Log Cabin Birdhouses - Put Your Birds in a Log Cabin House by MarijanStefanovic


									Log Cabin Birdhouses - Put Your Birds in a Log Cabin House Americans have loved the
idea of log cabins for decades or more. The allure of a log cabin even in our political
history can be traced back to the Whig party under William Henry Harrison. The log
cabin was so pervasive in the early history of the US that there were actually seven
Presidents born in log cabins, the most famous of these was of course Abraham Lincoln.
It's these simpler times that are evoked when we see a log cabin. The design of a cabin
was deceptively simple. Stacking logs for each wall, the individual logs were notched
near the ends so that they could lock together with the logs from the adjoining wall. The
inevitable gaps between the logs were filled in mud and sod. For a simple birdhouse, this
level of complexity is often skipped, and the "logs" may be an applique glued on to the
surface of a flat wooden wall. Prices range from less than $10 to more than $100. Log
Cabin Designs for Birdhouses There are many types of designs for log cabin birdhouses.
Some are crafted from ceramic, and are finished in many colors that one wouldn't
normally associate with a log cabin. These designs tend to be smaller, and would house
birds like wrens. You find some made from traditional woods like fir, in small sizes that
look like a simple fishing shack or a frontier home, to much more elegant designs that
tend to look more like 2 or 3 story mansions, but retaining the log wall look. An
increasingly popular alternative is a bamboo bird house. As bamboo gains popularity as a
sustainable yet sturdy hardwood, you will find more and more birdhouses built from this
wood species. And while many bamboo houses are designed to reflect the oriental roots
of bamboo, there are many that are built to look more like traditional designs, and this
includes log cabin designs. Take a look at some of the variety of log cabin birdhouse
designs. You're sure to find one that fits your home and garden. You can see a large
sample of the different styles of log cabin birdhouses at http://www.birdfeederz.com/Log-

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