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Hello fellow scrappy lovers,

How have you all been? All’s well here in the scrap room :-)

A fab array of workshops for you this month, including a stunning mixed media canvas workshop. I can’t give you a
sample to tantalise your creative tastebuds just yet - but I hope my diary cover has done so already! Still waiting for some
products to arrive so I can get my fingers covered in paint and glue, may even get some on the canvas :-)

Did anyone get to see the Dutch tall ships as they arrived in the Port? Got some lovely photos of them sailing by,
unfortunately not in full sail as there was no wind, but fascinatingly serene all the same. Also got some shots of them all
docked in the Port. Should make for a lovely layout or two! What interesting things have you been photographing lately?
I hope to see your latest lovely photos in the scrap room soon!

Rehearsals for Grease are just around the corner! I can’t wait to start, it is going to be sooo much fun. If you haven’t
booked tickets yet, don’t wait too long. I hear ticket sales are going really well, with some nights already sold out!

Make the most of this lovely weather.

Happy Scrapping,
Mandy 
                               This months page map has a lovely simple look with clean lines that you’ll want
  Page maps                    to recreate a few more times, I’m sure. In keeping with it’s simple look, there is
                               a cute sewn border around the page edge that I know you are going to love!
                               You will need 6 photos for this double layout, 1 portrait @ 5x7”; 2 landscape @
          $20                  4x3” and 3 portrait @ 3x4”. You will also need your basic tool kit, a title, border
                               punch, inks and embellishments to suit your photo theme (I used a fairy diecut).
                               I went to town in my stash drawers this month!!! So many layers upon layers, it
   Attack                      looks so good! You are going to need 1 4x6”photo, either orientation, your basic
                               tool kit, inks, a punch around the page border punch set, another border punch,
 your Stash                    foam mounting tape, circle punch (about ¾” or 1”) and a title. Supplies needed
                               are -
           $10                 Background - 1 x cardstock full 12x12” sheet
                               Contrast 1 - 1 x cardstock full 12x12” sheet
                               Contrast 2 - 1 x cardstock or patterned paper full 12x12” sheet
                               Contrast 3 - 1 x cardstock or patterned paper full 12x12” sheet
                               5-7 different papers and cardstock to cut up for layering pieces @ least ½ sheet
                               of each
                               Embellishments - I have used flowers, diecut lamppost and ribbon
                               Frame - I have diecut a frame from cardstock

              Phone - 0430 099 198 ~~ www.madebymandy.blogspot.com ~~ Email - madebymandy@hotmail.com
  Blowin’ in            Do you remember making paper windmills as a child? I hope so!! As we are
  the wind              going to be making some and using them as lovely page embellishments on this
                        layout. We are also going to be using some insulation flashing tape as a border
                        and some hand cut embellishments, which I know you will really enjoy. There
        $25             are 5 photos on this layout - 2 portrait @ 4x6” and 3 square @ 3x3”. You will
                        need your basic tool kit, inks, a border punch, title, your journaling printed out
                        onto a 3¼” wide strip of printer paper that is 8½” high - the printing needs to be
                        3¼” from the top of your strip.
    Stencil             We are going to have some fun using texture paste and stencils to create a
     magic              wonderful background to our pages! If you haven’t used texture paste before, it
                        is so much fun! You will need 3 photos for this single layout, 2 landscape photos
                        @ 2x3” and 1 landscape photo @ 2x3 that you can silhouette (cut out the
        $24             person or object from the photo). You will also need your basic tool kit, heat
                        gun (if you have one), white paint or gesso, paint brush, edge distressor, inks
                        and a title. **If you have a 12” stencil in a design you love, then bring that
                        along so there will be less waiting during class :-)
Art journal             I have a lovely stamp set for you use and keep in this months art journal
                        workshop. You will need to gesso your page prior to class. For your supplies
                        you will need one colour of paint, about ½ sheet of patterned paper, a few
        $14             sheets of your ripped out book paper or music paper, tripletac, heat tool, stazon
                        ink, journal pen and an acrylic stamp block. Our quote this month -
                        “Time is a companion that goes with us on the journey. It reminds us to cherish
                        each moment because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not
                        as important as how we have lived.” Captain Jean-Luc Picard
     Scrap              Come along on a Saturday afternoon & evening for 8 hours of scrapping
                        fun! Bring your photos & tools then crop the night away. A roast hot from the
         'n'            Weber & salad will be served for dinner. Softies are in the fridge and the kettle
                        is always handy for a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate! There are always
     Roast              nibbles on the table … and yes ... you might even get some scrapping done!!!

        $20             Payment in full is required to secure your booking.
    4 PM–               Cancellations made 48 hours before and no-shows are liable to pay the
                        balance of the evening.
                        Cost includes dinner, drink & nibbles – a great deal!
                        **Workshop loyalty card is not signed & no free classes valid for Saturday
                        Scrap Nights.**

Basic Tool Kit - Trimmer, Spare Trimmer Blades, Ruler, Pencil, Eraser, Adhesive, Scissors, Craft Knife,
Metal Ruler, Adhesive Foam Mounting Tape & Notebook.
Other tools that are very handy - Paper Piercer, Stylus, Mini Stapler, Corner Rounder, Journal
Pens, Edge Distressor, Sandpaper, Tweezers, Bone Folder, Inks and Decorative Scissors.

           Phone - 0430 099 198 ~~ www.madebymandy.blogspot.com ~~ Email - madebymandy@hotmail.com
  September 2013
   Mon                Tue             Wed            Thu              Fri             Sat              Sun


2                3               4               5            6                  7               8
Page Maps                                        Page Maps
$20                                              $20
7-9pm                                            9.30-11.30am

9                10              11              12           13                 14              15
Attack Your                                      Attack Your
Stash                                            Stash
$10                                              $10
7-9pm                                            9.30-11.30am

16               17              18              19           20                 21            22
Blowin’ In                                       Blowin’ In                      Mixed Media
the Wind                                         the Wind                        Canvas $80
$25                                              $25                             1-3pm
7-9pm                                            9.30-11.30am                    Scrap’n’Roast
23            24                 25              26              27              28              29
Stencil Magic                                    Stencil Magic   Art Journal     Mixed Media
$24                                              $24             $14             Canvas Pt2
7-9pm                                            9.30-11.30am    12.30-2.30pm    10am-12pm

                          What a stunner this canvas is! Our 12x16” canvas uses 1 landscape 4x6” photo
Mixed media               and a plethora of embellishments, this workshop is jammed packed from
                          beginning to end :-) Just about everything you need to complete this canvas is
  canvas                  included in the workshop except for gesso, paints and glimmermists/smooch/
                          colour shine sprays - things which you all have in your stash.
       $80                You will need to bring with you for the first week - a heat gun, gesso, two
                          different stencils, palette knife or old credit card, paintbrush and your photo. For
 (2 week                  week 2 you will need - glimmermists/smooch/colour shine sprays 2 or 3 colours,
                          co-ordinating paints 2 or 3 colours including a brown which will be our shadow,
workshop)                 paintbrushes, gesso and heat gun.
             Phone - 0430 099 198 ~~ www.madebymandy.blogspot.com ~~ Email - madebymandy@hotmail.com

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