EAB Annual report by l09kkko


									                                                  2008-2009 Annual Report

                             A Message from the Director
This has been one of the most successful fiscal years in EAB's history, and on behalf of the many
good Dominicans whose lives are changed for the better because of our programs, I offer you my
sincere thanks. The generosity of our donors has been all the more valuable in these troubling
economic times, enabling EAB to send vital resources where they are most needed, along with a
message of hope and solidarity. Because of you we have been able to expand our services this
year, adding more scholarship students to our rolls, building more houses and delivering more
medicines than last year, and including a new high school group on our immersion program.
Please take a few minutes to see how-- via the numbers and the stories-- your gifts have made an
enormous difference.

                                         Student Spotlight
            Loisa Fransua Yuasa:                                                    Jahayra Espinal Nuñez:
                                                                              One of two high school graduates
 At the end of August, Loisa completed her                                    this year (bringing EAB's total to 26
course work, thesis, and internship for her                                   since 2001), Jahayra finished her
nursing degree, which she began in Fall                                       senior year with an overall average
2002. She finishes with a 3.0 GPA, including                                  of 92%. A devoted reader, she re-
a 3.3 average in her final two years. This                                    cently read Dede Mirabal's memoir,
November, she will become EAB's first col-                                    Vivas en su Jardin, a first-hand ac-
lege graduate. She hopes to be "a compe-                                      count of a critical moment in 20th
tent professional, to have a happy family,                                    century Dominican history. "It made
and to help my community."                                                    my cry, realizing what a difference a
                        Yanlico Munesi Dusdal:                                woman can make in the world if she
                                                                              puts her mind to it." She hopes to
                                                                              enter university next year to study
This summer, Yanlico began his internship at                                  law.
the rice mill that overlooks his community of
Batey Libertad. As an accounting major with
a 3.2 GPA, Yanlico hopes to share the fruits
of his studies with the many small business
owners he knows. He is on schedule to com-
plete his degree in December and become
EAB's second college graduate. He recently
wrote, "My great dream has always been to
be successful in my studies, to be a good
professional, and to build solidarity starting in the community that helped
me achieve my goals."
                                         2008-2009 Annual Report
                                      Statement of operating activities for fiscal
                                             year ending July 31, 2009

                                     August 2008 – July 2009
         Partner Donations                                      47,087
         Donations PP Community Projects                        19,490
         Donations for Any Use                                  13, 766
         Donations for Adult Literacy                              500
         Program Service Fees (Immersion Trip Program)          37,250
         Special Events - Gift Revenue                          18,868
Total Income                                                   136,961
                     College Scholarships                       28,072
                     High School & Jr. High Scholarships         7,641
                     Technical School Scholarships               3,271
         Immersion Trip Expenses
                     Room & Board                                8,801
                     Transportation                              5,388
                     Trip Expenses – Misc.                       1,671
         Pentecost Development Projects
                     Medical Supplies                            4,025
                     Home Construction                          18,598
                     Electrification of Medical Clinic           2,593
                     Tree Planting                                 773
         Emergency Medical Assistance                             4,779
         Salaries & Payroll Taxes                                25,292
         Volunteer Stipends                                       1,242
         Travel & Meeting Expenses                                 810
         Fundraising Event Costs                                   654
         Office Supplies                                           391
         Postage & Shipping                                        388
         Merchant Account Expense                                  390
         Utilities                                                 258
         Web Hosting/Domain Registration                           255
         Govt Registration Fees/ 2007 Tax Return                    45
         Printing & Copying                                         21
         Bank Service Charges                                       15
Total Expense                                                  115,489
Net Income                                                                21,472
                                               2008-2009 Annual Report

           One of the five New Houses
             Built This Past Summer
This is the 48th new house we have completed since the initiation
of our home construction program in 2000. These cinder-block
homes replace dwellings made of scraps of wood, tin, and card-
board, and create a new story of hope in our communities.
Community residents provide the design and skilled labor; our
student groups provide the funding and help with the pick and
shovel work. Together, we're building justice, one home at a time.

      “Three Cups Of Coffee”: Education
      Across Borders’ First Large Scale

Our first large-scale fundraiser was a huge success, raising
over $14,000 for our community projects, including the electrifi-
cation of our free-access community clinic in Franco Bido.
Felicia Puntiel, a coffee farmer, parent to two high school
graduates, and director of the clinic, was our special invited
guest. Her stories of struggle, hope, and triumph earned a
standing ovation, and made for an incredibly special evening.

                             Pentecost Project Testimonial
My experience on the Pentecost Project (Summer 2009)
expanded my horizons on both a global and a personal
level. I witnessed firsthand to the effects poverty has on
hardworking Dominican families in both rural and urban
communities, and was given the opportunity to live and
work in solidarity with these gracious people who opened
up their homes and their lives to us. The encounters I had
with our Dominican friends and families will stay with me for
the rest of my life. I took home stories and pictures from
my experience to share with people living in my community,
but more importantly I brought back with me a deeper
sense of purpose, a renewed spirit, and a desire to advo-
cate for social justice both abroad and in my own commu-
        Jen Hawes, Faculty, Holy Names Academy
                                                                    2008-2009 Annual Report

                                                                                                 2008—2009 Donors

Colleen Ageson                   Julia Fleming                      Serge & Margorie Krikorian          Jim & Debra Platt              Ashleigh & Dan Varley
Philip and Donna Alcocer         John & Pamela Fowler               Judy Kumm                           Karen Pillar                   Mike & Beth Velling
Ira Allen                        Holly Fuller                       Betsy LaTorre                       Mark Potter                    Ronald Volkmer
Jill & Kirk Alm                  Beth Furlong                       Meghan LaTorre                      Rona Pryor                     Angie & Doug Walcher
Dana & Kermit Anderson           Dennis & Connie Gerlitz            Daniel & Andrea Lawse               Puget Sound Consumers Co-op    Patrick & Kathleen Walsh
Andrew Arganbright               Gonzaga College High School Fa-    Steven & Janet Leahy                Quad/Graphics
                                 thers Club                                                                                            Sean Walsh & Julie Tilghman
Dave Averill & Kelly Mulligan                                       Meridith & Chris Lee                Maila & Manu Radford
                                 Will and Pam Gottenberg                                                                               Jan Wassar
Orsolya Barabas                                                     Laurie Leland                       Mary Lee Ranheim
                                 Blaise & Molly Goudy                                                                                  Carolyn Wanberg
Jeremy Bargen & Adele Blackler                                      David Lester                        Robert & Susan Recker
                                 Grace U.M.C. Memorial Church                                                                          Laura Weber
Jon Bargen                                                          Joanna Lindberg                     Janet Reuter
                                 Kevin Graham                                                                                          Jim & Mary Ellen Weber
Nancy Beals                                                         Brian & Jenny Lloyd                 Dan Richter
                                 Mary Graham                                                                                           Suzanne Weeks
Charles Bergman                                                     Sarah Lockhart                      Cindy Rintala
                                 Sarah Graham                                                                                          Rebecca Wegener Boles
Roger Bergman & Wendy Wright                                        Dennis & Pam Lucey                  Kirk Richter
                                 Constance Gray                                                                                        Gary & Christina Wheatley
Phyllis & Dennis Bernardi                                           Rev. Paul Magnano                   Grace & Harry Risetto
                                 Nicholas Greer                                                                                        Art & Carolyn Whittlesey
Cindy Blais                                                         Joanne Marlewicz                    Shelly Roder & Joe Halaiko
                                 Lynette Grypp                                                                                         Mary Wiegand
Joanne Pegetti & John Black                                         Hal & Nancy Marshall                Val & Teryy Ross
                                 Janice Guidry                                                                                         Terry Wilwerding
Poli Davila & Tom Blumer                                            Mary Ann & Chuck Martin             Stephan & Tessa Rothtock       John Witchger & Maria
                                 Erin, Roxanne & Anne Guion                                                                            Teresa Gaston
Boland Consulting                                                   Church of the Natvity               Maryanne Rouse
                                 Peter Gunn                                                                                            Michael & Laurey Wittman
Mary Grace & Ron Boland                                             Gregory & Stacie Maurer             Sacred Heart Parish
                                 Kelly Haley                                                                                           Joe & Paola Womac
Regina Boland                                                       Jennie McCallister                  Scott & Margy Samuelson
                                 Rob Hallock                                                                                           Catherine & Emma Woods
Juliet Bradley                                                      Sarah, Grahan & Maureen McDermott   Steve & Diana Schiro
                                 Colleen Harris                                                                                        Marjorie Yeats Yeats
Shannon & Sean Bray                                                 Maureen McCann Waldron              Jim & Nancy Schoeggl
                                 Jim & Robin Heil                                                                                      Virginia & Edward Yuhas
                                                                    Mary Ann McDonald                   Mark & Leslie Schwisow
Bill & Kristin Budigan
                                 Joe Hastings
                                                                    Jennifer McGill                     Mark & Cindy Seaman
Connie Chapman
                                 Michael Heinrich
                                                                    Brian McLaughlin                    The Seattle foundation
Gregory Carlson
                                 Jerrianne Helberg
                                                                    Chris & John McLaughlin             Gary Zak & Tiny Sellers
Lu Ann & James Chen
                                 Patricia Helberg-Smukowski
                                                                    John McLaughlin & Kathy Krikorian   Seattle Preparatory School
Church of the Nativity
                                 Terry Holme
                                                                    Maureen McLaughlin                  Colleen & Steve Shadles
Paul Cloe & Nancy Nocek
                                 Francesca Holme
                                                                    Robert & Judy McLaughlin            Connie Shonka
Kim Colaprete
                                 Holy Names Academy
                                                                    Tim McLaughlin                      Scott & Molly Shutes
Adelicia Ruth Cliffe             Wendy Honeycutt
                                                                    Joan & Gregg McNabb                 Mary Ann Simpson
Bill Kathy & Sheila Collins      Kathy Hooper
                                                                    Mike McMahon                        Todd & Linda Stabler
Covenant Community               Barbara Hooplin
                                                                    Jaymie & Peter Mills                Steier Group
Mark McClure & Erin Daly         Roger and Marilyn Hough
                                                                    Douglas & Diane Merz                Jim & Mary Steier
Nick & Rachel Dasek              Brent & Allison Jackson
                                                                    Natasha Merz                        Edie Sullivan
June Davis                       Tia, John & Pia Jacobs
                                                                    Microsoft Matching Gifts Program    Mary Sully DeLuque
Donald Dendiger                  Pamela Jenson
                                                                    Richard & Mariana Miller            Jeff & Jody Tangney
Thomas & Celeste Depner          Jesuit Community at Loyola Mary-
                                 mount University                   Milwaukee Peace Corps Association   Kathleen Thayer
Robert & Renee Devnick
                                 Joseph & Terry Johnson             Cindy Murphy McMahon                Ellen Tennis
Sandy DiAngi                                                                                            Evelyn Lindenthaler & Jeff
                                 Anne Johnston                      Tim & Patty Murphy
Rachel Diedrichsen                                                                                      Thomas
                                 Sarah Jones & Nick Rebeck          John Patrick Murray
Megan Diefenbach                                                                                        Bill Thompson
                                 Nancy Jordon                       John & Susan Naatz
Sue & Ellen Dolan                                                                                       Rich & Patty Tilghman
                                 Diane Jung                         Marilyn Nash
Jean Dolan                                                                                              Matt & Jen Tilghman-Havens
                                 Toby & Danielle Karyadi            Mary Ann Nipp
Colette Elbert                                                                                          Jennifer Tilghman-Havens
                                 Kathy Kelly                        Megan OBrien
Janet & James Eldridge                                                                                  Rose Townley Bakewell
                                 Connor Boylon & Nora Kelly         Renee & Richard O'Brien
LLC Eyeon                                                                                               Ann & Robert Townley
                                 Will Kemper                        Kathleen O'Keefe                    Sarah Townley & David Della-
Alex Fein                                                                                               Rocca
                                 Aimee Khuu                         Matt Orlando
Kimberly Ficele-Brown                                                                                   Theresa Townley
                                 Judy King                          Mary O'Meara
Kim Colaprete                                                                                           Jaimee Trobough
                                 James Klansnic                     Rachel Orbik
Kim Colaprete                                                                                           Dennis & Dorene Tully
                                 Lora Knight                        Pacific Medical Centers
Joan & Geoff Ferguson                                                                                   John Tully
                                 Steier Group                       Julie Peacock
Kim Colaprete                    Jana Kohler                                                            Ed & Theresa Urquhart
                                                                    Patty & Chris Peterson
Steve & Jude Fisher              Connie Kollasch
                                                                                                        Lev & Irine Vaiman
                                                 2008-2009 Annual Report
                                                             Scholarships & Trekkers
                                                                  Our Mission

EAB’s Student Partners in the Dominican          EAB’s US Trekkers from the Pentecost Project 2008-2009

  Junior High            High School, cont.      2009 Holy Names     Sacred Heart 2009 Trek-   Sacred Heart 2008
                                                                     kers                      cont.
  Maria Gonzalez -       Nicauri Rodriguez -       Trekkers:
                                                                     Doris Schoenecker         Colleen Mazure
  Martinez               Nnez                    Maria Black
                                                                     Christina Michael         Patrick Rivers
  Rosa Angelica Ma-      Nicodeme Mondes         Jessie Osborn
  rrero                                                              Megan Urquhart            Stephan Haistings
                         Pie Sembil Diesmena     Corey Hubbard
                                                                     Erin Drummey              Patty Helberg
  Wilena Poleon Esta-                            Pia Jacobs
                         College                                     Olivia Mitchell           Michael Murphy
  che                                            Lizz Unan
                         Yanlico Munesi Dus-                         Andrea Pappas             Felipe Canete
                         dal                     Alyssa Thomas
  High School                                                        Anna Murphy               Seattle Prep 2009
                                                 Zoe Woltjer
                         Melvin Tejada                               Hayden Goudy
  Mario Saladin Estien                           Anne Guion
                         Jose Luis Ortega                                                      Emily Kuijper
  Willy José Estache                                                 David Chen
                                                 Sarah Schwisow
                                                                                               Mary Anna Heil
                         Berto Martinez                              Jordan Chapin
  Fedrina Jean                                   Megan Diefenbach
                                                                                               Clara Leeways
                         Milanda Ramirez Esta-                       Michael Russell
  Isabela Luis                                   Jen Hawes
                         sa                                                                    Lauren Carrosino
                                                                     Michael Murphy
                                                 Dr. Evelyn Thomas
  Michel Minalla                                                                               Marit Pinkoske
                         lRonaldo Gonal Fra-                         Sacred Heart 2008 Trek-
                                                 2008 Holy Names
  Angela Fransua         suaCharles                                  kers                      Jordyn Jensen
  Hermania Altagracia-   Rafael Ramirez Esta-                        David Lester              Katie Wilson
                                                 Anne Guion
  Hernandez              sa                                          Stephanie Petersen        Gillian Smee
                                                 Sarah Schwisow
  Minerva Jerez          Ramon Tineo                                 Allie Wiegand             Mary Colleen Sauter
                                                 Maddie Metcalf
  Socorro Jerez          Wilson Senfo Michel                         Jackie Klimes             Sarah Miller
                                                 Elisa Becker
                                                                     Vince Bigos               Rebecca Smith
  Maria Yoselina Esta-   Marisela Pena           Julie Tilghman
  sa                                                                 Teina Radford             David Lester
                         Antonio Jose Felipe
  Fefe Jean                                                                                    Erin Scherer

                                          Mission Statement
 Education Across Borders transforms communities
 through bonds of genuine relationship. Our work pro-
 motes personal and societal change rooted in a vision of
 the common good. Through educational scholarships,
 housing and health care projects, literacy and environ-
 mental work, and service-learning immersion programs,
 we work in partnership with communities to co-create last-
 ing solutions to extreme poverty. We promote healing
 through understanding, forming bonds of solidarity across
 racial, socioeconomic, and cultural boundaries, believing
 that this solidarity is the path to our fullest humanity and

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