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					Follow these 7 steps...
Find out if your proposed shed meets the size and placement requirements. With these requirements in mind, make a drawing (site plan) showing the shed, its dimensions, and the distances to all property lines and the distances to all other structures on the property. Size Maximum height your shed can be is 18 feet, measured from the ground to a point midway between the eave and the top of the roof. Please note that if your proposed shed is greater than 100 square feet in size, a Winnebago County Zoning Permit is required in addition to the Town of Menasha permit. Placement Sheds must be a minimum of 10 feet from your house or other structures on the property. Sheds should be at least 3 feet from the rear or side property line of your yard. Show your site plan to the Town staff to find out quickly and accurately if your proposed shed location and size will meet requirements.


Obtain a permit application. You need a permit to put any shed in your yard. Even sheds that are built elsewhere and moved to your yard and prefab sheds require a permit. Pick up your application form at the Building office, or download a blank form from our website (see back of brochure).


Start the work that the permit was issued for. Be sure to display the permit where it can be seen from the street for the duration of construction.


Turn in your completed application and required drawings at the Building office. You will need a copy of the 8-1/2” x 11” drawing you made in Step 1. Staff will review your application for completeness while you wait.


Call for inspections. When your permit is issued, Town staff will tell you when inspections are required and the phone number to call to request inspections. On-site inspection of your shed during construction assures your shed is properly located. It is your responsibility to schedule all required inspections during and after construction.


Wait for staff to review your plans. For simple projects your plans can be reviewed and a permit issued upon receipt. More complex projects will take longer.


Pay the fee and receive your permit. The Town charges for building permits to cover the cost of plan review and inspections. Staff will calculate your project’s exact fee once they have approved your plans. A fee schedule is available either at the Building Office or on our website.


Still have questions?
Call the Building office at (920) 720-7104 for help.

For more information:
Community Development Department Building Inspections 720-7104 Community Development 720-7105 Department Fax 720-7116 Website: Email:


100 square feet or less

Mailing address:
Town of Menasha Building Inspections 2000 Municipal Dr. Neenah, WI 54956

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