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					Zipcar and Ecommerce Development If you see a need and can meet it, you have yourself
a potentially successful business. Yeah, this is a standard line designed to simplify the
process to its core. The truth is no matter how simple the idea the above statement is still
a profound and effective maxim. A company that started in the late 1990's caught a
vision. They've implemented that vision in multiple urban areas in the United States and
in the UK. Zipcar is a company that automates car rentals by the hour. As of this writing
it was less than $15 an hour to utilize a Zipcar vehicle. This includes gas and insurance.
For many business and personal drivers this is less expensive than a car rental and
certainly less than purchasing a vehicle privately. Company data indicates 40% of their
current users have concluded they don't actually need a privately owned vehicle when
they can use this service. Traditional car rental companies are finding this new approach
is cutting into their profits. Some of these car companies are adjusting to the approach by
renting their vehicles for less than a day at a time. Even Uhaul has offered a fleet of PT
Cruisers with a similar service to the business community. Zipcar has been marketing
their idea by forging alliances with multiple Universities and colleges to allow college
bound students to access private transportation without the need for parking, permit, gas,
oil changes, insurance, etc. These students simply sign up for the service and reserve the
use of a Zipcar whenever they need transportation services. The idea is referred to as car
sharing and the model was adopted from Europe. The company has seen phenomenal
growth since its inception. In researching this online business with off line delivery I did
find some individuals who expressed some displeasure over the service and billing
practices. I bring this up to point out that this is not an article designed to sell you on the
idea of car sharing. Essentially I wanted this example to show that it is possible to find an
ecommerce business idea that provides a product or service that is not currently in use
and allow that idea to develop into something profound and profitable. It is easy to latch
onto an idea that already exists. You can even work at competing successfully with that
idea, but the development and implementation of a fresh concept that can allow you to
become a leader while other established businesses attempt to emulate your success is
much harder. Far too many businesses never reach their potential because they refuse to
look outside the box for ideas. Success often comes to those who don't look at business as
it has always been, they look at business as it might someday be. These are the innovators
and risk takers who realize there is more to success than being an astute follower. By all
means, see a need and meet it, but do so in a way customers may not expect and in a way
that might shift the way the public thinks about the product or service you provide. Make
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