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									 Professional Physicians
Answering Service Firm can
Provide Top Notch Service
    Professional Physicians Answering Service
       Firm can Provide Top Notch Service
•   Medical emergencies can strike any time of the day or night, anywhere.
    Doctor’s accessibility is of paramount importance during critical medical
•   It will to the death knell for a doctor’s practice or reputation if their patients
    cannot reach them in times of emergency.
•   A professional and reliable physicians answering service provider can offer
    top notch and consistent services for high quality patient care.
•   These providers have professionally qualified and trained live operators who
    handle patients’ calls with care, patience, and efficiency.
•   Patients want their doctors to be accessible to them. This, of course is not
    practically feasible as doctors, like other normal human beings, need some
    time for sleep, food, rest, etc.
•   An off-duty physician would not like to be disturbed if the situation is not a
    medical emergency requiring his immediate attention and intervention.
                Good Services Filter out Calls

•   Doctors have receptionists and other staff that handle patients’ calls and
    carry out responsibilities like appointment scheduling/re-scheduling and
    disbursal of information on physician’s timing, availability, fees, etc.
•   There are, however, two limitations to this approach: One is that the office
    staff cannot be available all times of the day or night, and second is that
    they may have other jobs or responsibilities to perform.
•   As such, there is nobody to handle the after-hours calls and also the calls
    attended to during the office hours may be at the expense of some
    important work.
•   This is where a professionally qualified and reputable physicians answering
    service provider can be of immense help. They can manage important
    communication between the doctors and their patients on a 24x7 basis.
    Patients are assured that the Help is Only a
                  Phone Call Away
•   Experienced service providers have trained and knowledgeable operators
    who can differentiate between emergency and non-emergency calls.
•   Off-duty doctors know that they will not be disturbed by routine calls from
    their patients. These operators have the knack and knowledge of filtering
    out important calls.
•   They handle emergency calls on a priority basis and ensure that the correct
    message is passed to the concerned physician correctly and quickly.
•   This does not imply that routine calls are not handled with care or patience.
    It is just that less-important and less-urgent calls are routed to the on call
    doctor after the emergency calls have been processed.
•   A well-known and reputable physicians answering service provider would
    have HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant
    operators who have sound knowledge of medical terms, medical jargon,
    and the requisite experience of working in a medical atmosphere.
•   This knowledge, however, will prove to be of little value if the physicians
    answering service provider firm lacks the technology, equipment, or
    mechanism of efficiently passing on the accurate message.
•   Good and high quality service providers apart from having excellent staff
    also invest in sophisticated communication equipment and technology to
    provide clear, undisturbed, reliable, and uninterrupted communication.
•   Doctor’s or physician’s reputation to a large extent depends upon their
    availability during medical emergencies. Patients are unlikely to patronize a
    doctor who is unavailable during critical situations.
•   A quality healthcare answering service provider understands the needs of
    the doctors to respond to patients’ calls quickly and efficiently.
•   These acclaimed and renowned service providers effectively and efficiently
    handle all the incoming communication needs of medical centers, doctors,
    physicians, or dentists. They ensure that you never miss out on an
    important call any time of the day or night.
•   Quality healthcare answering service firms have all the latest technologies
    and equipments along with a highly trained and motivated workforce to
    comprehensively cover all your service needs.
•   Professional medical answering service can act as an effective
    communication bridge between the patients and their doctors.

•     Cullens Communications is a highly reliable and reputable physicians
     answering service firm that has the manpower and technology to provide
    the most comprehensive answering services at the most affordable costs.
                             Thank You

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