; Top 5 Offbeat Things to do Early in the Morning in Delhi
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Top 5 Offbeat Things to do Early in the Morning in Delhi


At the end of the day when you have traveled all the way to Delhi, there are certain monuments which you practically need to visit due to their historical and cultural significance. These are the Red Fort, the India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb and Qutab Minar. But there are other things to visit in the Capital City, the locations that are far off the beaten track. These are the places that give a day-to-day glimpse of millions of Indians that populate the bustling city.

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									Top 5 Offbeat Things to do Early in the Morning in Delhi

Among all other cities in India, Delhi enjoys Zen like serenity at dawn. The
weather is simply amazing before the heat raises its temperature and tempers to
make the city accommodating. The best way to experience the city is early in the
morning which is from 5 am to 8 am so book last minute direct flights to Delhi.


 As a traveler you can start your quest by visiting the by lanes of Jama Masjid and
extend your journey to the power tracks of Lodi Gardens. Here you can come
face-to-face with early bird commuters, students and businessmen. Then you can
try the paranthas, Maggie and tea at the roadside stall near Ship Buildings and
Convergys building that are in close proximity to Machan on Golf course road.

Early Morning Itinerary for First time Delhi Visitors
Start early in the morning by taking a drive down the Rajpath or India Gate. By
mid day savor the delectable nihari at Old Delhi’s Matia Mahal. Then take pictures
of the monuments at Firoz Shah Kotla, hunt for bargains at Chor Bazaar, pick up
fresh flowers from Phoolan Ki Mandi or visit a plant nursery just at the crack of
dawn. One of the best ways to reach your destination is through Delhi Metro or in
bicycle because the early mornings are beautifully deserted.

Here is a perfect itinerary about things to do in Delhi early in the morning:

A Visit to the Flower Market
Start your day with something fresh like flower shopping at Phoolan Ki Mandi in
East Delhi. These exotic varieties can be found at amazingly cheaper rates in the
biggest bloom town that is close to the metro station in New Ashok Nagar. This is
the best treat for someone who likes fragrances and colors of fresh flowers. For
this you need to head to Ghazipur Flower Market in East Delhi which is a
wholesale market and it supplies flowers to the retailers in the city. Therefore
book cheap direct flights to Delhi to enjoy your vacations.

A Walk at Lodi Gardens
Then go for a walk at the Lodi Gardens which is followed by a breakfast at Khan
Market. The best part is that it is the most stunning setting for a public garden
anywhere in the world which is in close proximity to Khan Market. When you walk
through this, the roads are almost deserted and people will smile as you pass
through them. You will almost feel like pitching a tent and living there

Cycle Your Way Around the City
No other means is as good as exploring the city on a cycle because early in the
morning the roads are empty and the breeze is pleasant and Delhi will seem like a
new terrain. This is also a kind of workout that helps to get acquainted with the
city on Delhi tour.

Breakfast at Matia Mahal
If you think that dawn is too early to grab a bite then you might be wrong? Matia
Mahal is bang opposite to Jama Masjid and the best place to have nihari breakfast
from 5 am to 7am. The place looks amazing during dawn and one of the best ways
to explore Old Delhi in new light when the place is not that crowded.

Buy Stuffs from Chor Bazaar

Want to buy stuffs in Delhi then nothing will fascinate you like the Chor Bazaar
bang opposite to Red Fort on Sunday mornings from 5 AM onwards. Here you will
find perfectly worn-out leather boots for Rs. 200 and even less which depends on
your talent to bargain. Therefore book direct flights to Delhi, India from London to get
the best possible offer.

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