
handmade items by local crafters (all purchases cash or cheque only please). We
have a wide range of crafts and also offer craft demonstrations, (subject to
change and availability of crafters) including spinning, glass design, woodworking
or jewellery making. Both the fair and the exhibition support the hall, a registered
charity. If you need any further information, please visit our village website, or telephone me on 01367 253103.
Laura Roberts

                     St George’s

31st Aug & 7th Sept Janette Paine         14th & 21st Sep Lizzie Snow
28th September Harvest Festival all invited to help decorate the church
The Harvest Festival will take place on Sunday 29 th September 6.00pm. If you
have any flowers, fruit, vegetables or preserves they would be most welcome.
Please bring them to the church on Saturday 28th September when the church
will be decorated. All are very welcome to the service after which the produce
will be auctioned accompanied by wine and nibbles. Proceeds from the auction
will be for church funds. The collection will go to PACT (Parents and Children
Together), a Diocese charity.
The churchyard was already looking tidy due to those who regularly mow and
keep it generally tidy. Despite this we still found plenty to do. Thank you to the
13 people who turned up to tidy the churchyard.
Gill Cox
The annual ride and stride, in aid of Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust
‘OHCT’, will take place on Saturday 14th September between 10.00am and
6.00pm.You can join in this event by cycling, walking or horse riding from
church to church. For further information contact me on 01367 860223
We also need volunteers to do stints of sitting in the church to sign in
participants. For further information contact Gill 01367 860250.
Jonathan Fyson
A big thank you to the committee who organised the first Village Day on 10 th
August. It was a very enjoyable event with produce and cake competitions, dog
show, barbeque, live music, pony rides and rounders. There will be a full write up
in the October Parish Pump.
Gill Cox

                 St Matthew’s
Sept 1st         Mrs S Kirby
Sept 8th & 15th Mrs. C. Tinson
Sept 22nd & 29th Mrs. C. Johnston
The 27th Sponsored Ride and Stride is taking place on Saturday 14 th September,
from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. All that is required is to cycle, walk or ride to our
local churches. All the proceeds from sponsorship are used to support our
ancient Parish Churches, half going to the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust
and half to St. Matthew’s.
You may have noticed that the speed warning light sign at the entrance to the
village on the Filkins Road is now operating. The council considers that the next
priority for installing a speed warning light sign should be on the Grafton Road
entrance to the village. We would welcome any thoughts on where the sign might
best be located. If the signs are judged to be effective and further funding is then
available we can look at whether signs on the other two entrance roads would be
a good idea.
Two pieces of disappointing news on the WODC and OCC strategic plans
In their recently completed draft plan West Oxfordshire District Council had
decided against the Carterton West housing development. However, WODC
have decided not to submit their plan as they have been advised that they have
underestimated the number of new houses required in our area. This means that
Carterton West may come back into consideration in any new WODC plan.
Oxfordshire County Council’s recently drawn up strategic plan had focused new
gravel extraction in areas of existing gravel sites, and away from Langford and
nearby parishes. However, OCC has been told that in drawing up its plan it had
failed to consult properly with surrounding councils. Thus it will need to start the
strategic planning plan process afresh. Our hope is that this will not mean a
change in thinking on areas for new gravel extraction. We should know more
about the timescale for the process in February.
Meanwhile the council will keep a watching brief on both these issues, and will
once again express our views forcefully when we have the opportunity.

The development of the playground is now complete, and we hope that it will
prove a lasting asset to the village.
We do need to make sure that the equipment is looked after and properly
maintained. So if you notice anything that you think might require attention so
please let the Parish Council know.
Richard Kemp
Tuesday 3rd September. We start at 7.30pm; however if you would like some
tuition please arrive a little earlier than this. You do not require a partner, but are
very welcome to come with one. The entrance fee of £1.00 includes tea and
biscuits at half time. Everyone is welcome. All profits to Langford Village Hall. If
you need any more information please ring me on (01993) 852378
Jo Hutchings
 Sheila, Christine and Stephen would like to thank everyone who attended Clive’s
funeral, also for all the cards and letters; this was a great comfort to us.
Christine Tinson

                    LITTLE FARINGDON
                    St Margaret’s

September Sophie Cole                       October       Barbara Browne
Please note that our usual second Sunday service (8th September) will be a
combined communion and Baptism service. The service on 22 nd September will,
therefore, be Matins.
The annual Ride and Stride fund-raising event to support the Oxfordshire
Historic Churches Trust draws nigh. It will take place on Saturday 14 th
September. It would be lovely to have a number of people from the village
supporting this worthwhile charity. St Margaret’s Church will receive back half
the total raised in Little Faringdon. Please get sponsorship forms and other
details from Jeremy Taylor. It would also be most helpful if one or two people
could act as welcomers to the church on that day. Again, please let Jeremy know
if you are prepared to help.

This year’s Guy Fawkes Party will take place on
Friday 1st November in the paddock opposite the
church. Gates open at 6.45 pm when the bonfire will
be lit. The fireworks start at 7.45 pm. There will be
food and drink galore to suit young and old. Proceeds
will be divided between Helen & Douglas House
Hospice, St Christopher’s School in Langford, and St
Margaret’s Church. Do put this date in your diary and
spread the word. A fun evening is guaranteed!
Further details will be published next month.
Jeremy Taylor

            Holy Rood

Absolutely nothing to report this month as far as the Old School committee is
concerned. In fact we’ve been so remiss we didn’t even get round to organising
the annual village barbeque, sorry, we’ll try harder next year. I think the heatwave
must have caused this total lethargy. Well, that’s my excuse and I’ll stick to it for
the time being, until I can think of a better one.
Shirley Cuthbertson
Just another little reminder that the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust Ride
and Stride day is on Saturday 14th September. It’s a great day out around our
beautiful villages of the Benefice (or further afield if you wish) and as always you
can cycle, walk or ride a horse for the event. You can choose your own route and
cycle, walk or ride for as long as you wish. If you don’t want to Ride or Stride
you can always help by sitting at the church for a while welcoming cyclists and
walkers. Welcomers now have their own sponsor form and so can help collect
money for the Trust and for a church of their own choice. If you would like to sit
at the church for an hour please do give me a ring.
Sponsor forms are in the church porch or I am happy to deliver to anyone. My
number is 01993 841194. Look forward to hearing from you!
Our annual coffee morning will be held again in the Old School in Church Lane
here in Shilton on Saturday 2nd November. More details will appear in next
month’s Pump but in the meantime do make a note of the date in your diaries.

Oh dear its rather depressing to think that this glorious summer will not go on
and on and autumn will be here soon (perhaps the autumn will be just as
glorious) which means we must make arrangements to give thanks for the harvest
of crops, fruit and vegetables. So our Harvest Festival Service has been arranged
for 6th October at 11.30 am and following the service we will have our usual
lunch in the Old School. A village newsletter will be put together at the end of
August/early September giving details of the lunch and as always space is limited
and so to avoid disappointment please do make sure you book early! Our
collection at the Service and any profit from the lunch will go to RABI (Royal
Agricultural Benevolent Institution).
Please try to come to both but if you are not able to do that you are very
welcome to attend the Service or the Lunch. If you have any flowers, greenery,
fruit, vegetables, or would like to help decorate the church please do get in touch.
I’ve also come across one or two other churches asking for tinned food,
preserves, chutneys and these could go to a local food bank. I feel this is a jolly
good idea so if you would like to contribute in this way please do. I know of the
North Cotswold Food Bank but will make enquiries as to whether there is a
more local one. My telephone number is 01993 841194.
Jean Roberts
Its time for our annual churchyard tidy up and this has been planned for Saturday
12th October starting at 10 am. If you can spare some time to help maintain the
grounds of our beautiful church you will be warmly welcomed so do please come
along bringing with you secateurs, cutting tools and garden implements. Please
let me know on 01993 841194 or, of course, alternatively, just turn up! Look
forward to seeing you there!
David Roberts
The Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust Ride and Stride is on Saturday 14 th
September and as always you can cycle, walk or ride a horse for the event. It’s
such a good day as you can choose which churches you visit and also how long
you wish to cycle, walk or ride. If you don’t wish to Ride or Stride you can
always help by sitting at the church for a while welcoming cyclists or walkers.
Welcomers now have their own sponsor form and so can help collect money for
the Trust and for a church of their own choice. If you would like to help in this
way do please give me a ring.
The sponsor forms have arrived so please contact me on 01993 841194 if you
have any queries. I will also put a few forms in the church porch.
Jean Roberts

Wednesday 25th Sept         Shilton
Wednesday 4th Dec           Shilton
All meetings start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Meetings at Bradwell Village
take place in the Dining Room. More details on 01993 840825
Katherine Robertson
Just a reminder. Our new session begins on Friday 13th September at 7.30 pm. in
the Old School when Andrew Long and Martin Bowley will talk about the
History of Chimney. For new members this would be a good time to join, but of
course visitors are always welcome.
 Fred Robertson
July 11th saw the AGM of the resident association, the meeting was very well
attended. Tony Cripps was reelected as chairman for another year. In his annual
report Mr Cripps thanked everyone for they support over a busy year but made
the point that it would be good to see more people from Bradwell making more
use of the wonderful village hall. Concluding the chairman paid a special tribute
to two long standing committee members who have decided to step down.
Stephen & Jane Price have been the very back bone of Bradwell for many years
adding an argument could be made that without their hard work the association
would have folded.
Other business discussed was the setting up of a Boules Piste also looking again
at the possibility of a Childrens Play Area.The meeting closed at 8.25pm.
 Diary Date
 Saturday 28th September a special coffee morning in support of The MacMillan
Cancer Trust with Tea Coffee and Bacon Rolls being served. Starting at 11am in
the village hall.
Tony Cripps
Do you have young children aged between 0-
5years old? Why not come along to our baby and
toddler group? Weekly craft activity, songtime,
playtime and refreshments included in the £1.50
per family contribution. Come along to the
village hall for a free taster session, you and your
children would be very welcome. Mondays 9.30-11.30am. For more details,
please contact me on 01367 860890 or Lorraine Ainslie on 01993 822689
Miranda Mowbray

                 St Mary’s

There was great drama in Westwell on July 11th as a crop fire raged in the corn
field just behind Mitford cottages. Large plumes of smoke could be seen as far
away as Stow on the Wold, (from where the Westwell correspondent first spotted
them on return from his summer holidays.) Closer to the action it was fortunate
that Moray spotted the problem and promptly called the fire brigade. The smoke
was very thick, the noise of the fire extremely loud and the flames very close to
the nearby woods.. The firemen were on the scene quickly and in the main, used
beaters to control the fire. A trench was then ploughed around the field
perimeter once it was safe enough. At its peak, there were six fire engines in the
lane, an ambulance and two fire chiefs, but fortunately no injuries.The problem
was apparently caused by the filter on the combine harvester blocking and over
heating, but remarkably the combine was up and running again in a matter of
hours, the field will take a little longer to recover.
Rather less dramatically Pam C-M and Miles G again represented Colston LTC in
a mixed tennis match against Wantage. The Westell pair were victorious in all
their 3 matches but unfortunately the other Colston pairs did not fair so well.
The narrow loss was, however, soon forgotten during a convivial gathering in the
Wantage club house afterwards.
Miles Gibson
The last pudding club was kindly hosted
by Moray and Manal at No. 2 Mitford
Cottages. As there were slightly less
attendees than usual, it was decided to
have only 2 puds, without any scoring,
just a sort of get together with pud and
wine really! It was also the eve of Andy
Murray's semi final at Wimbledon, which
Moray kindly put on, so the evening
ended with us all in the snug willing
Andy on. The next pud club is 6th
September and is being hosted by Pam.
Lynne Chard.

A look at events and news from a little further afield.

               NEWS FROM BURFORD
Thursday    19th September 4.30 - 7.00pm
Potential students and families are welcome to attend and meet members of staff
and students who make our school so popular and successful. We offer an
excellent range of GCSEs, AS and A2 levels and a wide range of extracurricular
and social activities. If you are unable to come on this day, call 01993 823303 or
email for further details.
On 11th July the Design & Technology held their 9th annual exhibition featuring
work by GCSE and A’Level students. We were pleased to welcome back
Jonathan Eddolls who is now a Race Engineer for Valteri Botta of Williams
Formula 1 Team and is the voice Valteri hears as he drives.
The week started with a visit from the Globe Theatre who ran a workshop for
the cast of The Canterbury Tales. The pupils carried out warm-up exercises,
voice projection and status games to get them ready for a punishing week of
rehearsals, followed by seven performances on Friday, a play in a week!
There was also a very special guest lecturer: Robert Hardy. He kindly gave up his
Wednesday afternoon to come and talk in the school library to the pupils, about
the history and importance of the longbow. Mr Hardy is an expert in this field,
and it was fascinating to hear him discuss the power of both the weapon and the
men behind it. He also added some real relish to the lecture, with facts about the
young Henry V and the salvaging of the longbows from the Mary Rose. The
children were particularly fascinated by the discovery of the archers (now
skeletons) still clutching their bows in death.
The climax of the week was the performance of The Canterbury Tales and a
jousting tournament from The Knights of Arkley. The performers had a busy
schedule, but all the players worked hard under the direction of Gary Nielsen
(Head of Drama) and her team. The three tales performed were: The Wife of
Bath’s, The Pardoner’s and The Knight’s. The Knights of Arkley were an
inspiration. The knights sweltered in the shimmering heat as they charged at each
other in the school playing fields. Needless to say, it was Sir Richard of Burford
who won, beating the malevolent French knight into submission with his mace.
The week was enjoyed by all
Mary Alcock

The summer months have been good in the Shill
Villages and crime remains very low. There has
been some reports of Anti Social behaviour around the swimming pool in Filkins
with the warm weather. Remember to check the levels on your heating oil tanks
and continue to be vigilant with house security, keep windows doors and sheds
locked when you go out. Most crime is opportunistic so take away the easy crime
by simple home security. Thames Valley are actively using the Crime Alert
scheme in West Oxfordshire many of you have already signed up. To be involved
in reducing crime look at the below link( or contact
your neighbourhood team to discuss. Community vigilance remains a high
priority so keep an eye on your neighbour’s properties, and if you see anything
suspicious such as vehicles or people hanging around please report it on the
numbers below. In an emergency always call 999
PCSO Colin Davies
We are looking for volunteers to attend our next training course to become an
advocate for Oxfordshire Advocacy. It is an independent, confidential free
service that supports adults living in Oxfordshire people to get their voice heard
and their wishes taken into account.
Our volunteer advocates work with people who need support in a meeting,
writing a letter or making a complaint, or making sure that correct procedures are
followed. Recently we have provided advocates for
• A man with severe depression to attend a medical assessment to check his
eligibility for benefits
• The wife of a man with dementia who is struggling to access enough support so
that she can continue to look after him at home
Our next training course for new volunteers is in Banbury on 14 th 15th and 22nd
November and Oxford on 3rd 4th and 11th October. If you would like to find out
more please contact us on:Tel: 01865 741200, email:,
or look at our website on
Lechlade Gardening Club are putting on their 8th Flower and Produce Show on
Saturday 7th September in the Lechlade Memorial Hall. Schedules from Lechlade
Newsagents, Moore Allen and Innocent Estate Agents or, if you are a techno
freak, why not go to our website on where the full
schedule is shown. We hope you will encourage your children to enter, especially
the Allcourt photographic cup and there are challenges for men and women alike
Tim Yeoman

                                        West Ox Arts Gallery in
                                        association with Carnival
                                        Films, presents a costume
                                        exhibition featuring 10 of
                                        the costumes used in the
                                        filming of Series 3, and artwork by Pip
                                        Shuckburgh and Esther Hepworth. From
                                        2.00pm Saturday 31st August to Sunday
                                        29th September Adult admission £5.00
                                        (Children 12 years and under £3.00)
                                        Children must be accompanied by an
Due to the popularity of Downton Abbey, the outdoor filming of which takes
place in Bampton, entry will be by timed tickets only See website for details of
our opening times
High Street Methodist Church, Witney from 12.30 - 1.30pm on a Thursday.
Come and sit for as long as you like, entrance free.
Thursday September 12th, Schumann and Britten Archie Bott (tenor), Annabel
Molyneaux (mezzo) and Peter Cowdrey (piano)
Thursday September 26th, Bedtime Stories and Dreams Bronwen Mills, Annabel
Molyneaux (mezzo) and Peter Cowdrey (piano)
Thurs October 31st St James Singers, 10-man ‘a cappella’ choir Paul Molyneaux
Thursday November 28th, Celtic music with Liz Cowdrey (violin), Jub (double
bass), Annabel Molyneaux (mezzo) and Peter Cowdrey (piano). Please ring 01367
860 056 for further details
Once again Alvescot Church is running a Vintage Stall at the local Ploughing
Match, which this year is being held on Saturday 28th September on the Great
Barrington Estate near Burford. All the profit made on the day will be donated
towards the ongoing heating refurbishment in what must surely be the coldest
church in the benefice - how we look forward to a warm building!
If you are able to donate any items, such as jewellery, books, ceramics, small
tools, badges, jigsaws, glass etc we would much appreciate it. I am willing to
collect items from now onwards so please either ring me on 01993 843650 or
email in the first instance
Gwen Bamford

The first of six Lenthall concerts for the September 2013 to March 2014 season
takes place at 7.30pm on September 25th at Burford School, with a welcome
return of the Turkish pianist, Deniz Gelenbe, who joins Michael Bochmann
(violin) and the Bochmann Quartet’s cellist, Peter Adams, to play three classic
piano trios by Haydn, Beethoven and Dvorak.
A subscription for all 6 concerts costs £50 (transferable to someone else if you
cannot attend) from where details of all concerts
can also be found. Tickets for individual concerts are available at the door (£14)
or in advance (£12) from Madhatter Bookshop, Burford, 01993 822539, from
Music Stand, Witney, 01993 774890 or from Lenthall Concerts 01993 824949.
Martin Pippard
Every year the first week in October is designated ‘Quaker Week’ and Quaker
meetings around the country put on special events to encourage people to visit
their local meeting house. This year it runs from Friday 27th September to Sunday
6th October and we hope that anyone interested in finding out more about
Quakers will join us on Sunday 29th September or Sunday 6th October for our
meeting for worship at 11 o’clock at the meeting house in Pytts Lane or just for
coffee and a chat after meeting at 12 o’clock. Of course that offer is open every
Sunday in the year and we would always be happy to see you and talk. The
fundamental shared experience of the Quaker way is the silent meeting for
worship during which one or two may be moved to make a spoken contribution.
David Day.
 A team from Lechlade in Gloustershire were among 384 participants who
competed in Scotland’s toughest endurance event in July to help raise nearly
£850,000 (with match funding) for charity.
Husband and wife, Rachel and Charlie Stanley Evans, and friend Justin Wateridge
were among a record number of people who competed in this year’s Artemis
Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon. Billed as Scotland’s toughest one day endurance
event, participants are required to swim to the North shore of Loch Tay, run or
walk 7 munros, kayak 7 miles and cycle 34 miles to the finish line.
Scottish adventurer and round the world cyclist, Mark Beaumont and his team-
mate, Bruce Duncan, completed the course in the fastest time, in just 8 hours and
37 minutes. Rachel, Charlie and Justin completed the course in 12 hours 24
minutes and 11 seconds.
Risking their marriage for the sake of charity, Rachel and Charlie Stanley-Evans
fitted irregular training around work and parenting. Setting up their first home

together in Malawi in 1999 Rachel and Charlie are all too aware of the need for
charities such as Mary’s Meals and Mercy Corps. Commenting Rachel said ‘We
are delighted to have completed the challenge and to have done our little bit to
help two remarkable charities.’
The Artemis Great Kindrochit supports two charities: Mercy Corps’ work to
improve the lives of those living in the city slums in Indonesia; and Mary’s Meals
work to feed 755,000 children in schools around the world. Since the event was
launched 13 years ago by Perthshire,based outdoor adventure challenges
company WildFox Events, almost £6 million has been raised for charity.
Jen Nash
The day of our annual migration to the Cotswold Wildlife Park began rather
early. I got up and went out to feed a very vocal moggy at the back door, not
even ours, and noticed a slight chill in the air. Would we need rugs or sun
bonnets, should I put on a vest or not, is the sun going to shine? All this going
around in my head and the day had hardly started.
You would think it was easy; you put up a notice, ‘Trip to the Wildlife Park’, staff
and residents add their names to it, the day arrives and we all set off on our
adventure. Well, once it might have been easy but in today’s world forms have to
be filled and signed and duplicated.
First we stopped to see the giant tortoise and then the rhinos. The baby rhino
was so entertaining, his large feet moving in comical fashion, trying to keep up
with mother who seemed interested in eating and when little one caught up he
would lie down for a quick nap before realising that mother had moved on and
he was off again.
The camels next where a large crowd had gathered and we spotted a baby camel,
only born two days ago, at it’s mother’s feet. She kept prodding it with her large
foot. After several protests from the baby he attempted to stand. We all held our
breath while this wobbly, woolly animal tried to gain his balance. And then we all
witnessed something we have never seen before; one by one three other camels
came out of their house, walked over to see baby, gave it a sniff at both ends and
then they all shielded the baby and escorted it into the house, out of the
afternoon sun. Ahh.. We continued around the park until it was time for tea.
Thank you everyone for such an enjoyable afternoon, nothing was too much
trouble and thank you for your kindness too. Extra thanks to Tracey and her
team, the tea was delicious.
David came to the home this morning and took Matins, a service we do not
often have and it made such a nice change. Thank you David, we did enjoy your
sermon too, just the right length!!
Annette Baldwin

ORCC Trading Limited – Bulk Oil Scheme Vacancy
Christine Bartle, known to oil scheme members as the ever helpful and efficient
person on the end of the phone/email, is retiring at the end of the month and
will be much missed. To fill her shoes, ORCC Trading is looking for someone
equally methodical, this time on a self-employed basis.
The work will normally require 2.5 days per week in the winter and 1.5 days per
week in the summer, at £15 per hour. Full details will appear on the website in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled if you are

On 1st July, Cotswold
Wildlife Park
announced the birth
of the first White
Rhino calf to be born
in its forty-three year
history. At the time, it
was too early to
determine the sex of
the newborn, but now
Cotswold Wildlife
Park is delighted to
reveal that mother
Nancy and father
Monty produced a
beautiful girl which has been named Astrid.
One month on, Astrid has grown both in size and personality. Deputy Assistant
Curator, Mark Godwin, commented: “We are very happy with her progress and
she is showing all the signs of being a healthy Rhino. Nancy is an exceptional
first-time mother and the two have bonded perfectly. Astrid is growing more
confident by the day, charging around the paddock, much to the delight of our
visitors. She’s quite a character and a great addition to our Rhino family. We’re
hoping Nancy will have another calf in the future and judging by her first
experience of motherhood, we’re very optimistic and are keeping our fingers
COSTA RICA – 1st to 16th Feb 2013 DAY 6
We met at the restaurant at 6.30 am and took an early breakfast and by 7.30 am
were on the road to make the short journey to La Selva. We connected with our
guide for the day once we had assembled at the reception area.
La Selva is a Biological Station founded in 1968 and covers over 1600 hectares, it
consists of primary forest, secondary forest and areas of open grassland. We
wandered around the Visitor’s Centre and walking some of the trails nearby.
We had memorable sightings throughout the day but the morning’s highlights
consisted of sightings of: Pied Puffbird, Crested Owl, Slaty-tailed Trogan,
Cinnamon Becard, Black-headed Tody, Great Tinamou, Stripe-throated Hermit
and many others. We also saw our first Pecary (a large wild pig), Howler
Monkeys (one of my favourites, as their amazing calls were the first sounds we
heard most mornings and can be heard several miles away), Jesus Christ Lizard (a

large lizard with a crest which continues as a frill all along its back, this
spectacular creature can run across water) Brown-wood Turtle and Black River
Turtle and plenty of new butterflies.
We ate lunch at the restaurant and went at 1.00 pm for a second walk. This time
we stayed in the secondary forest on wide trails. One of the first things we stood
and watched was a Hoffman’s-Two-Toed Sloth looking down at us from a
nearby tree, a very strange creature indeed with its long hair, large eyes and long
claws enabling it to wrap its long arms around branches and tree trunks where it
spends most of its time being lazy.
We included a short stop by the river, where within a couple of minutes we
found a Sunbittern and a Sungrebe. What a great find, the Bittern was standing
within three metres of us and when it finally flew across the river we all had
views of ‘sun’ on each wing, fantastic!
La Selva Biological Station is home to more than 2,000 species of plants, 400
species of trees, 466 species of birds, approximately 500 species of ants and is so
unique that over 3500 publications have resulted from studies conducted there.
We left at 4.00 pm but stopped just outside the boundary fence to look over
some open fields which support some mature trees. We looked for the Great
Green Macaw in the high canopy and after a few minutes three of these gems
flew over us and landed not too far away. The light was bad and gave us only
silhouette so we drove around to another track where we could skope the birds
in great light, wow what a superbly coloured bird!
Before we returned to our hotel we made a stop along the way at a small hotel
complex on Heliconia Island which is well known for having Spectacled Owls in
the garden. Sure enough there were two of them showing well. We sat on the
terrace of the restaurant and watched over the river where we saw lots of Cattle
Egret flying to roost. We also saw a Wedge-billed Woodcreeper (our fourth
woodcreeper of the day) and we heard a Common Pauraque (nightjar). We
drove back in the dark hoping to see a nightjar and as we approached the hotel
we saw two Common Pauraques, a great find to end the day. We also stopped to
pick up a Cane Toad caught in our headlights at the side of the road. These are a
real pest in parts of Australia.
Back home this month there have been lots of good things to see in the hot
sunny weather. Good views of Red Kites over the village as they gracefully coast
over head. On the 13th July I had a lovely White Swallow-tailed Moth in my
14th July a pair of Whitethroats giving their buzzing call near to their nest across
the fields, a good number of Tortoiseshell butterflies around the fields.
15th saw a Water Vole swimming in the Windrush at Crawley Bridge.
16th watched a Kingfisher on a branch ten feet in front of me on the Shillbrook.

One Skylark singing, one Cornbunting calling, two Linnets on an overhead wire.
17th a beautiful summer’s day and at 9 pm about thirty Swifts were flying around
the village screaming just as they do in Spain.
18th saw a Kingfisher fly off from Windrush Bridge at Asthall.
20th moth traps which had been set overnight at Worsham caught many different
species, notably Elephant, Poplar and Privet Hawkmoths.
23rd Marbled White butterflies over the fields and a lovely Barn Owl near Stow-
on-the-Wold, caught in my headlights at night.
The next few days there have been wonderful numbers of butterflies on the wild
28th Silver Washed Fritillaries in Guiting Woods.
4th Aug. On a walk back from Holwell to Shilton over the fields saw a Raven and
Linnets and about thirty Swifts in the air in the evening. They will soon be
leaving us for their long journey back to South Africa, but it has been a good
breeding season for them this year.
5th Aug. Saw three Weasels run across the road, one behind the other near
Eastleach and heard a Nuthatch.
David Roberts
Chocolate Malteser Tiffin
First, an apology for a howler. Last month, I wrote, ‘The addition of elderflower
compliments the almond amazingly well’. Obviously I did not mean that the
elderflower told the almond how well it looked and that colour really suits it. I
should have written ‘complements’. I know better. Mea culpa.
Second, as I am on a diet (actually, supposed to be – it has not really got going
yet) I really ought to have invented a recipe that turns lettuce and celery into a
delicious feast that has under 50 calories, yet tastes better than toast and honey.
And if I were the Rumpelstiltskin of cooking, I would be a size 10 and the
resulting book would sell more copies than Fifty Shades. Rich! And thin!
Instead, here is a recipe that is wicked, sinful, calorie-laden and utterly yummy
and I am none of the above.
I made it for a very good reason. I have recently read a novel called The Hive by
Gill Hornby about cliquey, bitchy mums at the school gate and how they are
willingly bullied into submission by the Queen Bee of the fundraising committee,
so keen are they to be in her group. Anyway, in the book, a car boot sale is
rescued from imminent mutiny by the hungry mob by a tray of chocolate
Malteser tiffin. It mollifies the hoards, who devour it in moments. Later in the
novel it appears again at a coffee morning and is pronounced sheer heaven.

Well, obviously I had to find the recipe. After much diligent research, ok, a
Google search, I found the best of those on offer, and here it is. I admit that I
was a bit sceptical. I did not think that it could taste particularly special; after all,
it is only chocolate refrigerator cake with added Maltesers. But it does. The
version I found specifies good quality milk chocolate; the author recommends
Lindt. I went one better by popping into Aldi and buying their best quality
chocolate. It costs half the price and tastes just as good. So here it is. Best ever
chocolate tiffin. Not suitable for people on diets. I am now considering how to
do clever things with lettuce and celery...
200g good milk chocolate                      For the topping:
100g unsalted butter                          200g good milk chocolate
2 tbsp golden syrup                           25g unsalted butter
125g digestive biscuits                       1 tbsp golden syrup
135g pack Maltesers
Line a 20cm square tin with baking parchment. Place 200g of the chocolate,
butter and golden syrup in a heat-proof bowl and sit it over a pan of simmering
water until melted. Allow to cool a little. Meanwhile place the biscuits in a freezer
bag and crush with a rolling pin. You want mainly crumbs, but a few small
chunks of biscuit are fine.
Tip the crushed biscuits into the melted chocolate mixture and stir. Fold in the
Maltesers then press into the prepared tin. Chill in in the fridge while you make
the topping.
For the topping, melt the remaining chocolate, butter and syrup as before then
smooth over the biscuit base. Cover with cling film and refrigerate for a couple
of hours before serving. Cut into 16 squares.
               Angela Galione
                                CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR THE
                                   FORTHCOMING MONTH
                     Send your event details to Gill Cox (contact details inside front cover) by 10 th of
                            each month for events taking place during the following month

7th    Alvescot Village Show details Wendy 01993 841459
13th   Shilton History Group meeting 7.30pm , History of the Chimney.
14th   Ride and Stride
15th   Filkins Pantomime auditions.
21st   Car Boot Sale, Gassons Field Alvescot 10.30-3pm,.tel 01993 842135
21st   Filkins Theatre Maroccan Evening see Filkins & BPoggs page for details.
25th   Black Bourton Parish Council meeting 7.30 St Marys Church.

25th Shilton Parish Council meeting 7.30pm. Details 01993 840825.
Mondays Bradwell Babes 9.30 – 11.30 info 01993 822689.
Wednesdays Exhibition & Craft Fair 12- 5pm Kelmscott Hall. 01367 253103
Thursdays Chess at The Vines, Black Bourton 6.45pm
Bridge Club, Bradwell Village Hall 1.30-4pm 01993 822712/ 823582
Sundays First & third Sunday of month Swinford Museum, Filkins open 2-5pm

               FREE ADS – SALES AND WANTED (Not trade)
                           (Subject to space availability)
       Send to Gill Cox (details inside front cover) before 10 th of each month


FOR SALE: Lindam Flexiguard Travel Stairgate with carry case -
£15 Collapsible, twist and fold mechanism Adjusts to fit openings between
71cm and 92cm -Tel 01367 860 001
FOR SALE: NEW Baba Bing Day Tripper Changing Bag Satchel Style
(Green) - £10 Tel 01367 860 001
FOR SALE Boys bike 12" with stabilisers, (Raleigh mini) good condition £10 -
Tel 01367 860202
FOR SALE: Trail gator (towbar). £20 Tel 01367 860202

FOR SALE: HP Photosmart Plus Wireless Printer with instruction book - £45 -
Tel 01367 860 001

                           JAG TIMBER FIREWOOD
                           Quality Seasoned Hardwood
                           Logs, Kindling & Stacking
                           Service Order at
                           01993 868001


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