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									Info About Android Development Company

Android development company refers to a business that is now or has in the past worked on the
development of the software application stack that is an open source for Android. The applications all
these developers work on make the software application capable of doing even more.

At this time there are in extra of 150,000 applications already available that can be utilized in
combination with a software application. That is a great deal of applications and the list grows longer
every day. The applications that software development companies develop can either be purchased at the
major software applications save that is ran by Google or many various other sites also hold android
developer sydney that can be downloaded and made use of on mobile phones.

When the statement was made in 2007 that released the phone to the general public there was a group of
79 different companies that focused on software application, and hardware along with telecom companies
that formed an Open Handset Alliance. This alliance was founded in order to advance open standards for
smart                                                                                          phones.

Software application mobile platform is freely made to duplicate the Linux Kernel. Andy McFadden was
assisting Rubin on the software application; he had worked with Rubin before in the production of Web
TELEVISION along with the designer of Web TV design Chris White.

In 2005 Google bought the software application integrated from Andy Rubin and its developers. That was
just since software incorporated was not yet fully comprehended.

All with 2006 the rumors kept flying about Google and the cell phone market. Although the software
application is open sourced Google owns the name android. So unless Google mentions that the device in
question is certified to adhere to all their Compatibility Definitions then the name android can not be
utilized on the gadget.

In September of 2010 Skyhook Wireless sued Google claiming they unfairly dispense authority to use the
software name based upon Google staff members analyses of the meaning of the compatibility meaning

Since the launch date, this software application has had several updates and upgrades. The most recent
software are: The Eclair, The Froyo, The Gingerbread, The Honeycomb and you can expect the most
current one known as The Ice Cream Sandwich.

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