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August 2013

Next Public The Manufacturing Game workshop to be hosted by ConocoPhilips

Reliable Manufacturing is delighted to announce its next The Manufacturing Game
public workshop on 8th-9th October 2013. The two-day event will take place at
Gisborough Hall in North Yorkshire and will be hosted by the world's largest
independent exploration & production (E&P) company, ConocoPhilips.

Designed to accelerate performance improvement and cultural change in your
organisation, The Manufacturing Game is a dynamic experiential learning simulation,
which has been used by hundreds of the world's best organisations to help deliver
superior bottom line results.

"The Game teaches systems thinking; how the actions of one area impacts the function
of another and the profitability of the whole," explains Reliable Manufacturing
Managing Director, Andrew Fraser. "It helps people to shift their thinking to new ways
of working - cross-functional, cross-asset, and cross-organisation."

Best played with a cross-functional mix of people from the same plant facility, including
Operations Directors, Plant Managers and Maintenance Technicians, the Game aligns
the different functions in your organisation with one another and with the overall
business goals.

But it's not just about the two-day workshop, it's about implementing these practices
after the workshop, says Fraser: "An output of the workshop is the formation of small
cross-functional action teams to implement learnings by eliminating real life defects.
Typically such defects can be eliminated in less than 90 days for little or no expense,
but often with significant benefit for the business - a return on investment of up to 10:1
in twelve months."

ConocoPhilips are strong advocates of the workshop and are pleased to be hosting the
next public event. You can find out more information about how to book your
place here:

Notes to editors

About Reliable Manufacturing

Reliable Manufacturing is a reliability-based change management consultancy, helping global
clients from a wide variety of industrial sectors realise superior business results.

We are specialists in delivering performance improvement through the implementation of
operations and maintenance best practices, which facilitate organisational cultural change. Our
pragmatic approach delivers improved asset availability, reduced operating costs, improved HSE
performance and increased employee motivation and satisfaction.

Change is delivered through tailored programmes, and we work at all levels of client
organisations to equip the leadership and engage staff in the practices, systems and behaviours
that assure outstanding operational performance.

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