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									CSOB Pojistovna, a. s.


CSOB Pojistovna, a. s.                                                      Key Employees
                                                                            Name                         Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                            Jeroen        Karel      van Chief Executive Officer,
                                     Masarykovo namesti 1458, Pardubice ,
Headquarters Address                                                        Leeuwen                      Chairperson
                                     53218, Czech Republic
                                                                                                         Director - Financial
                                                                            Frank Fripon
Telephone                            + 420 4 67007111                                                    Division
                                                                                                         Director - Kbc Gs Cz
                                                                            Jiri Kraus
Fax                                  + 420 4 67007444                                                    Division
                                                                            Johan  Basilius         Paul Vice Chairperson -
Website                              www.csobpoj.cz                         Daemen                       Supervisory Board
                                                                                                         Member - Supervisory
                                                                            Karel Haas
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange        N/A                                                                 Board
                                                                            Marek Nezveda                Head - Life Insurance
Number of Employees                  702
                                                                                                         Chairperson - Supervisory
                                                                            Marko Voljč
Fiscal Year End                      December                                                            Board
                                                                                                         Director - Non Life-
Revenue (in US$ million)             804.00                                 Michal Kanera                Insurance Division , Vice
                                                                                                         Member - Supervisory
                                                                            Michal Vavroušek
                                                                                                         Member - Supervisory
                                                                            Nik Vincke
SWOT Analysis
                                                                            Company Overview
Strengths                            Weaknesses

Growth in gross written premiums     Increase in claims payout              CSOB Pojistovna, a.s. (CSOB Pojistovna) is an
                                                                            insurance company based in Czech Republic.
Strong market position
                                                                            The company provides a range of life and non-
                                                                            life insurance products and services in the
                                                                            Czech market. It sells comprehensive individual
Opportunities                        Threats                                and group insurance products to individuals,
                                                                            small and mid-sized enterprises and large
Growth in the Czech insurance market Changing regulations                   corporates. Key products and services offered
                                                                            by the company include life insurance products
Low general insurance penetration
                                     Natural calamities                     such as annuities and endowment insurance
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