Your T-Shirt Lays Bare by MarijanStefanovic


									Your T-Shirt Lays Bare Colored T-Shirt: No Printed Message: You are not openly nor
have the need of shouting your views. Company, Interest Group Or School Name: By
broadcasting the crowd you are interested in, you desire that others of similar bent will be
drawn to you. Ethnic: Identifying with your ancestors and inflating of numero uno- this is
even at the risk of bigots. Humorous: Being the center of attraction and amusing describe
you to a T. Moral And Political Messages: Besides being highly opinionated, you
covertly desire to fight. The particular message printed is not so important as your
reaction to indignity in general. Names Of Famous Places: Desiring to inform others of
where you visited, flashing back the wonderful time you had is more important, whether
they are interested or not. Sexual: You are overtly asking for a response and definitely
getting them. Sports Names And Numbers: When you wear a T shirt of someone famous,
it's that you want all that you envision-the image projected by that person is what you lust
for. Torn T-Shirt: No one better mess with you. Seeing yourself as a contender or a
gladiator, you are proud of your rugged character and want everybody to know. White T-
Shirt, No Printed Message: Using your right to remain silent, you resist what is in vogue.
Though outwardly conforming, your revolt is silently transmitted from within. Your Own
Name: Being essentially approachable, you are desirous of attaining acquaintances and
concepts, retaining the poise to reject any unwanted associations. Joel Engel is the author
of "Handwriting Analysis Self-Taught" (Penguin Books)

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