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1 – This is a long shot. Is there anyway that only our clients can access the forms or
2 – If print is in italics that is either information needed or ???
3 – Let’s talk about team member’s page – what is your suggestion?

Welcome to Main Street Tax and Accounting Services, Inc. We want to thank our clients
for their trust and confidence throughout the years. We hope you find our website helpful
and informative. Please let us know what we can add or change that will help you and
simplify the tax and financial side of your life. We value you as our client and appreciate
your loyalty.

To those of you visiting our website, we are pleased that you are interested in Main Street
being part of your professional team. Our goal is to serve our clients to the best of our
abilities with our expertise and extensive knowledge. The quality of our service and the
individual attention that we provide to our clients will enhance their growth, keeping
them one step ahead in today’s competitive world.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to serving you.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."
Henry Ford

What’s new:
Main Street will have a different look when you walk in the outer office. Our goal was to
give our clients flexibility and fine tune the confidentiality related to pickup and drop off
of tax and accounting information. We hope the expanded client area into the kitchen
will make some of you more at ease while dealing with your issues one on one, still
leaving the outer office open for those clients who want to just drop off or pickup their
information. We rearranged the furniture in Erica’s office giving her and her clients
more privacy. Enjoy the pictures. Our photographer is our one and only Erica Lutz.

Our website is new and exciting. This website does not have any secured client data on
it. If you are one of our clients you will want to check out: What’s New, Client
Worksheets and Organizers, Payroll Client Forms (if applicable), Miscellaneous Forms,
FAQ and Tax Facts. Let us know what you think.

New computer if up and running???.


        In 1991, Main Street Tax and Accounting Services, Inc was formed in Bernville,
Pennsylvania. In 1984 Denise started her practice by helping small business owners with
their bookkeeping and accounting needs. In order to give her clients the best professional
service, understanding the complex tax laws became a priority. Today, Main Street Tax
and Accounting Services, Inc. offers their clients a diversified array of services.

       Keeping up to date in income tax law is always a challenge, but not for the tax
professionals at Main Street. We have many resources at our fingertips to get us the right
answers as quick as possible. In order to give our clients the best and most
knowledgeable service, Main Street’s tax professionals must attend various tax education
programs throughout the year. Yes, we are a small firm with large attributes. We are
members of the following organizations: National Association of Tax Professionals
(NATP), National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) and National Society of
Accountants (NSA). These organizations give us the networking means along with
additional resources and education equivalent to the larger accounting and tax practices
while enabling us to serve our clients on an individual basis.

“Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a
society work, a civilization work”. Vince Lombardi

Services offered:
Tax Consultation and Planning – Current year tax planning to minimize your tax liability
year after year. Our Tax Professionals are available year round for consultation and to
save you tax dollars. If you have a tax question, we have the answer.

Tax Preparation Services – We provide all levels of tax preparation; Individuals,
Businesses, Farms, Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts, LLCs and Non-Profit
Organizations along with Multi State filing(s).

Client Representation before the Internal Revenue Service – Audits, Payment Plans,
Offer in Compromises

Business Management Services – Best Business Practices, Strategic Planning

Accounting/Bookkeeping Services – We work with your needs. We can help you setup
your bookkeeping system and train you, if needed, or we can do the monthly entries. Our
job is to make this task as easy as possible for you. We want you to do what you do best,
manage your business.

Payroll Services – Select your needs from payroll calculations to filing of the Annual W-
2 Forms. We can do it all or work with you.

QuickBooks – Setup, training and consultation.

Personal Budgeting and Financial Strategies

Main Street’s Team players:
“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Ryunosuke Satoro
        Denise E. (Brandt) Madeira, EA is the sole shareholder of Main Street Tax and
Accounting Services, Inc. In 1988 she successfully passed the challenging IRS exam on
all levels of taxation and became recognized as an Enrolled Agent, eligible to practice
before the Internal Revenue Service. After serving 11 years on the National Association
of Tax Professional (NATP) National Board and 3 years on the State Chapter Board, in
2003 she served as NATP’s first female president for one year. In 2006 & 2007 she
served on the PA IRS/Practitioner Liaison Committee. The purpose of this committee
was for both IRS and the Practitioner community to work together for the benefit of the
taxpayer. In 2008 she was recognized as NATP’s Tax Professional of the year. Since
adding Erica to the tax professional team, Denise can now spend a little more time with
her family. Being inside an office all the time, Denise cannot wait to get outside and
enjoy the fresh air. In her spare time she enjoys camping, biking and reading.

       Erica Lutz started working for Main Street Tax & Accounting Services, Inc. in
2006 performing general office duties. Within one year she was preparing taxes with the
main goal of helping others. Erica is currently attending Kaplan University to obtain her
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Erica’s main goal is to gain all the knowledge she can
regarding income taxes and bookkeeping so she can pass the Enrolled Agent exam and
become a shareholder of Main Street Tax & Accounting Services, Inc. In her spare time
she enjoys exercising, shoe shopping, tinkering on her car, and spending time with her
family and friends.

       Carol Kantner you will find in our main office. Her pleasant smile and friendly
personality will welcome you when you walk through our office doors. Carol is married,
has one daughter and has lived in Bernville since 1984. After retiring from Aetna
Insurance Company and serving 25 years as a church organist, she started working at
Main Street Tax and Accounting Services in 2005. In her spare time Carol enjoys
playing the piano and scrapbooking. She is involved in the preservation of the pipe
organs built by four generations of the Dieffenbach family, is on the board of the
Andulhea Heritage Center and, outside of tax season, is the accompanist for Die Nei
Dolpehok Sanger Chor, a local Pennsylvania German Choir.

Client Worksheets and Organizers (downloadable forms):
Income Tax Data Itemizer
Drop Off Instruction Sheet
Questionnaire from UT
Engagement letter on letterhead
Checklist Income and Expense
1099 Worksheet
1099 Instruction Sheet
Need full organizer from UT
Newsletter Summer 2010
Newsletter Winter 2010
Payroll Client Forms (downloadable forms):
W-4 Form – Employer Withholding Allowance Certificate
I-9 Form (immigrations) – Employment Eligibility Verification
Local Services Tax (LST) Exemption Form
PA New Hire Form

Miscellaneous Forms (downloadable forms):
Release for Pickup
Privacy Policy
W-4 Form – Employer Withholding Allowance Certificate
W-9 Form – Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions:
What are your office hours?
Our Tax Professionals work year-round, 6 days a week, and are available by appointment

Someone is normally in our outer office:
January 1st to April 15th             Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
April 16th to December 31st          Tuesday thru Thursday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Unforeseen situations occasionally arise, so feel free to call first before stopping in.

Do I need a tax appointment?
If you are one of our current clients you do not need a tax appointment. Please go to our
website, go to Client Forms, and follow the Drop Off Instruction Sheet.

If you are a new client we would like to sit down and talk with you. The interview
process will take 1 to 2 hours depending on your source income and deductions.

What should I bring to my tax appointment?
       Prior two (2) year income tax returns unless Main Street prepared them
       All W-2’s and 1099 statements
       Student Loan Interest & Tuition and Fees statements
       Mortgage interest statements
       Real estate taxes paid both Township/County (Spring) and School (Fall)
       Job related expenses: union dues, uniforms, etc.
       Charitable contributions
       For a more extensive list see the Income Tax Data Itemizer in our Client
         Worksheets and Organizers tab

Can I drop off my tax information or missing information when your office is
Yes, we now have a mail slot in our office door. Your information can be dropped off
24/7 in a secured area and will be checked daily.
How long should tax records be kept?
Main Street stores your income tax return records for 7 years. After the 7th year, unless
you request us to return your documents to you, we use a certified shredding company to
discard your confidential records. You want to save your records for 7-10 years unless
you have an investment(s) i.e. home, business, stocks, etc., then you must save the
documents 7-10 years after you sell or discard your investment(s).

What if I want someone other than myself to pick up my tax return?
If someone else is picking up your income tax return this year, please remember we need
you to complete the release form. Call our office if you need the release form mailed or
faxed to you. You will also find the release form in the left side pocket of your prior year
income tax return folder and on our website under Miscellaneous Forms. We always
appreciate when you call in advance advising us that someone else is picking up your

What do I do if a financial institution requests my tax information?
If you need us to send your W-2 forms or tax return(s) to someone else, i.e. a bank,
financial advisors, etc., please call our office so we can have you sign the disclosure
form. This applies to any type of communication with anyone other than you. For future
use we will place a blank consent form on the left side of your income tax return or go to
our website under Miscellaneous Forms.

What are your fees/payment policies?
Tax preparation is billed by the forms that are needed to complete your income tax
returns. Our minimum fee starts at $90.00 for the basic Form 1040, PA-40 and one (1)
local return; this includes electronic filing of your federal and PA return. There is an
additional fee if you have multiple W-2 or 1099 forms or if you need more than one state
or local return. If you need an extra copy of your income tax return there will be an
additional fee of $30.00. Consultation, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services are billed
on an hourly basis.

Our service for the preparation of your income tax return must be paid when the return is
completed. Returns will not be allowed to leave our office unless they are paid in full or
other arrangements are made in advance and approved by Carol or Denise.

What do I do if there is bad weather or I want to change my appointment?
Please call our office so we can either reschedule your appointment or come up with a
different arrangement that will serve your needs. If you are concerned that you may not
be able to keep your tax appointment due to bad weather or sickness (or you just want to
be in the comfort of your home), please call our office and drop off all your tax
information before the day and time of your appointment. If you drop off your tax
information before your appointment, we will be able to work on your tax return during
the originally scheduled time. You can also reference the Instructions for Drop Offs
document under Client Worksheets and Organizers on our website. Denise or Erica will
call you within an hour after your appointment would have started to review your tax
scenario with you over the phone. It is handled the same way as if you were in our
What if I receive a letter from the government?
We try not to make mistakes, but we are human. Sometimes the government makes a
mistake when they process the return, again they are human. The most important issue is
when you receive any correspondence related to any returns that we file for you we need
to see the letter(s). Sometimes the government’s correspondence is written on both sides
of the paper. Please do not forget to fax or copy the back side of the pages if applicable.
Upon receipt please mail, email, fax, or drop off any correspondence that you receive.
We need to review the correspondence before we can react to the letter or your questions.

Tax Facts:
If you are planning a vacation or extended trip away from home during tax season, please
be sure to let us know. If you started a business or purchased or sold a rental property
and you did not discuss this with Denise or Erica in advance please call our office and
bring this change to our attention.

Mileage Rates and Per Diem rates for 2010 and 2011

Standard mileage rates:
                                             2010                   2011

Business or Employer                         .50 cents              .???
Medical and Moving                           .165 cents             .???
Charitable                                   .14 cents              .???

Transportation workers rate inside the United States per day are as follows:

1/01/09 to 9/30/09            $52.00
10/01/09 to 9/30/10           $59.00
10/01/10 to 9/30/11           $59.00

Standard per diem rate for meals and incidental expense from 10/01/09 to 09/30/10 and
10/01/10 to 09/30/11 are the same. The amounts range from $46.00 to $71.00 per day
depending on the city and state in which you incurred the expenses.

Check your bank - did your check/payment clear your bank?

Anytime you issue a check to any government agency please be sure that the check clears
your bank. If the check does not clear your bank within 30 days you need to contact the
agency. The bank might be able to help you. If it was from a tax return that we
completed please call our office so we can resolve the problem.

Direct Deposit
Your refund can be directly transmitted to your bank and deposited into your checking or
savings account. You can even transmit your refund to your IRA account. If you plan on
depositing your refund into a checking or savings account we will need a photocopy of a
blank check or bank identification card, not your debit card. A deposit slip cannot be
used. We also need the bank’s routing number and your account number.

Your 401k Statements

Save all your year end 401K statements until a few years after the account is closed.
Include your year-end statement with the tax information that you give us at the end of
the year.

Top items clients forget to bring to their tax appointment

      Real Estate Taxes – School, County & Township (most homeowners get a bill in
       the spring & fall of each year). For your own protection please ask the tax
       collector to stamp your real estate tax bills paid. If you will be filing a property
       tax rebate your real estate tax bills must be stamped paid from the tax collector.
      Schuylkill County Residents that are not retired, don’t forget your Occupational
       Privilege Assessment that you pay with your real estate taxes
      December 31 odometer reading on vehicles used for business, rental or employers
      Business or employer miles, along with commuting miles
      Employee business expenses – uniforms, union dues, etc.
      Year-end inventory for business owners
      Sale proceeds and date of sale on property or securities sold
      Purchase date and cost of property or securities sold
      Real estate settlement sheets for refinancing and purchasing of land or real estate
      Canceled checks for all estimated tax payments
      Blank estimated coupons from the Federal, State and Local governments
      Bring us your last payroll stub from each employer for the tax filing year. The
       check will be dated on or before December 31.

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Contact Us:
If you would like a tax appointment you will get a quicker response by
calling our office. You can send us an email by completing the following:
*Phone number
*Date and time preference

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                    212 North Main Street
                    Bernville PA 19506

Mailing Address     P O Box 219
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