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					Body Treatment Center Introduces Breakthroughs in Body Sculpting
                            at Every Price Point

Body Treatment Center, a highly regarded clinic in New York City that is
committed to bringing out safe and effective non-invasive or minimally-
invasive treatments is proud to announce that their most innovative body
treatment procedures are offered at every price point. These promising
treatments are not yet offered by other dermatological clinic in New York.

These include Cellulaze, Thermage, Venus Concept, Thermage, Zeltiq and
the TruSculpt procedure. Dr. Eric Schweiger is proud to confirm that these
procedures are efficient enough in contouring and tightening the body with
no risks. Body Treatment Center which is a division of the famous Schweiger
Dermatology is confident that it has all the best dermatologists that guides
every patient with all the treatments offered.

Now, people who have been feeling frustrated with their body’s unwanted
shape no longer have to undergo a knife to feel and look better. With the
reasonable cost of Coolsculpting and other treatments that are ideal in
achieving one’s desired body shape, everyone can enjoy these breakthrough
technologies without having to spend too much.

More than that, patients do not have to wait for a long period of time to
resume to their normal work schedule. The amazing results will be seen in
few days after the treatment. However, for patients that are more interested
in invasive procedures, we can also discuss with you the surgical procedures
that can be your best option for your specific bodily condition.
If you have been feeling frustrated due to the appearance of unwanted
cellulites, overlying skin or excessive skin laxity, Body Treatment Center has
the right procedure for you. The clinic uses the most advanced
radiofrequency technologies and the most unique processes like the
cryolipolysis to flush the fat cells out of the body. It also has the latest
Thermage CPT that uses monopolar radiofrequency energy. The cost of each
procedure varies on the size of the area that is being treated.

Body Treatment Center is certainly a reliable dermatological clinic that can
help you meet the needs of your body. For more information about the
services that it offers, you can explore on or
visit their office in Midtown Manhattan. Get assisted in reaching your specific
body goal with Board Certified physicians that are truly qualified to perform
all the procedures for you. Achieve your personal body goal at every price
point with the leader in body sculpting.