Raise your child in a healthy manner through good parenting

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                  its necessities

                  Raise your child in a healthy manner through                                            RECENT ENTRIES
                  good parenting
                                                                                                          n   Raise your child in a healthy
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                                                                                                              manner through good parenting

                  Many must have thought that once the baby is born then taking care of them is           n   Know more about pregnancy and
                  an easy work. But the reality lies far away from this thing. Parenting is the               its necessities

                  toughest job to do for any parent be it a mother or a father. Parenting is a            n   Know more about the first signs of
                                                                                                              pregnancy and live tension free
                  process which is totally based on the promotion and support of the new born
                                                                                                          n   Exercise during pregnancy for
                  child till the adulthood.  It majorly deals with the physical, emotional, social and 
                                                                                                              minimizing the risk of
                  intellectual development of the child. There are many factors which affect the              complicated delivery
                  kind of parenting a child is                                                            n   Become Aware About A Pregnancy
                  provided with. Most important                                                               Complication- An Ectopic Pregnancy

                  among all is the social class,                                                          n   Get To Know How Due Date
                  wealth and income of the parents.                                                           Calculators Work

                  These above mentioned factors                                                           n   Enhance your Knowledge
                                                                                                              about Pregnancy
                  have a greatest and the strongest
                  impact on the methods that are                                                          n   Countering Pre-delivery anxiety:
                                                                                                              First hand look
                  used for parenting a child. Money
                                                                                                          n   Baby Food: subordinate,
                  is a defining factor which can change the lifestyle, way of living of a child.
                                                                                                              but important

                                                                                                          n   Baby ailments: know them to say no
                  Starting from the process of conception to the birth of a child, mother surely              to them!
                  plays a very important role altogether. Similarly, parenting is more concerned
                  with how a mother treats a child and how she manages to make her child learn            LINKS
                  and understand things. No doubt other family members and society on a whole
                                                                                                          n   Discuss
                  also play an effective role in the growth and development of the child. After
                                                                                                          n   Get Inspired
                  many researches, parenting has been described and divided into three different
                                                                                                          n   Get Polling
                  segments. Saying it as three different parenting styles won’t be wrong either. The
                                                                                                          n   Get Support
                  first one is the Authoritative parenting. According to this style, parents are
                                                                                                          n   Learn
                  aware of the child’s capabilities and agree to the children demands but
                  reasonable.  Punishments are not frequent, making this style of parenting as the        n   Theme Showcase

                  best style. The second style is Authoritarian parenting, in which parents are           n   WordPress Planet

                  tougher on the kids. They are strict and less responsive to the children. If the        n News
                  rules are not followed then punishment is bound to be given and children cannot
                                                                avoid it. Usually, the children who
                                                                are brought up in this environment
                                                                are more prone to stress and are less

                                                                The third is Permissive parenting

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                                                                    which does not have a proper
                                                                    structure at home, lesser demanding
                                                                    parents, less punishment. But
                  sometimes children show a low level of self-control as they are free from any
                  kind of external constraints. Fourth one is the Uninvolved parenting, in which
                  there is a huge gap between the child and the parents. Most of the times, the
                  parents are emotionally not present but often, they are also not present
                  physically. They do not demand anything from child and do not even punish
                  them for anything. The only thing which parents provide their children is the
                  basic need which is required for the survival and that too with little or no
                  communication. Children brought up with this parenting style face many
                  problems later in life. But there is no definite parenting model which one can
                  define as the best one and accept it.

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Description: Parenting is the toughest job to do for any parent be it a mother or a father. Parenting is a process which is totally based on the promotion and support of the new born child till the adulthood.