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					Zodiac Symbol Virgo From Vedic Astrology Many individuals will pick up the
newspaper and read their daily horoscope, but few really understand the true meaning
being the zodiac symbol they were born under. With Vedic Astrology, the symbols or
signs of the Zodiac that an individual is born under are considered as characteristic traits
of that individual. In the Zodiac, the sun represents the inner nature, character, and
personality of individuals. The sixth symbol of the Zodiac is Virgo, the Virgin, which is
considered to be an earth sign. The symbol for Virgo is a virgin who is holding sheaves
of wheat within her hands, which symbolizes wisdom that has been gained through
experience. Virgo the Virgin is considered to be a mutable sign, which is ruled by the
planet Mercury that is considered to be the messenger from the gods, as well as a magical
trickster. The planet Mercury controls the intellect and communicative functions of
individuals who are born under the Virgo sign. It also controls female Virgos who are
intellectual, critical, and analytical in their approach to life whenever it is in the right
cycle. Individuals who are born under the symbol of Virgo the Virgin are inclined to be
practical, industrious, and adaptable. They seem to possess a remarkable eye for detail.
Virgos are shy, but are waiting for that perfect love, so they are also idealistic.
Disappointment will harden them to become cynical and skeptical, which is due to
disappointments that have been either discriminating in nature or on a more sensitive
issue. Virgos are known to be intellectual, but yet critical, especially of their own self and
of the circumstances around them. Individuals born under the sign of Virgo tend to be
very health-conscious and try to stay in good health by participating in a regular exercise
program so they can continue to stay physically fit. They tend to enjoy tennis, swimming,
biking, fishing, racquetball, and sailing, but not competitively, just mostly for fun.
Whatever skills Virgos seek, they aim to be the best in it. They tend to have talents in a
variety of crafts such as designing and dressmaking, and may participate in the art of
cartography and philately. Virgos enjoy reading books and magazines as well as writing,
so communication is very important to them. Virgos are perfectionists and are ceaseless
in their pursuit. They have an irresistible urge to improve everything and everyone, with
irresistible motives of helping others. They are service-oriented in seeking to improve the
environment by pursuing careers in health fields such as teaching and counseling. Virgos
who have a tendency to act the martyr will use guilt as a weapon when their offerings are
ignored. This is when Virgos can be destructive in their motives, but not on purpose.
Virgo the Virgin rules the sinus, respiratory system, and bowels of the body, so they are
prone to colds, flu, allergies, constipation, and problems with the intestines. They
complain of black moods or bouts of depression and can be despondent at times. Their
colors are blue, yellow, navy, lilac, and yellow with blue being the principal color. The
birthstone for Virgos is the sapphire, which is a combination of corundum and was
known as a love charm in some ancient societies. Sapphires are available in a variety of
colors with some even being transparent, but the most valuable of these are the blue ones.
The flowers and plants commonly known to be associated with Virgos are the aster, ivy,
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