Dear-Diary by dkkauwe


									0952 1/28/2011
Dear Diary,

Twitter sucks! Sometimes we hate the internet.

Pouty face.

Pouty me.

Pouty pouty.

Obviously I'm still horribly immature but so are most of the other creatures around me.

I'm excited that I might get a free tshirt today from the Hawaiian b-q place and that is exciting.
17:43 1/30/2011
Dear Diary,

I'm listening to Sara M. and feeling like Thessaly.

So many choices.

So many things to do.

I want soda or something like that.
0953 2/1/2011
Feeling cranky.

Trying to figure out buying a new mouse for computer.

Have piles of paper everywhere.

Annoyed at all kinds of things.
0858 2/3/2011
Feeling like I'm drowning under water.

Feeling overwhelmed in my 3d class.

Not learning the program very well and I'm doing badly at it right now.

I've noticed that I get stressed out about something, my anxiety peaks and then I get tired and
worn out and I just want to sleep which means that I'm getting nothing done.

Stress sucks.
1036 2/3/2011
Feeling very lost right now.
1537 2/5/2011
Everything feels weird right now.

I think mostly it's that I'm tired and I'm not making progress in my 3d class.

Doing laundry and cleaning around the apt.
2114 2/6/2011
I suppose I should write more interesting things but sometimes I feel like I wrote all the
interesting stuff and the rest is just editing.

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