Your Wedding Ceremony - 5 Tips to Creating Wedding Vows You Will Keep Forever

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					Your Wedding Ceremony - 5 Tips to Creating Wedding Vows You Will Keep Forever
Writing your own wedding vows is not as simple as it seems, especially if you want your
vows to truly represent you and your relationship. There are places on the web and at the
library to look for the right language to use. But here are five focus points on as you look
for the words, long before you make your decisions about what you're going to say.
Wedding vows are not simply romantic expressions, they are oaths to be made and kept
for a lifetime. Build some background before you start to look for the perfect words to
honor your loving relationship: Know what you love about your partner. What made you
fall in love with this person? What enchants you and what makes you respect your
partner? Make a list and share it with your beloved. It's a wonderful thing to know you're
loved! Know what your challenges are as partners. What challenges are you going to
have to negotiate the rest of your life? The wonderful thing about loving someone is how
fascinating and different they are from you. The bad thing about loving someone is how
different they are from you! But if you know where your differences are, then you can be
prepared to deal with them when they come up! Be in agreement about what the vows
are. While there is a lot of space for expressing your individuality, wedding vows are not
the place to do it. Wedding vows are the place for unity. The concepts should be big and
broad... and incredibly profound. Make the same promises to one another. Be in
agreement about what the vows mean. When you say respect, what does that mean to
each of you? What are hard times? What are you and your partner committing to? Be
willing to do the work to live in love forever. Giving your word and living into it is the
most important work we can do as humans. Only humans can do this. Love allows us to
make the most ridiculous leaps of faith and live into them. It's difficult, but the payoff is
certainly worth it.

Your loving relationship can grow if it's anchored in your respect and love for your
partner. Give your relationship every opportunity to succeed by making wedding vows
that reflect who you are and how you love one another. Bottom Line?: Paying attention to
these five points will help you create wedding vows that will celebrate your love in a way
that makes sense in your wedding ceremony and in a way that will support the marriage
to which you are committing your life. And now I'd like to invite you back to my website
to receive 2 free templates for creating wedding vows that can help you create a marriage
that lasts forever: The Rev. Ann Keeler Evans -
helping you move from "I do" to happily and healthily ever after.

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