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									Entries in Principal’s Report to the P&F Association 2009 (Originals available in school records)

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT TERM 1 2009 Tabled at the P&F AGM Monday 16 February 2009 PEDAGOGY The school has been one of seven schools invited to take place in a professional development course called “The Language Features of Text Types”. This course will train teachers in the features of language that are essential to students to function in today’s society. This course is valued around $10000, so to be chosen by the CEO to do this, is a compliment to the teaching staff and to the reputation of the school as a place of learning.

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT TERM 2 2009 Tabled at Parents and Friends Association meeting 11 May 2009 PEDAGOGY The Language Features of Text Types programme (LFTT) has begun within the school with teachers having inservice time and tutor access. This course will skill each teacher K-6 with greater knowledge and understanding of how students acquire language and therefore how we can best teach language acquit ion. This course is a commitment of four years by the school, with the most intensive phase being the initial year 2009.

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT TERM 3 2009 Tabled at Parents and Friends Association meeting 10 August 2009 STUDENTS AND THEIR LEARNING The implementation of the Language Features of Text Type program into the school continues with enthusiasm. The staff have continued their work at in-service days and with our tutor, Joanna Stella, planning and implementing more focused lessons in speaking, listening and writing. The product from our students is already noticeably of a higher standard which is very pleasing.
PRINCIPAL’S REPORT TERM 4 2009 Tabled at Parents and Friends Association meeting 2 November 2009 PEDAGOGY The major focus of our year has been our involvement in the Language Features of Text Types program (LFTT). Led by a core group of teachers the program has been developed to a high level, in cooperation with our CEO Tutor and other CEO personnel. The product of our work this year has been the complete overhaul of the scope and sequence K-6 in grammar, listening, talking and writing. All of the work, including student assessments, work samples, teaching programs and resources have been recorded on a school based wikki. In the history of this LFTT program, technology has not been used to such a high level in recording student learning as has been done here. Our wikki product has been used as a model by the CEO to demonstrate best practice to other schools completing the LFTT program.

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