Your Spiritual Paranormal Toolbox by MarijanStefanovic


									Your Spiritual Paranormal Toolbox I wanted to talk about the things that could or should
be in the tool box of psychics, paranormal investigators, seekers of spiritual awakening,
healers and those looking to experience the most of what life has to offer. One must have
the right tool for the job or it makes life very difficult.
1. Awareness. Without awareness you aren't going to accomplish much. Man walks
   around in a sleep throughout his day, he thinks he is aware but in reality he is more
   like a complex organic robot than a free thinking being. The more you can be aware
   of, both internally and externally, more choice you have to guide the direction of your
2. A developed 6th sense. When communicating with entities, doing a healing, getting
   premonitions, scanning or any other energy related activity, it is your 6th sense that is
   going to be your primary means of receiving data. Like your muscles, if your 6th
   sense is out of shape from lack of use or lack of development, the amount and clarity
   of information you receive will be greatly lessened.
3. Non Thought. A good grasp on non thought is essential to doing any effective spiritual
   work. If you are unable to control the babble in your head you will be unable to hold
   your concentration long enough to manifest, communicate with entities, astral travel
   or anything else.
4. Meditation. Meditation is the cornerstone of all spiritual and paranormal work. It is the
   foundation that all other techniques and knowledge rest on. The correct type of
   meditation is essential to developing non thought and storing up prana to use for your
   6th sense abilities.
5. Scanning. Scanning is the ability to know things about people or your environment.
   Good scanning requires non thought and is a foundational 6th sense ability. Scanning
   is a requirement for anyone interested in ghost hunting.
6. Assimilation. With assimilation you actually become the object or being you are
   trying to get information about. Scanning is a quick overview, assimilation is a more
   focused and concentrated application for a single object or being.
7. "Feels like". By taking scanning to the next level, you learn the language of "feels
   like". Everything in the universe has a unique frequency and hence a "feels like". This
   language can be learned and used in all areas of life.
8. Energy Movements. The more you are able to feel and work with your own energy,
   the more you will be able to feel other energy and work with it. Like your muscles, if
   your energy bodies are not exercised, they wither and deteriorate. "What you don't
   use, you lose."
9. High Guard. High Guard is the art of energy defense. Anyone going ghost hunting
   should know that they can be attacked on an energy level by entities. Knowing how to
   defend yourself is key. High Guard also has many applications for defense and well
   being when dealing with people and every day life as well.
10. Telepathy. To communicate without words is a very handy skill not only in ghost
     hunting (where its essential) but also when learning to communicate as energy.
     Energy beings do not have vocal chords to talk with, they use telepathy and "feels
     like" to communicate.
11. The In-Between. The In between is the place where matter and energy converge to
     become one another. Having the ability to move into this space of consciousness is
     what has allowed the masters of old to accomplish the miracles you have always read
     stories about.
12. Astral Projection/Remote Viewing. How wonderful it is to be able to explore the
     universe without having to leave the privacy of your own house. Projection is a great
     way to gather information or take a quick vacation.
13. Surrender. Surrender is an essential tool for spiritual development. The secrets of the
    Universe cannot be taken or stolen, they must be given. Learning to operate in the
    state of surrender allow the Universe to unfold for you in ways you cannot possibly
    imagine. Very potent stuff.
14. The Tones of God. The tones are the frequencies of God that can be heard when
    silence is deafening. These tones can be heard anywhere by anyone and within them
    lies a secret that masters have kept secret for thousands of years. The secret of
    bending time and space.
15. Psychometry. Psychometry is the ability to scan an object and gather information
    about it or its owner.
16. Photometry. Photometry is similar to scanning except photographs are used instead of
17. Dimension Walking. Dimension walking is the ability to shift your consciousness to
    the left and perceive the dimensional components of life that we are normally
    unaware of. One can see portals, dimensional energies and structures with this
    technique. This techniques is related to the In-Between.
18. Time Stepping. Time Stepping is the technique of setting up a feedback loop with
     your past and future selves in order to give yourself premonitions or change aspects
     of your past.
19. Water of Life. The Water of Life is a technique to absorb massive amounts of prana
    and raise your tonal significantly in a short amount of time. This 15 minute technique
    will greatly assist you in storing up prana to be used for other psychic techniques.
20. Ties that Bind. Objects can be programmed to have a specific intent and therefore a
     specific effect on a person or an environment. You can listen to Ties that Bind free
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