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									Center Stage Dance Academy Fall 2013-14 Schedule
                                 Celebrating Our 12th Season!!!!
                   STUDIO 1                                STUDIO 2
Monday 5-6         Ensemble 2                      Tolis   Kinder Combo (5-7years)     Jaskelewicz
Monday 6-7         Jazz IV*                        Tolis   Lyrical III/IV*             Jaskelewicz
Monday 7-8         Ensemble 1                      Tolis   Jr. Contemporary*           Jaskelewicz
Monday 8-9         Lyrical IV/V*                   Tolis   Zumba                       Edwards
Tuesday 9:30AM     Preschool Combo                 Tolis
Tuesday 5-6        Tap I/II                        Sehn    Creative Movement (45min)   Rafferty
Tuesday 6-7        Ballet IV                       Sehn    Preschool Combo             Rafferty
Tuesday 7-8        Jazz III (Ballet Recommended)   Sehn    Pointe*                     Tolis                        215.672.7881
Tuesday 8-9        Sr. Modern Contemporary         Sehn    Hip-Hop III/IV              Tolis
Wednesday 5-6      Jr. Acro                        Tolis   TBA                                       OPEN HOUSE:
Wednesday 6-7      Pre-pointe/Beginner Pointe*     Tolis   Zumba                       Ruth          August 26-29          6-8:30pm
Wednesday 7-8      Sr. Acro                        Tolis   Jr. Irish                   Lockman
Wednesday 8-9      Sr. Musical Theater             Tolis
Wednesday 8-9:30                                           Sr. Irish / Hardshoe        Lockman
Thursday 5-6       Ballet III                      Tolis   Tap IV/V                    Geackel
Thursday 6-7       Ballet IVx                      Tolis   Boys Hip-Hop                Geackel
Thrusday 7-8       Ballet V                        Tolis   Tap III                     Geackel
Thursday 8-9       Jazz V*                         Tolis   Teen Hip-Hop                Geackel       Creative Movement-    2 ½ - 4 years
Friday 9:30-10:15 Creative Movement                Tolis                                             Combo I-              3 ½ - 5 years
Friday 10:30-11:30 Preschool Combo(3-5 years)      Tolis                                             Combo II-             4 ½ - 6 years
Friday 4:45-5:45   Boys Hip-Hop/Tap (4-7yrs)       Tolis   Jr. Musical Theater         Finkelstein   Preschool Combo-      3-5 years
Friday 5:45-6:45   Ballet IIIx                     Tolis   Ballet II                   Finkelstein   Kinder Combo-       5-7 years beginners
Friday 6:45:7:45   Jazz IIIx*                      Tolis   Jazz II                     Finkelstein   Ballet Placement-Contact Director
Saturday 9-9:45                                            Creative Movement           Rafferty      Level I-               5-7 years
Saturday 9-10      Ballet I                        Tolis                                             Level II-             7-9 years
Saturday 10-11     Jazz/Hip-Hop I                  Tolis Combo I                       Rafferty      Level III-            8-12 years
Saturday 11-12     Mini Acro 5-8 years old         Tolis Combo II                      Rafferty      Level IV-             10-15 years
Saturday 12-1      Private Lessons                       Private Lessons                             Level V-              14 & up

1. Schedules & Teachers are subject to change. Any class with fewer than 5 students may be canceled or combined.
2. Ensemble classes are competitive classes by invitation only.
3. Students must be simultaneously enrolled in a Ballet Class for all classes marked (*) .
(Students desiring to study pointe must complete at least 3 consecutive years of ballet technique and/or have approval from the director.)
 All students must consult with the director, for proper level placement. Ages often vary based on technical ability.

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