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									                                                                                                LG Series
                                                  ARCHITECTURAL LED EDGE-LIT EXIT
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LGN1RCBRSD2                         Features                           Diagnostic Electronics            Electrical Specifications:
                                    Illumination: Illumination of      (standard): 120/277 VAC           AC Only Red:
                                    the exit panel is accomplished     dual voltage input with surge     3.8 W (120 VAC), PF 0.96
                                    with the use of high-brightness    protection is standard on all     3.8 W (277 VAC), PF 0.91
                                    LEDs in an optical array           AC models. For emergency          AC Only Green:
                                    offering even illumination.        operation, the charging system    4.0 W (120 VAC), PF 0.95
                                    Average exit legend                is microprocessor driven with     4.0 W (277 VAC), PF 0.90
                                    illumination level is 25 fl        software embedded diagnostic      Self-Powered Red:
                                    (79 cd/m2). Panel is available     routine and temperature           4.7 W (120 VAC), PF 0.95
                                    in 6” or 8”, UL and NFPA           compensation. 120/277 VAC         4.8 W (277 VAC), PF 0.97
                                    compliant lettering without a      input, surge protection,          Self-Powered Green:
6" Surface Ceiling Mount
                                    change to the housing parts.       brownout, AC lockout and low      4.7 W (120 VAC), PF 0.95
      14.25"              4.5"
    (36.19 cm)         (11.43 cm)                                      voltage disconnect features are   4.7 W (277 VAC), PF 0.99
                                    Housing: All housing               standard.
                                    components are premium die-                                          Code Compliance
                    10.1"           cast aluminum construction. A      Self-Testing Diagnostics          UL 924 and UL damp location
                 (25.43 cm)
                                    range of finishes are available    (optional): The diagnostic/       listed. NFPA 101, NEC, BOCA,
                                    (see ordering information on       charging platform with self-      OSHA and IBC illumination
                                    back). A bar hanger bracket        testing mode automatically        standards. Meets ADA
8" Surface Ceiling Mount
                                    kit is standard for recessed       runs a one-minute self-test       specifications for wall mounted
      14.25"           (11.43 cm)   applications. The exit panel is    every 30 days and a 30-minute     lighting fixtures. Certified
    (36.19 cm)
                                    manufactured from high-impact      test on the sixth and twelfth     to the California Energy
                                    acrylic and silk-screened using    month. A one-minute or            Commission in accordance
                                    computer generated artwork.        90-minute test may be initiated   with California law. NEMA
                 (30.51 cm)         All artwork meets UL and           via the push to test switch on    Premium certified.
                                    NFPA standards for exit            the unit or by activating the
                                    signage. Universal self-stick      appropriate test command on       Warranty
                                    chevrons are standard. Panel       the optional IR test device.      Five-year full electronics
                                    is available in 6” and 8” "EXIT"                                     warranty. Five-year full plus
                                    legend heights. Universal                                            five-year prorated battery
                                    mounting configurations                                              warranty.
                                    include recessed ceiling mount,     Job Information        Type:
                                    surface ceiling mount, surface
                                                                        Job Name:
                                    end mount and surface wall
                                                                        Cat. No.:
                                    Operating Temperature
                                    32°F (0°C) to 104°F (40°C)
                                                                                                                              LG Series
                                                                 ARCHITECTURAL LED EDGE-LIT EXIT
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Ordering Information
Series            Battery           # of Faces      Letter/Background         Housing Finish         Model Designator1    Factory Installed Options
LG =             A = AC Only       1 = Single       RC = Red/Clear            A = Brushed       Blank = AC Only           2CKT1 = Two-Circuit 120/120 VAC (AC-only models)
Architectural    N = Nickel        2 = Double       GC = Green/Clear5         Aluminum          SD2 = Diagnostic          2CKT2 = Two-Circuit 277/277 VAC (AC-only models)
Edge-Lit Exit    Cadmium           X = Less         RW = Red/White            B = Black         Electronics               BF = Buzzer/Flasher (self-powered models only)
                                   Panel4           GW = Green/White          W = White         (required with            BZ = Buzzer (self-powered models only)
                                                    RM = Red/Mirror           N = Nickel        nickel cadmium            DC = 12-48 VDC Input (AC only models)
                                                    GM = Green/Mirror         G = Gunmetal      models)                   EX = Special Input Transformer (specify voltage &
                                                                              BR = Ornamental                             frequency)2
Accessories (order as a separate item)                                        Bronze                                      FA = Fire Alarm Activated Flasher
SDREMOTE = Infrared Remote Test Device                                        AC = Aged Copper                            FL = Flasher (self-powered models only)
BBKIT = Backbox Rough-In Kit** (must order remainder of                       VG = Velvet Green                           LBB = Unit-Less Backbox3
product with LBB suffix)                                                      GR = Granite                                NY8 = 8" Letters
BBKITDC = Backbox Rough-In Kit with DC Option                                 PA = Painted                                T = Self-Testing Diagnostics (non-audible)
BBKIT2CKT1 = Backbox Rough-In Kit with 2CKT1 Option                           Aluminum                                    TA = Audible Self-Testing Diagnostics
BBKIT2CKT2 = Backbox Rough-In Kit with 2CKT2 Option
                                                                                                                          SW = Special Wording (consult factory)2
PKIT12W = Pendant Kit, 12” White Finish*
PKIT12B = Pendant Kit, 12” Black Finish*
*Custom pendant lengths and colors available, consult factory.
**BBKIT supplied with a clear coat finish for installation above a finished ceiling

1) For self-testing models refer to options.
2) Some options may impact the UL listing. Consult factory for specifics.
3) Required model number for units with back boxes installed on the job.
4) Order when panels are not required at time of installation. Consult factory for edge-lit panel order number.
5) Clear background only available on single face.

6" Recessed Ceiling Mount                                6" Surface End Mount                                            6" Surface Wall Mount
                                                                   14.74"                   4.5"                               14.25"               2.49"
           17.25"                       4.0"                                             (11.43 cm)                          (36.19 cm)          (6.325 cm)
                                                                 (37.44 cm)
         (43.81 cm)                  (10.16 cm)

                                                                                                        11.11"                                                  11.11"
                                7.28"                                                10.1"                                                    10.1"
                                                                                                      (28.22 cm)                                              (28.22 cm)
                             (18.49 cm)                                           (25.43 cm)                                               (25.43 cm)

8" Recessed Ceiling Mount                                8" Surface End Mount                                            8" Surface Wall Mount
                                                                                           4.5"                                                      2.49"
                                                                   14.74"                                                     14.25"
                                        4.0"                                            (11.43 cm)                                                (6.325 cm)
           17.25"                                                (37.44 cm)                                                 (36.19 cm)
                                     (10.16 cm)
         (43.81 cm)

                                                                                                        13.11"                                                  13.11"
                                9.28"                                               12.01"            (33.3 cm)                               12.01"          (33.3 cm)
                             (23.57 cm)                                           (30.51 cm)                                                (30.51 cm)

                              Philips Lightolier
                              e: lol.webmaster@philips.com                                     Job Information              Type:
                              t: (508) 679-8131
                              w: www.lightolier.com
                              LG Series August 10, 2011
                              Specifications are subject to change without notice.
                              © Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., 2011. All rights reserved.

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