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New Websites Released


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									New Websites Released

We help over 600 Dealers across Australia with their Websites and Online Inventory. Here is a small sample of our
recent fantastic work:

Carlisle Motors Group is a locally owned and operated business based in North Queensland. They sell new and used
cars, trucks, lawn care and farm machinery, and provide facilities such as vehicle servicing, parts sales, and paint
refinishing. To ensure that all products and services were highlighted on the company website, Carlisle Motors Group
required a custom website, including a mobile version of the website.

Seymours Transport is a Queensland based company that provides logistic and transport solutions
to a range of industries including mining, drilling, retail and government. Their mission is to
deliver logistic solutions that exceed customer expectations and are quick to declare that no job is
too big or too small. Seymours Transport chose to purchase a Dealer Essentials package, which
included a template website, but were also able to incorporate a custom photo gallery to
promote their services.

We were able to provide an inexpensive yet effective solution to refresh an old website for the iconic Brisbane ‘Magic
Mile’ dealership precinct. Located along Ipswich Road, The Moorooka Magic Mile consists of a group of ten different car
dealers, each offering a unique range of new and used cars. This combination of car dealers caters for all budgets, styles
and requirements and can easily claim to be a ‘one stop shop’ for car shoppers in Brisbane.

ZXAuto is a 60 year old Chinese company who recently launched a new ‘breed’ of ute in Australia. ZXAuto Dealerships
are currently in various locations throughout Western Australia. ZXAuto required a custom website to establish their
online corporate identity. Content on the website is manageable by the client, as are the banners.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you with your website needs contact your Business
Manager or our Client Relationship Team on 1300 66 11 33 or simply send us an email here.

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