Your Pet Can Bed and Breakfast in Scotland Too by MarijanStefanovic


									Your Pet Can Bed and Breakfast in Scotland Too! Don't you despair when you suddenly
realise a problem that has perhaps haunted you, for perhaps years, is easily solved and the
answer has been staring you in the face? We all do. The joy is when you find the solution.
Here in my small bed and breakfast in Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland I get many
enquiries asking if I take pets. Since I refurbished the house a couple of years ago I
decided on a 'no pets allowed' policy but I always feel guilty when saying 'No' and more
so because I do not know anyone in the area who accepts pets these days. Having been a
dog owner in the past myself, I understand the emotional stress of leaving your pet
behind when you go off on holiday. Of course if you are going abroad then this solution
is not suitable, but for those holidaying within the UK, perhaps it is one to be considered.
Suddenly, the other month, I realised a solution for dogs and cats. Across the road from
my house is a cattery and within a few minutes drive a kennels. Why don't I suggest
people bring their pets, book them into the respective 'pet home' and the humans stay
with me, I thought. That way everyone is happy and the family can have their pet with
them during the daytime if they so wish. In this area there are quite a few businesses
which cater for pet accommodation and I know many are very busy at certain times of
year. But so are many bed and breakfasts. If you want a quality place for your pet then
you have to plan the accommodation with the same effort as you plan your own. Choose
your pet's holiday home with as much care as you choose your own. Ask questions if the
website does not provide the answers. A good pet home will be happy to answer any
question relating to the wellbeing of your adored cat or dog. If in any doubt move on until
you find somewhere which you feel will suit your needs. After all, you would do exactly
the same for yourself wouldn't you? With the internet at your fingertips there is no reason
whatsoever that you and your pet cannot have a stress free holiday in Scotland. Ruth Mitchell owns a 4 star bed and breakfast in
Rosemount, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland.

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